Gingrich Implodes

Just when you thought they got it, Gingrich steps in it. 

It absolutely baffles me that a guy as smart, or seemingly so, as Gingrich could make such a blunderheaded move.  Among all Republicans, but even more among conservative independents, Obamacare is a nonstarter.  In particular the individual mandate, which requires every living, breathing American to pay insurance premiums as a condition of existence, is abhorred.  Romney’s entire campaign is teetering because of his idiotic failed health care plan in Massachusetts.  Yet, Gingrich decides to come out with a ridiculous individual mandate that somehow different than Obama’s individual mandate, because, well, because its different, that’s why.

I’m glad this came out now.

It was reported in the Wall Street Journal in an interview that, “Mr. Gingrich also said he would like to see the mandate implemented at the state level, with states experimenting with alternative approaches. But he said he should apply to all Americans.”


So, Gingrich is running for president against Obamacare but for individual mandates with a precondition that it applies to all Americans.  That’s just the individual mandate enforced by states through the Tenth Amendment but still a universal mandate.

In other words, he’s not bothered by a universal mandate as enacted by states but is against the pro forma act of the federal government doing so.  He probably has some cockamamie idea that the federal government will withhold federal dollars for Medicaid if a state doesn’t pass a universal individual mandate.  He doesn’t care how they enslave their citizens, just that they do. 

Gingrich went on the Sean Hannity radio show today and tried to explain his plan.  He made it worse.  Hannity was incredulous, though polite, and let Gingrich hang himself about how this must be done through the states and that people could post a bond in case they got sick or in an accident.  He said, in essence, it is every Americans responsibility to pay for their own health care costs and his ideas would insure that at the state level that happens.  He clearly thinks this is some kind of great departure from Obamacare and said he’s surprised conservatives were against it.

Has he listened to one word we’ve been saying over the past two years?  We have been raging against big government intrusion in our lives and transferring that responsibility to be overseen by the states doesn’t make it all better.  This is especially true since he stated this had to be universal, which must mean the federal government will ‘force’ states to act.  That’s not smaller, less intrusive government.  That’s just bigger, more bossy STATE government acting because the FEDERAL government demands it. 

Who cares who passes the stupid bill.  It’s still an intrusion into our lives that the government shouldn’t be doing.

Gingrich then tried to restate his opposition to Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan with some strange argument about a ‘national discussion’ that would include everyone and have some utopic consensus.  Has he been drinking progressive/socialist Koolaid?  How are we supposed to have a national discussion without something to discuss?  Hannity brought that up, but he didn’t press the former speaker.  Gingrich tried to say that Ryan’s ideas were just too hasty and the American people, blah, blah, blah. 

He’s as bad as a fricking Democrat.  He proposes a big government solution to a marginal problem.  When he gets called on the stupidity of it, he backtracks and tries a different tack.  Regardless, he masks it all in, ‘if we could all just work together’ garbage that wouldn’t even persuade a brain-dead leftist at this point. 

But what was worse is he gave the left a new code phrase.  “I don’t think right-wing social engineering is any more desirable than left-wing social engineering,” he said when asked about a Medicare plan championed by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.)

Ryan’s bill is just offloading the inefficient and ruinous government’s running of the Medicare model to the private sector.  The private sector could develop plans and ways to more efficiently run a payer system and limit costs.  It certainly isn’t a right-wing social engineering program.  It’s an idea that gets millions of people working on making care and payment work better, not believing a Medicare board of Dimbulbs will make it work by cutting and paring people’s care while demanding ludicrous coverage for feeling blue or divorce counseling.

So, now we are going to have to listen to the morons on the left call every single idea coming out of the conservative side a ‘right wing social engineering’ program.  They will scream ‘right wing social engineering at every idea we come up with.  They will dismiss great ideas which empower people as engineering, not serious fiscal plans.

Well, let’s get ready because Gingrich’s little fit just caused us no end of trouble.  And to think, he thought this would carve himself out a base in the party.  He dreamed this up thinking this would endear him to conservatives.  How delusional can you be?

Stick a fork in Gingrich, his campaign’s done.