Are We All Delusional? Or Just Democrats

“Which raises the question: Is Obama’s budget blueprint exactly what the president needs to capture the broad political center in the runup to 2012?” – CNN’s Alan Silverlieb, ‘Obama’s Budget, a play for the Center?’

This is a play for the center?  Obama’s budget proposal would still add over a trillion dollars to the debt.  His budget includes tax increases, which would negate the 111th lame duck extensions, and billions of dollars of new spending.  He cuts a little snip here and tucks a little program there, but there is nothing truly reasonable about this enormous federal borrowing and spending plan.  I have a few questions for our Democratic friends. 

Are they all completely stoned out there?  Can any of them look at this proposed budget and defend it?  When are we going to see this money paid back?  Where will these payments come from?  How will our currency be worth anything with this much gigantic debt service?  Who is going to lend us all this money? 

Are you insane?

Here is a snippet from the White House website that accompanies the new budget proposal.  “But we cannot rebuild our economy and win the future if we pass on a mountain of debt to our children and grandchildren. We must restore fiscal responsibility, and reform our government to make it more effective, efficient, and open to the American people.” 

First, we already have a mountain of debt that exploded even worse than under the faux GOP of George W. Bush.  Obama’s piled on trillions PER YEAR he’s been in office.  Now, he proposes another trillion PER YEAR for the next ten years?  That’s his idea of fiscal responsibility and not passing on a mountain of debt?  What the hell would his imagined mountain of debt be if this isn’t it?  I can’t even fathom how this could be worse.

The New Obama Times printed this, “Mr. Obama used his budget for the fiscal year 2012 and beyond to make the case for selectively cutting spending while increasing resources in areas like education and clean energy initiatives that hold the potential for long-term payoffs in economic growth.”  Obama Budget Focuses on Path to Rein in Deficit,” by Jackie Calmes. 

So, our path to economic prosperity lie with getting people more college degrees for more government jobs and perpetual motion machines.  We are going to spend our way out of this Mount Everest of debt by creating more public sector liabilities and subsidizing more windmills?   How will this lead to economic sustainability?  When will the payoff begin?  Where will this money come from?

The Washington ComPost reports, “All told, Obama estimates that the nation would have to borrow an additional $7.2 trillion through 2021 under his policies, an improvement from previous projections that exceeded $9 trillion.”  Wow! What a dramatic difference.  So, instead of a ridiculous debt increase, Obama proposes a gargantuan debt increase in order to pay off his political allies in the education and environmental fields. 

These are numbers that defy the use of logic or reason.   There is nothing responsible about this, and yet the Democratic Party and its allies in the press are trying to make it seem, somehow, in some way, responsible.  This stretches, contorts, and twists the word responsible into something it clearly isn’t.  Obama and the 111th Congress spent so much money so quickly, they are determined to protect those investments in their political patrons at the expense of the well being of the rest of the nation.

I demand answers from our Democratic friends.  What are you thinking?  This kind of absurd spending spree will permanently hobble the economy into the distant future.  Rich people simply don’t make enough money to pay this off.  Where are these permanent liabilities going to get the money to sustain them? 

It’s like we’ve stepped to the edge of a cliff and are pretending there is an invisible walkway into the heavens.