One-World Socialist Order Contest; Obama v. Chavez

Democratic stenographer, Jill Burcum of the official newsletter of The Party, the StarTribune, has invented a little game.  She calls it “Two for Tea, But Who Will Be the One?”  In this little corker, she compares the attributes of the two women the professional Left love to hate, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.  Burcum has decided to help out the rest of the lame-brained media with their wholescale attempt to marginalize and demonize the Tea Party and two of its most devouted advocates.  She compares their attributes such as motherhood, resume, and in a fit of snarkiness, each of their most supposedly bad moments through the eyes of the Socialist Workers’ wing of the Democratic Party.

In the spirit of fairness and gamesmanship, I’ve decided to do a similar comparison of two of the professional Left’s favorite leaders; Barack Hussein Obama and Hugo Chavez.  When the One World Socialists take over the world government, only one of them will be able to step into the shoes of the complete control of the masses.  Obviously, between these two leftists, the coming battle will have to be waged.

Control of the Media

Obama isn’t in explicit control, but since 87% of the media are apologists for him and attack dogs of his opposition, he has a de facto control in the United States

Chavez has actually taken physical control of the media including radio.  He can specifically dictate what is reported and how it is framed.

Advantage Chavez, though Obama is a close second with the media filling the enthusiasm gap.

Destroying their Economies

Obama has much to do.  He has placed control of health care and banking into a Fabian model of takeover.  He took over most of the auto industry and runs the rest by default.  He’s cramped the energy industry with his shut down on drilling.  His influence over multinational corporations is so immense, he can call executives to the White House, though they may occasionally act against the best interests of the socialists.

Chavez took over the oil industry, media, and most other sectors of the economy are run by fiat.  He has managed to destroy most of Venezuela’s output, though he’s trying hard.  His problem is his economy is too small to have much of an impact globally.

Advantage Obama, though with China’s economy barrelling forward so furiously, America’s economy will not be as big a factor in the future.

Indoctrinating the Youth

Obama’s biggest allies in this fight are his slavish followers in the teachers’ unions.  They have been having school children sing songs to him, write letters praising him, and figuring out what they can do to help him destroy the American Dream in the future.

Chavez already has an iron grip on the education system.  The songs about him have already been codified and published.

Advantage, neither.  They are both fully and completely in control of reeducating their youth.

World Wide Support

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for being, well, Obama.  His apology tours haven’t went as well as he’d like though.  It seems people just don’t respect obsequiousness like they used to.  He can’t seem to get even our friends to bend to his will.  Obama has some work to do with that.

Chavez is not well liked, but he has managed to get the UN to put his representative on important American/Western bashing committees.  Chavez has an advantage being openly socialist because the other socialists can rely on his thuggery and complete control of his country.

Advantage, Chavez because the One World types are scared Obama could bow to the wrong leaders, like those evil capitalists.  He won’t though.  He thoroughly hates anything that has to do with economic freedom or personal liberty.

Control of the Language of Change, er Socialism

Obama’s got the spirit of socialism right.  He reminded Latinos just exactly who their enemies were in the United States.  He has deep command and control of union thugs and their catchphrases.  He is really able to manipulate the language so neither his friends or foes know what the hell he’s talking about, which is important.  You must speak the language of The Other in order to trick them.

Chavez is a bit of a firebrand.  That works to his advantage because then he can bully others into simply giving in to his noise and fury.  But, it seems he cannot move as many in other countries.  He is clearly the superior communicator between the two, but isn’t received quite as well.

Advantage, neither.  They’re both losing out to the opposition in the lower chambers of their respective legislative bodies.  That bodes ill for the One World Socialist cause.  But, they’re fighting back.

As you can see, neither one of these socialists are at a great advantage nor great disadvantage.  Both are bullies.  Both are committed to destruction of freedom and liberty.  Both are really accomplished prevaricators.  I think Obama’s seizure of the United States is a bigger deal.  Though, he never would have done so without the considerable example of Chavez’s work.