Left Side Story; The Worm Begins to Turn

Dramatis Personae; Obamamaniacs, Mainstreamers, Pelosi, Reid, The Won, Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia, Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina, Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida and Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana.

The Democratic Party shellacking that took place on November 2nd started a chain of events that will rip the Democratic Machine wide open.  Pelosi, Reid, Obama, the Great Triumvirate, and their useful idiots on the far Left dragged The Party into Socialist Worker territory.  This is not the natural center of the Democratic Party.  The actual center is much more centrist, though still collectivist in nature.  As a result, the steady, reliable Democratic voters are becoming alarmed.  While Marxist/Conflict Theory may sell in downtown San Francisco or Greenwich Village in New York, it don’t sell in Peoria.  Some of the hoi polloi of the party are getting concerned this lurch to the left will leave them without a voice.  Some are beginning to speak.

Bayh, Bayh, Birdie, Don’t Cry

Last night on Hannity, Sen. Evan Bayh found his voice.  He’s heretofore been relatively silent on the Michael Moore-on and Bill Mahr-tyr takeover of the Democratic apparatus.  A wave of leftwing agitators had left him speechless in 2008 and with the exception of a couple of mumblings during the stimulus and Obamacare debates, he stayed eerily quiet.  The radicals came to town and the Great Triumvirate of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi told him to stand down and follow their marching orders.  He did so.  As a good and loyal Democrat, he stayed true to the partisan line and swallowed hard.

Now he’s not so quiet.

During his interview with Sean Hannity, he spoke out against the extremism in his party.  He talked about the Democrats losing their way.  He was saddened by the tack his partisan ship had taken.  Bayh expressed his frustration with the inability of his Mainstreamer wing to gain any voice in the far Left agenda.  Sen. Bayh spoke sincerely when opining on the shellacking his party took earlier in the month.  He stated it was due entirely to ignoring important parts of the base and letting the Left take over the TelePrompTer.  He knows that The Great Triumvirate has driven the political Democratic car into the proverbial ditch.  Bayh knows they are in for a rough, mudsplattered ride.

Sen. Bayh then said something quite interesting.  He said his wife asked him, “What’s next?”  This is intriguing because it prefaces something.  Evan Bayh is a young man.  He’s been governor of Indiana.  He was their Senator.  For his wife to ask what was to come of him practically begs the question.  He’s ambitious.  He’s attractive.  He’s clean and articulate.  What could be next for the soon-to-be former senator? 

Well, I think I witnessed his announcing a run for the presidency of the United States. 

Bayh may be running because of his ambition.  He could run because he wants to ‘save The Party’ from itself.  But, in either case, his running would excite the Mainstreamer base and bring Middle America into the possible Democratic fold.  What it would certainly do is rile up the far Left.  They are not terribly upset at all the moderate Democrats that fell.  In fact, their game plan was to let the right side of the caucus lose to shore up squishier liberals and get those noisome ‘conservatives’ out of the way.  Bayh understood that and just stepped deftly to the side, just in time.  Now he’s a retired, successful senator and not a sore loser like Blanche Lincoln or Russ Feingold.  He was just politically astute enough to know what battle to wage and when to retreat. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t believe Bayh will be able to win the nomination on his own.  The coming split within The Party will have to enable his ascension as standard-bearer.  If Obama swings right, Bayh is toast and the Left will rise again and challenge him.  If Obama sneaks Left, Bayh will run and others will follow.  If Obama stays his current course, someone on the Left and Bayh will both jump in.  The Party will become Balkanized and could have permenant rifts. Yumm-O!!!

The Heath Bar Crunch

When Nancy Pelosi decided to reassume the mantle of leader of the House Democrats, many in her party scratched their heads in disbelief.  The Botox Queen was badly humbled.  Her predictions of maintaining the majority and the gavel were so out of whack with the reality on the ground, there were rumblings of her stepping down from office, period.  She’d just retire in disgrace and play with her grandkids.  Her political future as Grand Dame of the Great Triumvirate was over.  The Axis of Surreal would flutter apart like so many chads on Florida ballots.  It was over.

But, Pelosi wasn’t done.  She decided to redeem herself.  She would single-handedly affect the far Left apparatus she’d carefully built to rise from the ashes like a phoenix.  Nancy Pelosi would guide her ship of liberal deceit and thuggery to their rightful place as the new Ruling Class of the nation.  There were some little tangles to untie like that messy Clyburn/Hoyer knot, but she got James a car and an office and a make-believe job and it was all good.

Then came that inconvenient ex-jock from the woods of ole Dixie.  That mole on the end of her perfectly cosmetically enhanced nose was kicking up a stink.  Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina decided he’d make good on that absurd promise to run against Pelosi if he won.  Nobody believed he’d really do it.  Nobody could fathom a lowly failed former pro football has-been would have the testicular fortitude to stand up to the first leg of the Great Triumvirate. 

But he ran.  He got 43 votes to the House ATM’s 150.  He knew he’d lose.  Everybody knew Pelosi would win.  There was not real contest.  It was simply a quixotic experiment in futility.  But, he ran.  He said he ran because it was in bad form and terrible optics for the leader that got them shellacked to remain as head of the caucus.  The Democratic Party deserves and needs better.  Shuler was ready to throw the Hail Mary, which wasn’t caught, but 42 other Democrats ran to catch. 

