Left Side Story; Bats Fly at Night

Dramatis Personae; The Billary, The Won, Crawfish Carville, Paul Begala, The Caddell/Schoen Clan, Janet Incompetano, Democratic spokesmodel Bob Schieffer, and of course The Party

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a stinging kick to the Obama administration’s enhanced pat-down area today.  She declared her position against the new TSA security guidelines as something she’d avoid if possible.  But, her little admission on ‘Face the Nation’ with Democratic Party spokesmodel Bob Schieffer was a little more than that.  The Clintonistas have been preparing for this eventuality.  The November mid-term elections have given them just the right tools for taking down His Petulancy.  They are busy pretending to be loyal followers of The One while they brew their vengeful potions.  Behind the scenes, the Clintonistas have been planning a palace coup, and the evidence is mounting it may work.  They have unleased a flurry of flying rodents to skim beneath the radar of the Obamamaniacs.

The Billary Team, better known as the Clintonistas, are still fuming over their overthrow in 2008.  They had carefully and deliberately managed the press and the narrative to make Mrs. Clinton the heir apparent to the presidential throne.  They coordinated smear efforts against the Bush administration and manuevered the Democratic Party into a position where they couldn’t lose.  (Remember, this is their thinking, not reality).  Hillary had bided her time in the Senate, making sure she cleaned up her reputation by acting thoughtful and conciliatory.  She vanquished the wicked witch perception she’d held as First Lady and became the ideal stateswoman.  Hillary was the titular head of The Party and had moved on for a graceful coronation as the first female president. 

Then came Barack Hussein Obama.  Mm, Mm, Mm.

He dragged her message to the Left.  He triangulated her positions taking the union vote, the black vote, and the professional Left’s heart.  He stole her rightful place as singular savior of the Democratic Party.  He erected foam columns and dashed energetically onto the stage, bounding like a graceful deer while she trudged onto platforms in ill-fitting pantsuits and looking bloated.  He flashed his cheery smile and she raged against the evil Republican regime.  He spoke clearly, concisely, and warmed his crowd.  She began to sound almost maniacal in her attempt to wrest victory from the jaws of her defeat. 

The Billary were not amused.

Like their namesake, the Sandinistas, the Clintonistas were prepared for His Incompetency to stumble and fall on his face.  The entire purpose of her three am call ad was to warn against his lack of experience and shallow understanding of the executive position of president.  The Clintonistas knew, and tried to argue, that Obama’s experience with rent-a-mobs, voting present in the Illinois state senate, showing up a couple of dozen times in the U.S. Senate and a short tenure as lecturer at a law school wasn’t enough to give Obama the fundamental leadership skills needed to be the chief executive.  They said as much during the nomination process, but the Obamamaniacs were better with optics and atmospherics, so The Billary lost.

But, their predictions on Obama were spot on.  This president is so far outside his capabilities it isn’t funny.  He lurches wildly from minor crisis to crisis making a mess a disaster and a problem into a dilemma.  The Party has seen itself turned into a laughingstock and a symbol of shear foolishness adorned with contempt.  The Clintonistas predicted this failure and planned for the takeover, but they couldn’t do so openly. 

They needed The Party to beg them to return.

Two reasons.  First, the Billary’s feelings had been hurt that The Party they’d worked so hard at building would turn on them like that.  Second, because a splintered Democratic machine would deliver no victory, only heartache.  So, they planned on undermining the Obamamaniacs while they turned the screws.  It would take timing, tact, and careful reaction to certain events to craft such a toxic stew, that didn’t poison the entire animal.

The first part was having Democratic pollsters Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen, Clintonistas at heart, sound the warning bells.  These weren’t imaginary warning bells, but for Democrats to rat on their own is remarkable.  For the past year, the two of them have been calling out the Obamamaniacs for problems with the metrics, and metrics are everything to collectivists.  They found serious erosions in support.  They found definite softening in polls.  They found serious gaps within The Party structure.  All of these are just normal for an elected president’s party, but they made great fodder for the masses.

