Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-MO; Love Pats to Me and Prosecution for Thee

Isn’t it just delicious when a leftie can’t keep their hypocrisies straight and manage to expose their partisan duplicity?  Sen. Claire McCaskill is one such doublespeaking collectivist who just can’t reconcile her fear of America becoming a nation of torturers and America being indifferent to the rights of its citizens.  She just can’t keep the two things straight.  She basically wants Bush adminstration officials thrown into prison for enhanced interrogations, but when it comes to TSA/government sponsored poking an probing on the average citizens, it’s perfectly acceptable, perhaps even delightful.

McCaskill is one of the shrill moonbats who agitated for putting the Bush administration on trial for enhanced interrogation techniques.  The previous administration used things like water boarding (3 times), shouting loudly, refusing to give someone a drink of water, making them wait for the bathroom, and making them feel REALLY bad about themselves.  There are others techniques, but most are no more inconvenient than standing in line at an airport.   Sure, some the techniques they used seemed a little harsh but these weren’t kindergarteners out for an afternoon at the park.  These people captured on the battlefield were killers, torturers themselves, and plotters who were trying to kill innocents to push their warped, immoral agenda. 

But, McCaskill didn’t see it that way.  “”I think there are enough members that want to make sure the information is all on the record, that we have certainly looked behind every nook and cranny to see exactly what happened,” she said. “So I’m sure there’ll be some form of investigation in Congress.”  “McCaskill ‘sure’ Congress will investigate torture memos” by Michael O’Brien 04/23/09, The Hill.  Not investigate into terrorist groups, but into the people trying to investigate and stop terrorists.  The Bush Administraton officials weren’t playing nice enough.  These were lawyers who told others they could use enhanced interrogation methods and  McCaskill believes they were abetting a criminal activity as a result.  She wanted them thrown into the hooskow or at least disbarred.  ‘How dare you, she seemed to rage, mistreat poor, misguided terrorists whose only sin was trying to kill us.  You oughtta be ashamed of yourself.’

Fast forward to now.  Sen. Claire McCaskill is sitting on Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation committee which oversees the TSA.  Transportation Safety Administration chief John Pistole is there to explain away his department’s use of new, enhanced screening machines that turn grandmothers and toddlers into porn images.   He also wanted to explain how groping and feeling up airline attendants and nuns would make our flying safer.

So, the hapless McCaskill, barely cognizant of her reasons for being there says, “I’m wildly excited that I can walk through a machine instead of getting my dose of love pats,” Sen. McCaskill said. “Senators and TSA Defend ‘Love Pats’ at airports, by Joshua Norman, CBSNews.com, November 17, 2010.  Apparently McCaskill only listens to NPR and MSNBC because everyone else in the country has been looking at obscene images and hearing stories about serious prodding and the use of ‘bad touch’ at airports.  She is in some far distant la-la land where senators are subjected to the same scrutiny as their subjects, er, citizens.  Furthermore, it seems she hasn’t a clue that these ‘love pats’ are intrusive probes into intimate areas.  Anyone who characterizes them as ‘love pats’ is both a fool and an ignoramous. 

McCaskill cannot even gather up the neurons to ask why people might be outraged.  Instead she just carries on as if there isn’t a care in the world and these mean, old Republicans are just stirring up trouble.

Only, it’s not Republicans or even conservatives who are furious.  It’s the people who have been subjected to these indignities who are appalled. 

You must keep in mind that the bobbleheaded senator from Missouri is a dedicated Sociocrat.  She presumes her buddy, Janet Incompetano, has things well in hand. (Unfortunate turn of a phrase).  But, as usual, Incompetano is completely oblivious to the facts on the ground and the trouble that is stirring, like in Arizona.  She just tells us what to expect, tells us to take it, and if you don’t like it, take the Greyhound until we start body cavity searches for their passengers. 

So, on one hand, McCaskill is infuriated that terrorists may not be getting their vegetables or an adequate shower temperature, but her constituents are being molested and she couldn’t care a fig.

You see, liberals believe if we’re nice to criminals, they’ll be nice to us.  But, if you’re a law-abiding citizen, that means you’re just a sucker and to hell with you.  Apparently, McCaskill doesn’t understand that the Fourth Amendment against unwarranted searches and seizures which protect Americans in the United States needs to be considered.  But, she seems to think that terrorists fighting on a battlefield in Pakistan or Yemen need to be Mirandized and given Gloria Allred to represent them. 

We are patsies.  They are brave warriors who are misunderstood.  We are fodder for their grist mill.  They are serious players on the world stage.  We are just stupid, bitterly clinging rednecks.  They are brave freedom fighters who happen to kill us. 

And so, the tale of liberal hypocrisy and arrogance continues.  Are they still wondering why they lost?