The Wisconsin Pyrrhic Victory

During the American Revolutionary War, General Nathaniel Greene developed a strategy for the southern theater of the war.  He split his already small army into even smaller groups that would fight little battles against the British.  The British won battle after battle in the south against Greene.  Greene could not win.  He lost the Battle of Guilford Court House.  He lost the Battle of Eutaw Springs.  He lost the seige of Ninety-six.  He lost so many battles against the British, they were finally driven out of the Carolinas and into Virginia where Washington and the French finished them off at Yorktown. 

Greene immortalized the ideal of the Pyrrhic victory, a victory so costly it loses the winner the war. 

This what we can do to the collectivist Left if we don’t lose heart and continue the fight. 

Following the media blitzkrieg in support of the Wisconsin Democratic Party Flight to Illinois by the fleebaggers, the narrative suggested Scott Walker and the Republicans were toast.  The smattering of polls that accompanied the collective bargaining battle suggested the Wisconsin electorate were siding with the poor, beleagured government workers.  The Democratic Party-run media pulled a full court press against the Republicans.  Labor unions and the Community Organizer-in-chief’s massive political machine would swamp the Wisconsin voters and trounce the puny, whiny conservative splinter groups.  The Tea Party was nothing more than a puff of smoke in comparison to the daunting, unbeatable juggernaut that is the Leftwing Political Operation. 

The labor union shill, Kloppenberg, should have sailed into office easily defeating even an incumbent state supreme court justice.  The incredibly well financed and organized labor movement could marshal enormous political forces and move this election.  While collectivist operatives engaged in grassroots senator recall petitions, they would get their people out to vote in this April election expected to draw only 20% of voters.  Their enthusiasm and eagerness to destroy any official who stood in their way to political dominance was insurmountable. 

It would be a cakewalk.  Believe me, that’s what I’ve been hearing from the union bobbleheads.  They believed this would be their warning shot across the bow.

Instead, the citizens of Wisconsin woke up, went to the polls and voted.  It is so incredibly close there really isn’t a clear winner as of yet, though the union shill is ahead by a couple of a hundred votes.  Over 33% of Wisconsin voters showed up to cast their ballots for a state supreme court justice, in April.  The left, dependent upon government pork to survive, had a vested interest to vote.  Their very paychecks and those of their union bosses and political patrons needed to win this battle. 

But, it was a draw.  Conservatives, Tea Partiers, business groups, and ordinary Wisconsin voters went to the polls and made it a split decision.  Even if Kloppenberger wins, this wasn’t a clear victory.  It was murky at best. 

Now, the collectivists are going to crow because this was a sitting incumbent justice and that hasn’t been done in 40 years.  That may be true, but one problem with that argument is the conservative candidate, Prosser is a committed strict constructionist, hardly a heart racing, blood pumping draw.  Kloppenberg promised her union activists she’d ixnay the collective bargaining legislation handing them back the reins of power.  She rode a wave of public union fervor over ‘what does mob rule look like, this is what mob rule looks like’ hysteria.  She bogey-boarded her way past any respect for rule of law in order to promise fat pensions and free healthcare for her constituents.  This is a very heady and popular promise to people for a simple vote.  Her campaign could inspire passion.  Ours inspires sensibility.

Yet, it came to a virtual draw. 

We believe we are right, and we are.  We also know the headwinds and difficulties ahead.  It is never easy to vote against a free lunch and subsidized circuses.  It’s not simple to make the case against the bulk of media coverage.  It’s hard to get people excited about cutting their neighbors’ pension.  It’s not fun to tell people they may actually have to pay for their own party. 

But, the brave and sensible people of Wisconsin have tried to do just that. 

If we continue to fight these little battles, wearing down their paid volunteers, exhausting the media by exposing the truth, draining union bank accounts, insisting that people support themselves, we will win.  Each time they win a fight like this, they lose a little more resistance.  Each time they have to reexplain and reinvent the truth, they lose credibility.  Each time they must expose their own intellectual dishonesty and lack of integrity, they slip from the moral high ground. 

These are fights worth having because they are the fights that make us Americans, brave Americans like Nathanael Greene.