Democrats for Huntsman

Elites everywhere are suggesting former Utah governor Jon Huntsman has the inside track to beating Obama.  Both liberals and RINO’s are salivating over the tan, handsome Mormon Huntsman.  He’s such a fantastic candidate Obama’s campaign staff are busy pretending to be scared of him as the nominee.  Republicans who voted for Obama are suddenly enthralled with this candidate.  With plenty of good, conservative Republicans running for the GOP nomination, maybe Huntsman would have a better shot beating Obama if he just entered the race for the Democratic nomination.

From the socialists at Salon.com, “It is now highly likely that Barack Obama’s 2012 opponent will be Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty (who is set to formally declare his candidacy today), or Jon Huntsman.”  ‘The incredible shrinking GOP presidential race,’ by Steve Kornacki May 23, 2011.  Kornacki goes on to comment;

“The same cannot be said for most of the other candidates now in the GOP mix. Gingrich, Santorum, Cain, Bachmann, Paul and Johnson all flunk the basic viability test. All of them are far too ideological, too polarizing, or too inexperienced (or some combination of the three) to be good November bets. They each, in their own way, evoke Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle and Ken Buck, whose profound deficiencies cost Republicans statewide elections they should have won last fall. It is unimaginable that the GOP’s elites will unite behind any of them in 2012.”

Good collectivists only see politics as a zero sum game.  The group that garners the greatest number of identity groups, be it evangelicals, fiscal conservatives, or Nascar dads, are the ones that can win.  Principles and policy ideas are inconsequential since they don’t believe Americans care about such things.  Kornacki believes a centrist can ‘make’ the outliers behave and they will ‘have’ to vote for the Republican.  It’s politics using herd mentality.  The Obama campaign is trying to slip Huntsman into the first tier as well knowing he’d make mincemeat out of a squishy moderate like he did with McCain.

From Kasie Hunt, Journolister at the Politico.  She writes in March 14, 2011:

“Team Obama is a little bit worried about its Manchurian candidate.


In meetings with potential 2012 donors, former White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina is telling supporters that Obama is weaker this time around than he was in 2008 – and he spent time specifically discussing Jon Huntsman, Obama’s ambassador to China, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.”

By foisting a moderate like Huntsman, Obama’s team understands that conservatives would probably revolt and run a third party candidate thereby ensuring Obama’s reelection and the end of capitalism and freedom.  They’d be able to configure the court and the regulatory system in such a way through four more years there wouldn’t be an America left.  They would have wrested all individual responsibilities from private hands and could easily run the country and absorb it’s wealth.  They would be left with all power and Congress would be hampered from doing anything to stop it by virtue of Obama’s veto pen.  The European socialist economic model would be firmly in place by the time he left office.

But that was back in March and since then Huntsman’s support hasn’t materialized.  Instead of being a first tier candidate, as the pundits try to push, Huntsman is more like a third tier candidate hampered by his liberal stances on the environment and healthcare.  If the PPP poll of Iowa voters is indicative of Republican attitudes, Huntsman’s not even third tier.

The Democratic pollster found only one Huntsman supporter in their Iowa survey.  Not 1%, but one single supporter.  They even detailed this respondent’s statistics:

“He is ‘not sure’ when it comes to Barack Obama’s job performance- doesn’t approve or disapprove. He reports having voted for Obama in 2008.

Huntsman is the only potential Republican candidate he has a favorable opinion of. He expresses ‘no opinion’ about Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Ron Paul, Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Buddy Roemer, Rick Perry, Fred Karger, Paul Ryan, and Gary Johnson. He has an unfavorable opinion of Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Donald Trump.”

Wow.  Is this a long lost cousin of Huntsman’s?  Is this guy even a Republican?  He described himself as a somewhat conservative yet wouldn’t vote for Palin or Herman Cain over Obama.  He is unsure whether he’d vote for Gingrich or Pawlenty over Obama but would vote for Romney. 

What’s interesting about this guy is he is the quintessential voter Obama knows he’s lost.  The guy is clearly a moderate independent who pretends to be a Republican but actually votes for collectivist candidates.  He’s the kind who scares easily and apparently hates Palin.  Obama knows he’s lost this category of voter anyway.  The mushy middle-of-the-roaders are lost causes anyway.  What Obama fears is the Right.

If Republicans nominate a conservative that speaks truth to power, Obama’s toast.  It is only by either splitting wide the Republicans or suppressing their voting bloc through a moderate milquetoast candidate that he can win.  No true conservative would ever vote for Obama’s European Socialist model in the first place.  He’s banking on the squishy bluebloods to wrest the nomination from the right flank. 

Many RINO’s have stepped up to argue for Huntsman on the premise he’d beat Obama because he’d take away the moderates.  However, these people voted for Obama in the first place.  If they want a candidate like Huntsman to run against Obama, let Huntsman run for the Democratic Party nomination against Obama.  If they truly want a good candidate to beat Obama, let Huntsman do so in his natural constituency of the Democratic Party process.  That way they’ll get Obama out and a nice friendly moderate in his place. 

In the mean time, we should continue interviewing our good, solid candidates and weighing the positives and negatives.  We should be able to have a great candidate to run against the Democratic machine.  Let them vote for Huntsman. 

Huntsman for the Democratic Party nomination!!!!!