Pull Down Your Dress, Your Partisanship is Showing

In a way, these people are just so ham-handed as to be hilarious.  On the other hand, they are the people shaping the belief system of so many Americans.  The most recent job report has the Democratic Party-run media salivating and jumping for joy.  They are absolutely convinced the latest economic news is fantastic for The Party.  They are ready, willing, and able to bend and distort every single factoid at their disposal for the furtherance of His Incompetency, even to the point of absurdity.  Another comparative analysis will show these so-called journalists are really just pawns of the American left.  It’s so glaring, we can only laugh, and point out their distortions of the truth.

From CNNMoney.com, ‘March jobs report: Jobs gain, unemployment falls,”  Chris Isidore reports, “The unemployment rate continued to edge down, dropping to 8.8%, the lowest level since March 2009. The unemployment rate has shed a full percentage point in the last four months, the largest four-month drop since 1984.”  Wow.  You’d think this is time to pop open the bubbly.  After pumping trillions of dollars of Monopoly money into the economy, borrowing enormous debt to ‘stimulate’ growth, and of course ‘smart’ policies such as Obamacare and financial strangulation, we are now seeing a blip on the jobs front.  Boy, isn’t that Obama great?  Aren’t those Democrats the smartest guys in the room?  Obama single-handedly turned around a moribund economy and saved the economy of the United States.  At least, that’s how this reporter writes it. 

Strangely enough, this isn’t such great news.  Sure, 8.8% unemployment is better than the 10% we had before, but it is a far cry from any numbers we’ve had in the recent past.  Let’s look at the same CNNMoney’s report in 2005.

‘Job growth picks up, but . . .”  an unnamed byline reports, “The closely watched Labor Department report showed a seasonally adjusted 157,000 jobs added to U.S. payrolls last month, up from a revised 137,000 in November. Economists had forecast there would be 175,000 jobs created, on average, according to a survey by Briefing.com.

The unemployment rate held steady at 5.4 percent, in line with economists’ forecasts.”

The entire piece whines and moans and groans about the terrible job prospects for Americans.  We were experiencing the least amount of job growth of any recovery since World War II.  Our economy engine was just sputtering along with little promise and enormous problems.  Woe, are we.  That mean old Bush Administration wasn’t getting us the economy they’d promised. 

So, just doing a direct comparison of unemployment numbers, Bush was a loser with an unemployment rate of 5.4%.  It was a terrible time for America.  Now, under His Petulancy, suddenly, 8.8% is a miracle.  We are seeing a new growth in our country like never before.  Not since 1984 have we seen such dramatic growth.

Well, yeah, because they screwed it up so bad we have a bigger hole to climb out of.  We would have recovered more efficiently and faster had the 111th Congress and the Bamster not been so anti-growth in the first place. 

But, I just want to show you CNN isn’t the only entity guilty of partisan cheerleading.  From the Star Tribune, ‘Weak jobs report for May, but some signs of strength,’ by Mike Meyers, “To stick with baseball jargon, Friday’s employment news was a slow roller back to the mound.  The national economy added 78,000 payroll jobs in May, nearly 100,000 fewer than forecasters expected and the worst monthly showing since August 2003.”  Oh no, under Bush, we had anemic job creation and pathetic economic growth.  We saw the brightest and the best guess wrong on job eation and they dropped the ball.  2005 was a terrible economic year.  We saw job growth slump to as bad as 2003. 

What about today?  “WASHINGTON – The nation’s job-creation engine revved up last month and pushed the unemployment rate to its lowest level in two years, spreading optimism that the economic recovery is firmly in place and giving President Obama a boost.”  Dee DePass StarTribune and the LA Times reporters Jim Pazzanghera, Alana Semuels, and Paul West, April 1, 2011.  So, under a Democratic president, the creation of 216,000 jobs and an unemployment rate of 8.8% is something to celebrate.  Obama will get the kudos of the American people for all his meddling in the productive sector and robbing us of our economic freedoms, a small price to pay for a tenth of a percent in an unemployment drop.  But, will full employment numbers, Bush was granted a yawn and even a cautionary tale. 

Let’s be fair, in spite of a rash of champagne corks flying about the room, they did manage to hide  the truth deep within the article.  “Prices increased in February for the third straight month, with energy costs the main driver. Overall, consumer prices increased 2.1 percent in the 12 months that ended in February, the most recent data available.”  So, while under Bush job growth was slow and steady with unemployment rates in the basement, there was little fear of inflation.  But, with the gigantic growth in government printing of money and borrowing from abroad, we are now seeing the telltale signs of double digit inflation.  Job numbers may continue to rise, but at what cost?  Oil and food are skyrocketing which is going to have enormous pressure on prices.  Vast pools of money that are not backed by anything substantial, like productivity, are ready to flood a market with scarce goods. 

So, in order to get a little job growth, they resurrected the inflationary monster. 


Yet, you’d think Bush’s economy was a disaster and Obama’s is an amazing feat of intellectual dexterity.  Obama’s anemic job growth and economic stagnation along with a rekindling of inflationary pressures are the bee’s knees.  Meanwhile, the steady and positive economic growth during Bush’s years were terrible.  I mean, just look.  Bush had fantastic unemployment numbers, continued productivity growth, increases in income across the board, and no inflation.

Obama has terrible unemployment numbers, productivity drag is beginning to take its toll, decreases in income for the bottom 80%, and now we have the added bonus of the ghastly spectre of inflation further biting into our economic apple. 

No wonder their crowing about Obama.  Too bad about their partisanship showing though. 

It gets more obvious with each ridiculous article they write.