Wisconsin Democrats; Meet "Corruption"

There is an object lesson in most every tale.  You can make the lesson a benign one, a false one, or actually dig deep to discover the truth.  The real story in the debacle in Wisconsin’s public union mess is one that everyone knows, everyone accepts, and few are willing to tell.  The Democratic Party in Wisconsin is thoroughly and completely corrupted by public labor unions.  There is no nice or polite way to say this.  The Wisconsin Democratic Party has been completely subsumed by the radical interest groups that support it and anyone who wants honest, fair governance must stand back and shake their heads in disgust.  Until the hold of these groups is weakened, you will not have a  voice within that group without paying the piper.

The American experiment is quite simple.  We elect people to act as agents on our behalf to do the best they can for us.  They go to the legislative branch or executive branch or the judicial bench and they are supposed to do their level best to make our voices heard within the context of our law and tradition.  This is the foundation of democratic republicanism and it means something very special in America.

Corruption occurs when instead of acting in the best interests of their constituency and as the voice of their people they act according to the interests of the highest bidder.  For example, there are 14 state senators in Wisconsin who were given the duty of representing the people of their districts.  Instead of doing their job, they ran willy-nilly to Illinois and hid.  They hid because one segment of their constituency told them to.  That one segment has more money, more power, and more influence than regular people because they have been granted a monopoly on their power.  These fourteen state senators are not representing the balance of their constituency by cowering under the sheet of a No-Tell Motel in Rockford, Illinois.  They are openly and flagrantly defying our system of governance in open obedience to corrupt powers. 

The Left argues, “But, that’s just too strong.  They are acting on the behalf of their supporters which is something all lawmakers must do, correct?  They are acting to represent the poor, put-upon public labor unions who are being stripped of their rights by a bullying and mean-spirited Republican Party.”

In a word, “No.”  If MANY of the Democrats in the state senate had raced across the border to escape a vote on public union rules, the above statement could be considered reasonable.  If MOST of the Democrats in the state sentate had hightailed it out of town to try to shut down the Wisconsin legislative process I would have said it’s possible.  However, the ENTIRE delegation, every single one of the Democratic state senators ran ducking and weaving away from Madison just to obstruct legislation and create a spectacle for themselves.  That is not due to principle or philosophy.  That is due to being purchased by a sector of the population and abandoning all governing principles. 

If you are a public sector union thug, you have complete and utter control over any Democrat in any branch of government.  You have spent piles of money and organized thousands of votes and any Democrat is at the mercy of your will.  That is what is evident in Wisconsin today. 

I believe reports that some of these Democrats are wavering.  Some of them hold principles that as public servants they should not act solely for the special interest of a small portion of the population and should return to Madison to do the people’s business.  I also think that the union thugs, including those that run the White House, have called them up and threatened their jobs should they break ranks and return.  This is a corrupt and dangerous syndicate of vicious, mean bullies who are hellbent on protecting their exclusive franchise of power in the Party. 

The same people who called Republicans obstructionists for delaying Obamacare and financial strangulation, even without the possible votes to stop it, are now calling the Wisconsin Democrats heroes. 

The same people who call for fair, civil discourse and transparency in government are now the ones who have demanded absolute obedience and abandonment of their posts by Democratic lawmakers. 

Now, for those who argue the principles of union collectivism are so lofty and noble as to drive the philosophic bent of those who fled, I ask this.  Are these so-called rights worth destruction of the process?  Are your “rights” so important you would shut down Wisconsin’s government in abject rejection of other people’s right to a functioning government.  Do you have that much more of a voice in government that the rest of us must kneel and bow before you?  Are you the sole arbiter of what is right and wrong in a democratic republic? 

Of course not.  The national public sector unions simply know they can pull the strings and cause a stink and make a mess of it all.  They know they have to shut down the process otherwise they will lose their absolute hold on the Democratic Party everywhere.  If Democrats and independants get the wrong idea about actually having a say in their own government, their exclusive franchise will end.  Their corrupt hold on the Party will end.  They will no longer be able to sit on both sides of the negotiating table and dictate terms entirely to their liking.

And their exclusive and absolute power within the Democratic Party will end.  Not with a bang, but with a soft, exhalant grunt. 

Democrats sold out their party to these unions for a bit of silver and a portion of power.  They believed unions would be an ally, a force that would give them an edge.  Instead, they have completely handed over the reins to these thugs and bullies.  The proof is in a motel in Rockford Illinois.  The proof is in the completeness of their abandonment of their duties.  The proof is in the a obedience of a group of frightened politicians shivering and shaking behind locked doors. 

Regardless of the outcome of this travesty, it should be noticed by Democrats everywhere that union thugs are in control of Their Party.  If you want honest and fair hearing of your beliefs, check that at the door.  The Iranian mullahs don’t have this much control.  This is a complete corruption of The Party and a complete abandonment of all democratic principles which we hold dear. 

This is the lesson of Wisconsin and the public sector unions.  This is the caveat for all who want to belong to such a group.