The Libyan Kerfuffle

Undoubtedly, the Obama apologenstia will come up with some lame excuses fo explain how the Dawdler in Chief suddenly became bellicose. I’m also looking forward to some of the explanations they will have for us as to why Obama is using military force to ?stop? Gaddhafi, or whatever it is we are doing.  I’m sure right now the Journolisters and Democratic spokesmodels are busily trying to think up reasons why the most important Nobel Peace Prize winner ever, has suddenly become a war hawk.  I can just imagine some of the arguments floating around in their heads.

First of all, it shouldn’t take long for George W. Bush to get blamed for this.  After all, it was his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that got Middle Easterners all riled up about freedom and such.  Wait, that doesn’t work.  Obama was running around on his Apology Tour telling people about freedom and things like that.  Obama was going to be the great peacemaker of our time.  People would have velvet revolutions and dictators would just stop, well dictating.  Well, Bush was a war president that destroyed our moral standing in the world.  Yeah, but Obama was busy making his bracket picks for the NCAA and yet still found time to start bombing the living daylights out of ?someone? in Libya.  Exactly who, we aren’t sure yet.  Obama is a peace president that was saddled with unwinnable wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Yet, aren’t we still there?  Maybe Bush’s making peace with Libya caused this.   Obama’s job is that much harder because of it.  If Bush would have just left Gaddhafi as a pariah, this would have all played out so differently.  Oh no.  But Obama didn’t do anything when the Iranian elections went so awry too.  Well, I’m sure they’ll think of something.

If it wasn’t Bush to blame for Obama’s troubles in Libya, maybe it was Sarah Palin.  Palin encouraged people to stand up for their rights and demand government be held accountable.  No wait.  That’s the Tea Party, who are nothing but a bunch of racist hicks.  Libyans wouldn’t have seen the American dissent against their government’s irresponsibility as an example.  Libyans should know Tea Partiers are a hateful group of hayseeds.  So, maybe they took heart from the union protests in Wisconsin.  But, that doesn’t work because the problem can’t be blamed on the Tea Party if it was the “what does mob rule look like, this is what mob rule looks like’ crowd.  The Tea Party, and Palin by extension of course, must have made Gaddhafi feel especially unruly or something.  You see, the Tea Party white supremicists made Gaddhafi go after other groups in Libya.  We’re not quite sure why, but there must have been something.  Damn, the Palin/Tea Party angle doesn’t work either.

What about the Koch brothers?  They own oil refineries.  Libya produces oil.  The Tea Party are dangerous shills of the Koch brothers.  Gaddhafi probably is a paid operative of the Koch brothers, just like the Tea Party is.  That’s it.  The Koch brothers, in order to make more money, made Gaddhafi go after the protestors against him.  This drove up the price of oil and they make bigger profits.  While the Koch brothers were funding the Tea Party, they also funded Middle Eastern dictators who would be targeted by citizen protestors thereby driving up the price of oil.  The Koch brothers have no ties to the Libyans.  The Tea Partiers are demanding more drilling here.  So is Sarah Palin.  Oh no.  That doesn’t really work either.

Well, there must be some reason our peace-time president got all mucked up in this situation.  It’s not his fault.  It’s someone else’s meddling that caused this situation.  Someone’s to blame.  Someone riled up the population, made dictators begin bombing their own people, and forced Obama to act.  Someone.  But who?

Maybe the French just haven’t surrendered to anyone in a while.  Maybe it’s the evil French capitalists . . . maybe.  Let’s ask Michael Moore.  I’m sure he has a reasonable explanation and probably a plan as well thought out as ‘jail the rich.’