Good Lord, AP Reporter Mocks Obama

I wonder if this reporter will still have a job come Monday. 

Yesterday an AP reporter wrote a story entitled, ‘Obama Campaign Faces Uphill Climb in Pennsylvania’ by Anthony Ventre, April 16, 2011.  Now, it’s not the idea of the story, a president overcoming great odds to win a challenging state, that’s disrespectful.  That part is fine.  In fact, David “Marshmellow” Plouffe is probably seeding the media with stories about how Obama has a tough row to hoe, but his reelection is predestined.  Obama rises above great obstacles to be reelected.  Campaign coordinators do this for two reasons.   It makes a great story that people will read and it invigorates, yet coddles campaign contributors.  Make the win inevitable, and the contribution well runs dry too quickly.  Gotta make it interesting.

But, Mr. Ventre did something that we can all appreciate but the Party-run press is never supposed to do.

He made fun of Obama.

Ventre began the article with a little discussion of Obama’s slipping poll numbers in Pennsylvania and reminded readers he won the state in 2008 by double digits but the little “bitter clingers” comment still stings.  He then tells the little story about Obama and the man complaining about the gas prices.  This is a story that hasn’t gotten wide press, but is incredibly illustrative as to Obama’s character and world view.

“A man in the audience asked Mr. Obama if he was concerned about the high price of gasoline. Instead of answering the man directly, President Obama tried to turn his answers into a moment of high humor.

“I know some of these big guys; they’re all still driving their big SUVs. You know, they got their big monster trucks and everything. … If you’re complaining about the price of gas and you’re only getting eight miles a gallon,” said the president to a resistant laughter.

Let’s consider how Obama really looks in this little vignette.  First he presupposes that the audience he’s speaking to are nothing but a bunch of truck-driving, beer-swilling, NASCAR-watching rubes.  Note the president got ‘resistant laughter’ from this audience.  No doubt, they were thinking, ‘this man has nothing but contempt for us.  He’s some big city liberal buffoon who thinks he knows all the answers and believes we are nothing but empty-headed Neanderthals.’  Second, he also presupposes there is no reason for people to drive trucks.  Trucks are simply a fashion statement, to someone like Obama.  Obama’s never had a real job in the physical world so he cannot fathom the utilitarian purposes for trucks.

But, our brilliant, clean, articulate president wasn’t through with his criticism of these people.  Not by a long shot.

“Mr. Obama then went on to advise the man to get right to the dealer to trade in his vehicle for another one “that gets you better gas mileage.” When the President learned that the man had ten kids, the President continued his chiding.

“Ten kids, you say? Ten kids? Well, you definitely need a hybrid van then.”

So, first he presupposes this man must just be a country doofus who is addicted to country music and line dancing, and then he discovers the man has a reason for having a big vehicle.  The man has a large family.  So, what is the Hectorer-in-Chief say next?  Just buy yourself a hybrid van.  I know you’re complaining about money and all.  I know you have ten kids you’re trying to support.  But, my superior knowledge and intellect tells me to run off and buy a different, more expensive vehicle. 

No doubt, the entire assemblage was scratching their heads in disbelief.  Is this man so arrogant and out of touch he thinks the answer to something we can’t afford is to buy something else we can’t afford?  Clearly, this is a president who hasn’t a clue as to what makes this country work and what doesn’t.  He doesn’t understand people.  He doesn’t understand the world.  And he clearly cannot comprehend that other people make choices for their own good reasons.  He seems to think he has it all figured out.

Ventre then tries to cushion his criticism by suggesting Obama shouldn’t be blamed for misunderstanding the “little people.”  It’s clearly the “little people’s” problem that their president should share some of their world view.  A president as magnificent as Obama simply cannot see the world as they do.

Then he really slams His Petulancy.

“The perception of a stylish urban president out of touch with Main Street is certainly not helping Obama’s retreating poll numbers in Pennsylvania. Nor did it help much when Obama tried to connect with Iowa farm voters by channeling Whole Foods arugula prices in 2007. The president’s advisers apparently forgot to tell him that the state didn’t even have an upscale Whole Foods store.” 

This is priceless.  Ventre is not only mocking the “stylish urban president” as someone who is obviously clueless about the actual physical world.  Ventre then retells a story of Obama before the Iowa caucuses which further illustrates how Obama’s ideas aren’t rooted in reality. 

In 2007, Obama suggested to Iowa farmers that if they only planted arugula and sold it to Whole Foods, any farm crisis would just fade away.  The New York Times writer who initially wrote the story missed the entire point of the exchange.  After a discussion of low prices, here’s what Obama said.  “Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?” the senator said. “I mean, they’re charging a lot of money for this stuff.”

The New York Times reporter, Jeff Zeleny, then suggested the farmers just had never heard of Whole Foods because there wasn’t one in Iowa.  After all, they don’t have them, there wireless picture gadgets out on the prairie, dontcha know.  The reporter thought the farmers just didn’t have a frame of reference for the elegant senator’s comment.

No.  The reason these farmers didn’t comment on Obama suggestion was because it was mind-numbingly ignorant.  First, if Iowa started planting all kinds of organic arugula, it would flood the market and arugula would be dirt cheap, which wouldn’t help them at all.  Second, since Iowa doesn’t have a huge market for arugula, selling arugula wouldn’t create any decent revenue streams at all.  Finally, since it is perishable, they couldn’t even ship a decent enough amount to larger markets to make it worth their while. 

Professor Obama didn’t have a clue with how dumb such an empty-headed advice actually was.  He still doesn’t.  Yet now, he’s running around telling car companies how to build cars, technology companies how to police their products, oil companies how to manage drilling operations, and banks how to lend money.  This guy is a complete moron, when it comes to economics, and now he’s running the show.

But, that wasn’t Ventre, it was the Times.  Instead, Ventre has a little advice for the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s campaign staff.

“Plouffe may be right now thinking of borrowing a page from the 2010 campaign of Massachusetts Rep. Scott Brown. Brown campaigned throughout Massachusetts in plain clothes and a gas-guzzling pickup. Plouffe will likely go even farther to show that Obama’s just a regular guy.

Expect the president to drive up to Pennsylvania campaign stops sometime soon in a beat up old Ford, wearing Big Smith Overalls, with a 30-30 in a gun rack at the rear window and a bible handy in the front passenger seat. A John Deere cap might help, too.” 

God help us if Plouffe listens to Ventre.  We could end up with four more years of this idiot.