Foxhole Confessions

Democrats under siege are now calling to the heavens for help, or at least that is the story.  After serious shelling by opponents, Obama and the Democrats have seen the light.  They are ready to listen to the American people and change their errant ways, if we only give them another chance.  They were atheists (socialists), but are now believers (capitalists).  But, in order for this to take, we have to give them the benefit of the doubt.  You can’t push them too much, you must be sweet, kind, and gracious in this, their hour of peril.  However, some are now saying these Foxhole Confessions are going unheeded. 

“The Obama Hate Machine is never slowed by the absurdities it manufactures. It just keeps spewing crap. The accusations don’t have to be proved. The game plan is obvious: Even if he sidesteps the individual charges, Obama will somehow be dirtied by the ceaseless flow of mud. Meanwhile, the OHM professionals will reap profits, as they feed the irrational paranoia of their believe-anything anti-Obama audience.” David Corn – Politics Daily, “Can POTUS Beat Back the Obama Hate Machine in 2011,” December 31, 2010. 

A new collectivist/socialist narrative is emerging.  This isn’t a novel approach to defending the Dear Leader.  It’s just a variation on a theme, but it uses a different tack.  Instead of just labeling anyone who questions His Petulancy as a ‘racist’ or a ‘hater’ or a ‘corporate shill’ or a ‘partisan’, the Democratic Party-run media is taking great pains to show Obama is trying hard.  He’s trying so very, very hard to make friends but all these people just keep dumping on him.  Poor Barry.  All the mean, hateful Obama-bashers are ganging up on our poor, bright, articulate (oops, scratch that), racially diverse president because, well, because they are just mean.  Corn, always the faithful socialist, tries valiantly to resurrect Hillary’s ‘vast rightwing conspiracy’, just under a new label.  Get out your tinfoil hats people, there’s a conspiracy under every Bush. 

Obama has shown no remorse for his actions.  Democrats have shown no contrition following the Great Shellacking of 2010. But, we are supposed to feel sorry for them because, after all, they have the best of intentions.  The Democrats are squeaking “Uncle” under the great pile-on, yet the bruisers continue to jump on them.  However, these far-Left ideologues wouldn’t know how to articulate a confession of their misdeeds if their political lives depended on it.  Instead, we see them double down and their apologists try different ways to depict their plight, while continuing to destroy our economy and our society with governmental takeovers. 

Enter ‘Nancy and Harry’, not a bad movie about a couple of bank robbers (which they are), who are on the lam against the ‘man.’  No, Act II of Nancy and Harry is just more of the same.  They are hellbent on ‘protecting’ the ‘change.’  Nancy’s raising money hand over fist to try and wrest the government from the people.  Harry’s trying to change the rules of the Senate to stop Republicans from having their voices heard.  Meanwhile, we are all watching in disbelief as a tax cheat, a Democratic Congress-convicted tax cheat, Charlie Rangel, pontificates on how Obama ‘won’ the lame duck and saved his presidency.  Can anyone believe these people are begging for forgiveness while doing such things?  Is Corn completely bonkers? 

So, poor, beleagured Obama is trying to show he’s learned his lesson by condescending to meet with business leaders and shore up his political fortunes.  This is his method of showing how much he’s learned from the Tea Party backlash.

“Hoping to mend fences with business leaders and spur more hiring, President Obama spent more than four hours with chief executives of 20 major companies in a “working meeting” that both sides said paved the way for better cooperation.”  ‘Obama and business leaders hold ‘working meeting,’ Jim Puzzanghera, LA Times, December 16th, 2010 as reported in the Chicago Tribune.  Now this little teaser makes it sound as though President Obama has decided to cross the aisle, meet with his foes, and try and create a public and private partnership that will drive our economy out of the Democratic Party dug ditch.  It would seem he heard the bell ringin’, right?  Don’t be so sure.  In the same article we find out who these ‘foes’ really are.

