Anti-Bullying Rules for the Senate

There has been a hue and cry over anti-bullying legislation in schools.  This legislation is supposed driven by the GiBLeT community over startling injustices and actions against sexual minorities.  As usual, this is a farce by the far wing collectivists to serve scraps to their allies in the gay and lesbian community.  Schools should be no bullying zones for all children regardless of sexual orientation or geek status.  The weak should not be bullied by the strong.  The marginalized should not be targeted by the majority.  The winners should be gracious to the losers and the same in reverse.  There is some anti-bullying legislation that could do some good for all Americans.  Rules changes in the Senate would expand the filibuster, make it more accountable to the states they represent, and stymy the kind of ruthless bullying by the immoral majority of senators.

Led by Sens. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.; Mark Udall, D-Colo.; Tom Udall, D-N.M.; Sheldon Whitehouse, D.-R.I., and Mark Warner, D-Va., among others, the rule revisions have two main thrusts: Revising the Senate seniority system and changing arcane measures used to slow or stop bills from coming to a vote. Both efforts are reasonable, reflect voter sentiment and should be supported on a bipartisan basis.”  Editorial, ‘A welcome push for Senate reform,”  StarTribune November 25, 2010.  These senators are throwing a hissy fit because their attempts to turn this country’s economic system into a centralized command and control European model have been thwarted.  They believed with a bullet-proof majority from the 2008 elections, they could ram anything they wanted down the throats of the American people.  To insure Democratic/Socialist Worker hegemony into the future, they believed having wealth funneled through their hands would make the population compliant and dependent on their largesse.  The public thought better of it.

In the 2010 elections, a third of their Democratic colleagues lost their seats.  No Republican seat swung to the Democratic column.  As a result, their caucus is badly wounded and the coming 2012 election doesn’t bode well for them unless they can force through the rest of their power-hungry agenda.  Without the framework of Cap and Tax they will not be able to dictate energy use among their constituents.  Without Card Check, their labor union allies will not have the access to more employee dues to pad their political checkbooks.  Without expanded governmental control over the environment, their uncheck reach into the personal economic decisions of the citizenry are weak and unstable.  So, what’s their solution?

They want to ‘reform’ the system by cutting the legs out from underneath the minority position.  They want to turn the Senate, intended to be the more deliberative body, into a mirror image of the House of Representatives.  Gone would be any ways for the minority party to stall or recalibrate legislation.  Instead, they majority could bully their way past any dissent whatsoever. In other words, they just want to bully legislation upon the rest of us.

Like they did with Obamacare.

On Christmas Eve in 2009, the Senate passed its version of healthcare deform which differed greatly with the House bill.  As a result, it needed to be combined with the House bill changing any differences within the Joint Conference committee.  The majority in the Senate thrust this 2000-plus page monstrosity down the skeptical public’s collective throat and stood back giggling and laughing at our indignation.  All these senators supported transferring the private power of our health care decisions from the people themselves to the executive branch.  The Secretary of Health and Human Services would arbitrarily decide what health care you needed and what you didn’t.  If you didn’t like it, you could join the Democratic Party and attempt to sway the rules in your favor.  All power would lie within the executive branch to decide whether you would live or die if life-saving care was needed.  If they found you unworthy, as President Obama said at a townhall in July of 2009, they’d give you a pill. 

The American people, through the voters of Massachusetts, rejected this gigantic power transfer and sent a Republican to sit in the Kennedy seat thereby stopping the bullies in their tracks.  But, the Democratic Party wasn’t going to let a little thing like our concerns stop them.  No way!! 

They jammed the Senate bill through the House and jerry-rigged a ‘budget reconciliation’ bill to fill in the gaps.  The Senate then bypassed the filibuster rule with their reinvention of the process and allowed the Obamacare ‘fixes’ that reconciled the Senate version with the House to pass by a mere majority.  They bullied the country and the minority into a health care takeover that is already accelerating insurance costs, forcing mandates beyond a scale that anyone could ever imagine, and giving unchecked, unfettered power to the executive branch to manipulate the population as never before. 

Now they want a license to bully the rest of their twisted, anti-American agenda upon the rest of us.  I propose changes that would, in effect, stop the flagrant bullying inclinations of the Senate and insure the minority have the rights to affect real change in America.

The StarTribune editorial is blatantly partisan in its attack upon the filibuster.  Prior to the Democratic Party taking control in the 2006 elections, the idea of the “nuclear option” as so many liberal pundits like the StarTribune called it, was anathema to the minority.   The StarTribune blasted these changes to Senate rules as an attack on the American institution of the Senate.

From an editorial penned by the very StarTribune which now calls for a limit to the filibuster, they wrote in 2005, “Here’s the question: Why was it appropriate for a single, powerful majority party senator (whether Lott or Hatch) to deny senators the right to vote yes or no on a nominee, but it is inappropriate for 41 senators in the minority to prevail in an actual up-or-down vote to reject a nominee?”  ‘Nuking the filibuster; GOP arguments fail the smell test,’ April 24, 2005.  Now, a mere five years later and the switching of ten seat seats in their favor, the Democratic Party boosters and the StarTribune are hand-wringing and sobbing uncontrollably against a limit to THEIR party’s power to enact whatever they wish. 

It doesn’t pass any kind of smell test because nothing smells so rank as these duplicitous ‘freshman’ senators and their gaming of the system.  In a fit of pique they attempt to circumvent the power of sitting minority senators with a nasty ‘our way or the highway’ approach to governing. 

Instead, we should change the rules to be fairer to all sides.  First, there should be no cloture rule when repealing a law.  If a majority of senators believe a law is unjust, unwise, or just plain unconstitutional, a mere majority should have the power to remove such laws without a supermajority.  Budget bills and spending priorities that are purse-string powers of Congress could also be subject to the mere majority rule.  However, if Congress wishes to enact a new law or body of power or turn rights over to the executive or judicial branches, a more powerful group of two thirds should be needed to achieve cloture.  This would enable the minority to wield strength against the bullying majority and protect their constituents and states.  While the two third’s rule was in play, the enacting senators were forced to work with the other side to pass legislation.  This would force advocates to compromise and find common ground in the minority empowering both sides to act as responsible parties for the whole country. 

No so-called ‘reform’ by parties as disingenuous and hypocritical as Democratic boosters like the StarTribune can be even considered as genuine.  ‘Freshman’ hacks like Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Mark Warner of Virginia are just pawns in the odious Harry Reid’s game to game the system.  Since his power is blunted and his reputation is in tatters, he hopes playing the ‘nuclear option’ with another name will hand him more power.  But, the American people shouldn’t trust their government with such terrible liars and sneaks.  They must stand up for the rights of those being bullied and against such toadies as Klobuchar and Warner who allow their caucus to be controlled by a cretin like Reid. 

We must stand against the bullies and fight for the rights of the victims.  After all, with this group of thugs, we are the real targets of their fists.  It will be our noses bloodied after they pummel us with absurd legislation and tyrannical programs.  In fact, this anti-bullying legislation could change the face of the United States Congress for the better.  It would protect the citizens from the vagaries of a radicalized far left monster.

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