The Obama Corollary; Bow A Lot and Wear a Big Chip

Teddy Roosevelt’s idea for foreign policy actions was for the president to “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”  In other words, be calm, polite, and listen, but if the belligerents aren’t behaving, have the Big Stick of military or economic power to back yourself up.  President Obama has taken that Roosevelt Corollary and altered it to fit his own warped world view.  He believes if we are humble, maybe even obsequious, and ask for forgiveness for any imagined ills that have plagued other societies, they’ll treat you well.  If they don’t, get huffy, petulant, and throw your weight around until you look the fool. 

Such is the stupidity of this man on his most recent trip overseas.  He ran around like a big wig, demanding the Chinese strengthen their currency at the same time Bernanke is watering down ours.  He begged the South Koreans for a trade deal, and when then wouldn’t agree, he pouted.  He apologized, again, for America’s role in the spreading of bad paper throughout the entire world financial system.  Then, he demanded concerted action of the G-20 to ‘force’ Chinese acquiescence to financial trade resolutions. 

This guy is out of control.  Any American president who cannot get a trade deal done with South Korea, a country that owes its very existence to us, is a terrible negotiator.  Obviously, he couldn’t sell a drink of water to a man dying of thirst.  But, what’s worse is the way he approaches every negotiation.  He has this bizarre attitude that if we beat ourselves up in public, somehow, other parties will agree to our proposals.  On top of it, he seems to have a kind of public discomfort following his failed attempts.  He lashes out at Israel.  He marches away in disgust.  He acts like a spoiled rotten brat. 

Not the best way to act on the world stage, but then, he already got the Nobel Peace Prize for not being Bush.  I guess there’s nothing left but down after that.

His stuttering, stumbling attempt to apologize for Islam and jihad is another example of completely doltish behavior by this man.  When a student asked what he thought of jihad, in India, a country with many jihad problems, the closest way between two points is a straight line.  He could condemn the use of jihad against innocents.  He could say it isn’t a good practice when there are better ways of handling problems.  He could have completely sidestepped the issue and not said anything at all.  He’s good at that.  Instead, the moron rambled on and on about respecting Islam and jihad being a practice that can be a force for good and how there are many complex issues involved.  He did this in India!!  Where they have to deal with jihads on a daily basis.   He gives a philosophical pretzel answer that he ties up into a Gordian knot. 

And he wonders why we question his approach and philosophy on things. 

Even ABC’s Jake Tapper questioned the Obama trip’s successes.  All Barack Channel News saw fit to complain about The Won.  Amazing.  But, making lemonade out of sour grapes;

“The President’s final speech in Asia was laden with subdued language about how America can’t always “hit home runs” and run into disputes abroad because “we’re initiating ideas.” “Instead of hitting home runs,” he told the audience, “sometimes we’re going to hit singles. But they’re very important singles!” Frances Martel, Mediaite.com commenting on the ABCNews story, November 13, 2010. 

Singles aren’t so important if you keep leaving the runners on base, Mr. President. 

But, on a positive note, Michelle Antoinette was very popular with shopkeepers and little dancing girls.  The First Lady has shown herself to be a real feminist by showing women around the world that they can shop and dance in the same trip as their husbands fail to secure trade deals.  Brava, brava!