“The group consisted of some strong Obama supporters — Google chief Eric Schmidt, Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Doerr and Chicago billionaire Penny Pritzker — along with such corporate leaders as John Chambers from Cisco, Jeffrey Immelt from GE, Indra Nooyi from PepsiCo Inc., Paul Otellini from Intel Corp. and Brian Roberts from Comcast.”  So, the Dear Leader, in his hour of need, is turning to his political supporters for, well, support politically.  These morons are his corporate cover in the government’s massive takeover of control of the means of production.  These useful idiots are supposed to make the rest of the country believe Obama’s turned over a new leaf.  He’s not the principled ideologue of old, now he’s the accomodating pragmatist.  They’ve tried labeling his radical agenda as pragmatic before but it never took.  So, they try again, only this time by positioning his political donors as his political foes. 

This is nothing more than stagecraft, and poorly done stagecraft at that.  This is as transparently dubious as when he handed out white coats at the White House ‘Doctors for Socialized Medicine’ extravaganza he held during the Obamacare debate.  It’s all smoke and mirrors and ribbons and bows.  Beneath these artifices is just more centralized command and control by the government over our lives. 

But it show just how contrite the Anointed One is, right?  Well, in case the argument for giving the Demogogues a break isn’t enough, the press has decided to add to the mix.  They are also giving the country a little warning.  Don’t overplay your hand, because it will backfire.  More over, you better be scared because the Great Obama Political Machine is just heating up.  He’s left it running on idle for the past two years, but now he’s got you where he wants you.  He’s gonna make mincemeat outta ya.  You just watch.  Be careful and tread lightly and don’t make any sudden moves cuz this Prez has mad skills. 

“GOP contenders shouldn’t get cocky, however. By 2012, Obama could have unexpected economic improvements to boast about. And the president’s own finances should be sound even if America’s aren’t. He could raise $2 billion for a second run — and sitting U.S. presidents rarely lose. What’s more, midterm election beatings seem to have little bearing on re-election odds. For now, those too are working in Obama’s favor, suggesting a better than even chance at four more years.”  Reuters, December 29, 2010. ‘Weak economy shouldn’t overexcite Obama rivals.’  This is reported as an unbiased news story that calmly, rationally, and fairly assesses the news of the day.  Reuters is just a news service that struggles mightily to report the facts, just the facts, well, and a little needed interpretation for the Neanderthals in the public who can’t tie their own shoes.  They are just ‘explaining’ the complex, intricate, ins and outs of politics to the unwashed masses, i.e. us. 

We should be cowering in our corners, afraid of our own shadows, quaking in our boots at the daunting prospect of when the Dear Leader unleashes his Megatron upon us.  Two billion in campaign funds to warp and weave his deceit upon the vulnerable minds of the electorate will win the day.  Obama will sweep the field with his magnificence and his aura and his presence.  Some good economic news is bound to come out of this nonsense.  Something will happen that will give Obama back his mojo.  So, you better be nice to him, or else. 

This is supposed to be words that indicate a party that ‘gets it’ and a president that heard the American people?  Now, I know Reuters, David Corn, and the daily newspapers are not exactly in collaboration in some chatroom on Yahoo planning the president’s reemergence as leader of the less than Free World.  No doubt, they all have different ideas as to what the president and the Party must do to regain momentum from that vile OHM (strangely also the term for electrical resistance).  But, they are all working diligently to resurrect his presidency.  No one reading the paper or watching the news can believe there isn’t joint effort to elevate these people.  As Obama said at the National Press Club, “Most of you covered me; all of you voted for me.” A sentiment that isn’t too far from the truth.  While there is no ‘vast Leftwing conspiracy’, sorry Journolisters, I meant for those who matter.  (Just a little zinger).  There is a concerted effort in the media to find a narrative that will work and save The Party and the Dear Leader.  They’ve invested far too much in this man and his mission to turn back now.  So, Foxhole Confessions is the current yarn. 

There will be more.