My Humble Take on the Minnesota Miracle

First I want to thank all the fantastic people here at Looktruenorth and Redstate for all the great posts and news that have been pouring in this past election season.  I am truly humbled and encouraged by the brilliance and insight that consistently is presented by everyday Americans who only want our country and citizens to succeed and live free.  Further, I’d like to thank the Tea Party activists, the conservatives, talk radio, Fox News, fierce independents, and the members of the Democratic coalition who are seeing the light.  This past election could not have happened without the strong reaction we all had to this sad, pessimistic collectivist mentality that overtook the country in 2008.  We are all contributors to this tsunami, and a tsunami it is.

Minnesota has been characterized by the Democratic Party-run media as immune to the uprising by the people.  The best and brightest have told us time and again that as a state we were bypassed by the furor against the Democratic Party machine.  We were told it was just a few kooks and racists who wanted to oppose Obamanomics and Obamacare and a shared centralized command and control society.  Our citizens were simpatico with the socialist ideals of the far Left, and Minnesota was immune to the contagion of Tea Partyism. 

We proved them ooh, so wrong.

Minnesota didn’t make a great big stink about it, but we made serious course alterations in our thinking.  First and foremost, we ousted the Transportation chairman of the House of Representatives, Jim Oberstar.  Oberstar was entrenched in a region of the state that boasts some of the most radical left wing thinking in the country.  He won in 1974 and since then has amassed a political machine that daunts and frightens away any opposition.  As chairman of the most pork-laden committee in Congress, he could pull earmarks and projects out of his proverbial hat on a whim.  Oberstar was the Minnesota Dean of the House and he was in no serious danger from any opposing forces.

Except the Tea Party and the Minnesota Miracle.

Chip Cravaack and his brave band of citizens took on this political giant and won.  He just eked out a win, but for him to even get close was a miracle.  Minnesota Democrats are beside themselves over this loss.  They are loathe to say it, but they didn’t think this was possible.  They were convinced their Duluth political base would pull out all stops and push Oberstar over the top. 

Didn’t work.

The next Minnesota Miracle was in seemingly unlikely places.  In 2008, the Minnesota electoral map looked quite dim for the GOP.  In the First Congressional District, Tim Walz D, amassed an amazing 62.5% of the vote total.   Colin Peterson, D had a whopping 72% of the vote in the western part of the state.  Betty McCollum in St. Paul and surrounding areas got 68% of the vote.  Keith Ellison in the reliably liberal Minneapolis district had 70% of the vote.  It appeared that Minnesota had turned the bulk of the state very, very deep blue.  Republicans didn’t have a chance in those districts, or so the story was told.  These kinds of election numbers were signals of a political realignment that would endure for generations.

None of these Democrats lost in 2010, so the leftwing-controlled media cannot tell this story.  They are busy talking about how only one congressional seat flipped, that being Oberstar’s.  What they will not talk about are the serious inroads Republicans, conservatives, and the Tea Party movement made into these so-called electoral realignments.

Far left bastions of thought Minneapolis and St. Paul began to see cracks in the numbers.  Ellison came out on top with 67% and was the safest of the incumbents.  McCollum won by 59%, which is respectable but far less than her banner 2008 year.  Peterson, chairman of the powerful Agriculture committee in the House, sunk from 72% in 2008 to 55% this year.  His very agriculturally oriented district seemed to bank on his power and influence and stayed with him.  But, the fissures are widening.  What really changed was in the Minnesota First.  Walz, who won by 62% in 2008, failed to win a majority of the votes cast.  He topped out at a little more than 49% of the vote.  Demmer, Wilson, and Johnson actually won the anti-Walz vote, though they split the opposition allowing Walz to skate back into the House for another term. 

How is this a miracle?  Well, it is a miracle because it shows the pathway to victory in 2012 and it shows something even more amazing.  While the major partisans battled over the congressional seats, and even in Minneapolis and St. Paul the Democrats had to run and spend money, the ‘little people’ took control.

Minnesota turned out the Democratic majorities in both the state House and Senate.  For the first time since partisan elections began in 1974, the GOP took the Senate.  They also took the House.  They took both the House and Senate, while no one was looking.  It’s gone.  The Democratic Party has to take down their pictures, fire some staff, and move out of the halls of power and into the minority.  How could this happen?

The Democratic Party political operatives and spokemodels in the media are still stunned.  They don’t really believe it.  They are completely baffled.  I really don’t think it’s even started to sink in yet.  This doesn’t happen in Minnesota.  The Democratic Party Machine runs the state.  For the legislature, the entire legislature, to be run by Republicans simply is a pipe dream.

Yet the Democrats are still toking on the hookah and staring off into space. 

While the entire apparatus of the Democratic Party in the state and from the depths of the national Democratic Party were swinging at Michele Bachmann, they lost the state House and Senate.  While Peterson mocked and sneered at Byberg and his voters in the Seventh, Minnesotans elected Republican state legislators.  While Walz was lying and manipulating endorsements in the First, the Republicans swept almost the entire southern tier of the state.  While Oberstar was eating Kobi beef with Michelle Antoinette and relaxing at his D.C. apartment, Cravaack beat him and the people of his district elected some Republicans to go and represent them in St. Paul. 

And so reads the tale of this most recent Minnesota Miracle.  The tale is a works in progress. 

You did it.