The natives are getting restless.

The Tangled Webb

The Dollar Store’s Newsweek magazine ran an article on the senior senator from Virginia, Jim Webb.  Webb is styled as a conservative though he’s carried the far Left’s water at every turn.  Virginia, instead of running blue, has suddenly gone Red with the election of conservative Republican governor Bob McDonnell and a vast majority of its congressional delegation GOP.  Webb reaches across the political spectrum to gather moderate and conservative independents to his cause.  However, that ability is being stretched to its limit. 

In that Newsweek article, “The Next Fight, a conservative Democrat reassesses the political battlefield,” by Zev Chafets, November 19, 2010, it is reported, “a recent poll by Democratic-affiliated Public Policy Polling shows Webb leading Allen, his most likely opponent, by 49–45 percent.”  First of all, this isn’t good when your own pollsters have you below 50%.  Second, if he is tied as directly to the Great Triumvirate as many other fallen Democrats were, he won’t last the challenge.  Obamanomics and Obamacare are deeply unpopular in Virginia and their conservative philosophy is at odds with Webb’s positions on many issues. 

Webb realizes the entire Midwest and South are out-of-bounds for liberal Democrats.  Unless the place is a far Left city, The Party is not taken seriously at all.  This is because of one serious deficit in the Democratic coalition, the poor.

“I’ve been saying this for five years,” Webb told me. “Democrats have to reach out to the working class. Something has to change in the Democratic Senate.”  They’re losing their religion.  While they’ve got the labor union thugs behind them, an increasing number of the rank-and-file members are abandoning the automatic Democratic lever.  The small business Democrats are fleeing the party for the independent label.  Farmers and miners, factory workers and entrepeneurs are seeking solace with Republicans, though they don’t trust them much.  The Productive Class has heard the Great Triumvirate loud and clear, ‘submit or be destroyed.’  They’ve decided to stand up and push away the groping hands of the redistributionists. 

Webb understands Americans.  I’m not sure whether he necessarily agrees with capitalism or not, he’s sided with the far Left too often to ignore.  But, he certainly has the verbiage down on economic freedom and liberty.  “In Born Fighting he scorned “the upper crust of academia and the pampered salons of Hollywood”—among the Democrats’ most important sources of money and policy advice—as an elite unable to comprehend, much less appeal to, working-class whites. He warns against the influence of these “cultural Marxists” and people on “the Activist Left” who want to create a “collectivist” America.”  Webb speaks disparagingly of the Left while voting for their necessary evils.  He voted for the explosive growth of government and the apparatus to make it work.  He voted for the stimulus to payoff the union thugs and governmental class.  He voted for Obamacare and financial strangulation while it kills off job growth and prosperity.  But, he talks a noble talk while walking an ignoble walk.  But now Sen. Webb has found his principles.

Reminding the interviewer of his principles of anti-elitism and pro-Americanism, Webb states, “I’m optimistic that people will see the logic of these positions and realize that it is in their self-interest to adopt them.”  In other words, Sen. Webb is now willing to stand up to the far Left and battle for simple, American ideals.  At least, that’s what he contends.  He certainly won’t be alone.  There are at least ten other Democrats, and possibly more, who are in serious trouble in 2012 if their rhetoric doesn’t match their actions in the Senate.  Sen. Bill Nelson of Marco Rubio’s Florida ripped into President Obama a couple of days ago. Politico’s Glenn Thrush and Manu Raju reported in “Senate Democrats vent anger with Barack Obama,” that, “Nelson told colleagues Obama’s unpopularity has become a serious liability for Democrats in his state and blamed the president for creating a toxic political environment for Democrats nationwide, according to two Democrats familiar with his remarks,”  11/19/2010.   Such talk against the head of the Great Triumvirate would not have been countenanced just weeks ago.

But, such are the nature of election losses.  The vaunted Obama Political Machine worked only in the deepest blue of the Leftist states.  Even in New York, U.S. congressional losses mounted.  Sen. Harry Reid retained his seat and his hold on the Senate but at a great cost.  His win was so slimy, so degrading, so unseamly, the professional Left can barely speak of his win without sighing.  Politics is a sport of reputation and influence.  Reid won his election without a shred of dignity left intact.  Not a single senator from any state that isn’t collectivist-mad can bear to appear in a picture with him.  He’s as toxic as Three Mile Island’s spent uranium.  So is Pelosi.  Her surgically enhanced face was the face that sunk a thousand Democrats from county boards to governorships to the both Houses of Congress.

The primary leg of the Great Triumvirate is no better.  His reputation as a campaign golden boy has disappeared into the wind.  His sinking popularity is merely masked by pity, not fear, not respect.  Obama’s day has turned to night.  His hope has turned to loathing.  His ‘Yes we can’ has been kicked. 

The Mainstreamers are not having any of it.  These people, Bayh, Webb, and Shuler, live and breathe the power they’ve enjoyed.  Now, in an instant of folly, their power has dissipated.  So, they will fight.  They will fight those who’ve taken their positions of strength, the far Left and the Obamamaniacs.  These men are not afraid, because they’ve nothing to lose.  It’s all been lost for them.

They’re going to be bringing guns to this knife fight.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Left Side Story; Bats Fly at Night.  The coming story will be about the esoteric rising of the Clintonistas and their political positioning in the new reality of the weakened Democratic Party.