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On Friday, I sent you an email about how the Blue Dogs, even after losing half of their members in the 2010 elections, were trying to oust Nancy Pelosi as the leader of Democrats in the House. Apparently, the Blue Dogs want to bring their special brand of magic–caving to Republicans, and then losing to them anyway–to the entire House Democratic caucus.

Chris Bower of the Daily Kos

I had written in a previous post about the upcoming civil war within the Democratic Party.  This war is being waged without much reporting.  The lame-brained media are terrified that if they report the internal struggle, it could magnify and turn into an internecine conflagration.  Some little bits and pieces are starting to be reported, but the Party-controlled media outlets continue to downplay this struggle and instead inflate any tensions within the GOP.  All this is to be expected, except the professional Left is so scared, they are calling out the shock troops in order to cement Ms. Pelosi’s installation as Nanny to the House.  The Obamamaniacs and Mainstreamers are locked in combat over the very soul of the Democratic Machine while the Clintonistas hide, scheme, and plan a complete takeover after the ‘lovin’ is done.’

Here is the scenario.  The far Left Obamamaniacs are terrified their hold on The Party is slipping.  The narrative is thus, not only did half the Blue Dogs lose, which is exactly what they wanted, but close to 40 other seats that should have been relatively safe fell into Republican hands.  These 40 other seats included such stalwarts as Jim Oberstar, chairman of the House Transportation committee, Ike Skelton of the Armed Services committee, John Spratt of the Budget committee, and Paul Janjorski who crafted the financial strangulation bill that passed Congress this year all fell under the Tea Party/angry independent hatchet.  David Obey, chairman of the House Appropriation’s committee was in such bad shape, he didn’t even run and his seat was taken by a Republican.  For the party of spoils and patronage, such positions should have demanded easy wins for the Democrats.  If anything, these old bulls should have been able to buy their way out of any kind of loss, and yet they fell on the field of battle. 

So, the White House, white-knuckling with fear, needs to hold onto something.  The Senate stayed Democratic, though by the hair on Harry Reid’s chin.  They had to manipulate, rob, bribe, contrive, and beg for wins in Nevada, Colorado, and Washington.  Joe Manchin, in West Virginia, had to ‘out-conservative’ his Republican opponent by shooting a copy of Obamacare.  They won the battle but lost the war of ideas.

2012 doesn’t look good for Democrats.  They have 23 seats to defend and if it becomes a battle of bringing out the SSEIU, millions of dollars of smear marketing, and every dirty electoral trick in the book, they cannot marshal the resources to protect that many seats.  They are especially vulnerable in Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.  This doesn’t include other states where the GOP made a good run this past election such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and West Virginia.  The spectre of the disaster in both the House and a third of the Democrats in the Senate losing, isn’t reassuring to the Mainstreamers.  They know we’re out to get them, and they have to become, somehow, more palateable to the center-right population.  Every single Red and Purple State Democrat is vulnerable to flipping.

They need a legislative firewall to protect their social democratization of the economy.  Pelosi is that firewall.

Nothing else explains the idiotic notion of having the face of defeat as the head of your caucus.  It’s beyond stupid to think keeping 6% Nancy Botox as the titular head of the Democratic House is a wise political move.  She’s about as popular as VD throughout the country, and yet, the Daily Kooks are calling out the storm troopers for keeping her in place.  Keep “The Clap” Alive should be their slogan.  No, they are more scared of what could happen to their socialist agenda than what could happen to their individual membership.

But, the Blue Dogs and more than a few others are calling for anyone, anything than Pelosi as the face of their party.  No one wants to risk political marginalization, so these House members are basically calling for a Ham Sandwich instead of Pelosi.  They’d rather have the Tooth Fairy than Pelosi.  They’d rather have the Mad Hatter than the Botox Queen. 

So, what are the Clintonistas up to.  Well, Carville’s busy publishing polls that show the Obamamaniacs are losing in the general population.  Hillary is playing hopscotch around the globe pretending she didn’t even know an election was going on.  Beckel’s playing up the loss on Fox.  Begala’s working hard to ‘not’ suggest the Obamamaniacs are spinning out of control.  Even Bill is keeping up the ploy of being loyal, hard-working, steady supporters of the Obama machine while he puts audiences to sleep.  All this is right out of the Clintonistas playbook.  Play ‘possum til your enemy wears himself out on partyin’ and eating his own foot, and then pounce.  Gotcha!

So, while the Mainstreamers and Obamamaniacs battle it out on the streets, the Democratic Party will need a savior.  The Obamamaniacs will continue to box themselves into a corner with their far Left agenda.  The Mainstreamers will try to moderate that position to no avail.  The Party Machine will get more and more worn out from usage, and when it looks like all is lost, the Billary will rise to save the day.  They’ll side with the Mainstreamers, co-opt the professional Left, and rally independents under the ‘working together’ mantle of leadership. 

Don’t believe it for a minute.  The Billary and the Clintonistas are Fabians, but they are still socialists.  They want power and they’re giving Obama and Pelosi enough rope to hang themselves.  They’re hoping the Mainstreamers are so embattled and worn they will turn to anyone to save them. 

Of course, what could happen is the Mainstreamers flee the Party. 

Wouldn’t that be nice.