Let the Hand Wringing Commence

I’ve come to enjoy seeing in my Sunday paper what spurious argument Nick Coleman will craft to bash the body politic and uplift his precious Democrats.  Today’s little ditty, entitled “Business buys itself a new government,” November 14, 2010 StarTribune, was composed to identify the culprit in this last election.  Coleman is rather monotone in his singing style because he cannot grasp multiple reasons for anything.  A straw man must be to blame for the downfall of his far Left colleagues.  Certainly nothing they have done could be to blame.  In fact, I’ve wondered if the DFL has fully digested the idea they lost the entire Minnesota state legislature to Republicans.  Apparently, Coleman is just beginning to realize that now.  As a result, he must begin the hand wringing and wailing for the collectivist left.  He has to start building the case against the boogeyman to bash and excuse the Left’s irresponsible and thuggish behavior.  Per usual, Coleman finds the wrong demon.

Business is to blame.  That’s the conclusion Coleman has come up with.  Business.  Those evil, maniacal, greedy capitalists have taken over the government and they plan on plundering and pillaging the state so they can get more and the ‘people’ get less.  At least, that’s the thrust of his argument.  The DFL was just not very good at getting past Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s ‘No New Taxes’ pledge and lacked a cohesive and coherent message that arose above that sentiment.  In other words, it wasn’t the policies the Left implemented or the ideas they presented, it was just the message.  They didn’t communicate it well. 

Sound familiar?

Obama says the shellacking, and it was a national shellacking, wasn’t as a result of his policies.  It was his messaging.  Nancy Pelosi denies this has anything to do with her.  She’s just a little old lady from San Francisco.  The Democratic Party says they weren’t rejected.  They ONLY lost five governorships, 60 odd seats in the House, six seats in the Senate, 680 state legislative seats, and some 19 or 20 state houses.  It was practically a wash, according the spin doctors.  They just need to tweak the messaging a little.  They were just a bit off their rhythm. 

But ole Nick has the answer.  It’s bash business time.  Yes sirree.  Step right up and take a swing at the evil capitalist.  Campaign funds sank the ship.  Campaign funds that came from unknown, and therefore, shady sources torpedoed the Socialist Express the Democratic Party had so carefully created.  We’ve identified the ‘bully’ so let’s bash away, bash away, bash away all.

Take David Bly, for example.  Bly is a poor high school English teacher who has been a leader in the fight for universal health care and other socialist schemes and experiments.  He just wants to rob the productive class at gunpoint, take their cash and give it to his allies in the public sector unions and governmental services.  He was fighting to make the Democratic Party the purveyor of all economic good and the champion of the elite.  But, those dastardly businesses ganged up on him and spoke truth to power. 

Who are these shadowy, vile, capitalist characters?  Well, one such group is the National Federation of Independent Business, the small business owners.  What an absolutely villianous group.  They want government to pull back, let them operate their businesses, and allow them to operate in a free and open market.  What terrible ogres these people are.  To think we’d cut back on the precious gravy train and patronage system the Democratic Party has created in order to allow ordinary Minnesotans to have their stab at the American Dream is shocking, at least to Coleman.

What Coleman and his ilk in the Democratic Party and Democratic Party-run media do not understand is a very basic tenet.  Businesses are run by people.  Businesses hire people.  Businesses produce wealth.  They cannot print money like the Federal Reserve and the Treasury can, but they can produce wealth nonetheless.  They create goods and services to sell to people for more than it costs to make.  That’s called a profit.  People buy these goods and services because it costs them less than it would take to make it themselves.  It’s a win-win proposition. 

This very basic marketplace ideal is completely alien to the collectivist Left.  Coleman and his cronies believe businesses create goods and services on the backs of the people, amass profits by ‘forcing’ people to buy these products, and steal things like elections.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are all capitalists, regardless of ideology.  I work hard in order to earn more calories than I expend.  That’s all capitalism is, the ability of a person to make more than they spend.  Workers take jobs that require little or no capital outlays except that which is in their heads.  Businesses hire these people, bet on a winning strategy with some capital investments, and try and sell things for more than it costs to make them.  Everybody tries to buy something at a lower cost than it would take to make it themselves. 

It’s called a market and it works.  These markets are full of people who are doing business and every time they try to get something done, Nick Coleman and his merry band of do-gooding thieves stick a gun to their heads and demand payment.  It’s for the children.  It’s for the elderly.  It’s for the infirm.  It’s for the poor.  It’s for your own good. 

A whole bunch of people throughout this nation said, “ENOUGH.”  We are not against having a governmental safety net and governmental oversight to protect us against malicious or negligent intentions by crooks.  We are not for anarchy.  We are not demanding something of our neighbor.  We just want you to stop the never-ending train of take, take, take. 

Coleman and his usual suspects have got the thing Democrat backwards.  Business doesn’t exist to support the government.  People don’t work to serve the public sector.  Government is supposed to be OUR servant, and the Democratic Party’s Socialist Worker’s wing doesn’t get that.  They believe we all work together toward a common purpose and goal; to enrich and empower governmental control. 

We the People, have a different idea.  We believe it’s not the message or the messenger or the optic or the atmospheric or the money.  It’s the attitude and philosophy of more control to the thugs and less freedom to live our economic lives.  That is what we don’t like.

Essentially, we are all businesspeople.  Most Americans like the idea of voluntarily cooperating with one another in order to enrich the whole.  We believe in the democratic ideal that the people know what’s best for their own lives and that others will do the same.  We do so because we want to and not because the government tells us to. 

But, the collectivist Left believes a maniacal puppet master is pulling our strings.  There is no voluntary action.  There is no business cooperation toward a shared goal of growth and wealth creation.  It’s all an illusion.  They’re out to get us and we need government, directed by collectivsts, to stop them.  Coleman has a little tape playing in his head that informs him over and over how the rich are trying to screw him and so he better screw them first.

Once again, that’s not to say we don’t need police and courts and laws that require bad actors to be punished for wrongdoing.  We do.  However, Coleman’s identification of ‘business’ as the enemy smacks of the same kind of class warfare argument Obama makes.  Obama, speaking to a Spanish-speaking audience, called for the listeners to “punish your enemies.”  He didn’t ask the audience to argue for an issue or vote for a cause.  Instead he and Coleman urge division and punitive measures against their fellow citizens.  This is not a message of tolerance, diversity, and community.  It is an old, tired, Marxist message of Us Against Them.  In Coleman’s case, he’s decided to lump the entire productive sector of our state as an enemy that must be vanquished.

That message is, the enemy is us. It is the People Coleman fears the most.  The fact that we don’t agree has him wringing his hands and weeping into his soup.  All the while the tape keeps telling him the boogeyman is under the bed and it’s gonna get him. I feel sorry for someone who has such a depressing viewpoint on life.  Meanwhile, we will live our lives and do our best not to scare him too much.  Well, maybe a little.

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