Then James Carville called an audible in May of 2010.  He lambasted The Anointed One for his failure to act against the Gulf Oil Spill.  The embarrassment of the Obama reaction to the disaster was palpable.  Democrats had to look the other way as The Won fumbled and bumbled his way around a region that was exactly the same as the one that scarred Bush during Katrina.  The ineptness of Obama and his advisors was made apparent to the nation when one of their own pointed out his clumsiness.  The poodle press can ignore conservatives, but they cannot ignore one of their own, a Clintonista. 

Then came the November shellacking.

Hillary flew across the world to get away from the press for this one.  She would probably start cackling out loud at His Petulency’s electile dysfunction.  The Party fell flat on its face because it danced the dance with the one that brought them.  It is still sinking in, that sinking feeling they chose the wrong one in 2008.

So, now the furtive plot has commenced.  Caddell and Schoen have called for Obama to step down after only one term, a judgment that truly riles the Obamamaniacs even as they wonder if they’re right.  Carville makes colorful allusions to Hillary and Obama’s junk and who has more testicular orbs.  Lanny Davis concedes on Hannity that Obama has a problem with the TSA and the way they are structuring safety.  Paul Begala calls for the Democrats and Obama to march rightward into relevancy at the Huffington Post.  But, beneath it all is a strategy. 

Carville’s allusions to his searchable area are not as to His Ineptitude’s courage.  It’s speaking directly to his efficacy as a leader of The Party.  After the shellacking, they are busy as beavers building the narrative that the job is too much for Obama.  The Party has been ill-served.  It’s not his courage that is questioned.  It’s his political virility. 

So, Hillary sideswipes the Obamamaniacs with comments like she, “says there’s clearly a need for the tighter security. But she says the government should explore ways to “to limit the number of people who are going to be put through surveillance.”She says she understands “how offensive it must be” for some people to undergo the searches. She says there’s a need to strike “the right balance” and to “get it better and less intrusive and more precise.”  Associated Press from November 21, 2010 on Hillary Clinton’s discussion on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer. 

Hillary is not the titular head of anything, except maybe the State Department.  Her comments are merely suggestive.  But, they are suggestive of the Obama adminstration’s inability to adapt to realities on the ground, like furious average Americans who are horrified by the TSA actions and appalled at Janet Incompetano’s pooh-poohing their concerns.  The average American listens to Joe Biden and Claire McCaskill’s scoffing at these concerns as petty and the average American cringes. 

Hillary’s letting us know she understands and feels our pain.  She’s empathizing while the Obamamaniacs demand compliance.  But, there’s more.

The Clintonistas are not in the knife fight yet.  They are still the loyal and dedicated supporters with just some helpful advice.  Meanwhile, they are quietly supplying the Mainstreamers with ammunition to fight the Obamamaniacs.  We can call it the Clintonista Intellectual Lend-Lease Act, where they just supply some guns and butter to the belligerents while coyly staying out of the fray. 

While the Mainstreamers begin to gird their loins for battle to survive, the Clintonistas advise from afar.  Caddell and Schoen’s polls portray a president out of touch.  Carville supplies data that suggests the Democratic coalition is falling apart at the seams, because of Obama’s performance.  Begala counsels in his November 2, 2010 Huffington Post article ‘ A Centrist Democratic Approach; More jobs, less corruption,’ “Yes, President Obama and the Democrats need to move to the center. Fortunately, that does not mean slow-walking gay rights or repealing the 14th Amendment. Rather, it means a strong, centrist jobs program and a clear, centrist commitment to limiting the power of corporate special interests. If they have the skill and adaptability to reclaim the center, the Democratic comeback won’t be far behind.”  Cut taxes, reduce spending, and make corporations the target, not the ally.  Populism all the way. 

The bats are indeed flying under the cover of darkness.  The potent brew is simmering.  The Clintonistas have their plans and schemes and are implementing them covertly.  The Mainstreamers are looking to the Clintonistas as allies in the fight.  The Obamamaniacs trust the Clintonistas will have their back.  The plot continues to thicken as the stew continues to boil.  Once all the dust settles, The Party will beg on bended knee for the Billary to take control and defeat the evil capitalists and Republicans. 

The saga continues.

The next installment of Left Side Story will be the pushback by the Obamamaniacs.  In people, as in nature, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  The Obamamaniacs are still large and in charge and the ineffectual leadership of the Democratic Party will try to strike a blow against the Mainstreamers.  Left Side Story; Return of the King