Suicidal Tendencies; A Case Study of Politico


You really have to watch these Ruling Class wanna-be elitists at work.  The level of contempt and disdain for the voting public and the citizen legislative candidates borders on disgust.  I watched the entire Politico series and found myself laughing at their complete cluelessness about what is driving this election and what is informing the voters.  But, it is indicative of the state of the professional Left’s mindset that they may be politically suicidal.

They are trying to get a handle on why the Democrats fell so far so fast in the polls.  They are trying to figure out what went wrong.  Did the White House lose control of the message and the narrative because they’re too nice?  Did Democrats get lazy with their lies and distortions?  How are we going to pick up the pieces after this impending mess?  They are absolutely convinced it is not the policies that are hurting them, it is the dog-and-pony show.  The dumb electorate just doesn’t get it.  They are also stymied by the apparent success of these regular citizens.

Most significantly, Roger Simon said, to paraphrase, everyone today with a laptop is a journalist, and he fears the day is coming when anyone can be a candidate.  You could hear the other Clintonistas and Obamaniacs on the panel groan at the idea.  My question would be, how can it be that in the United States, we have people so aristocratic and entitled, they believe the average American is unfit to hold office.  Listening to this crew, I wouldn’t have been surprise had George the Third or Louis the Fourteenth was about ready to walk out and give them a high five.  What kind of educational system have we created that makes people like these believe they are the arbiters of who is fit or unfit for office or commentary? 

To call these people journalists is to redefine, misdirect and completely corrupt the origin of the profession.  And yet, they continue to pretend they are serious news analysts with a deep, professional understanding of the body politic.  So, the wackiness goes on, because instead of stopping, thinking, and realizing they are not making a positive impact politically, they keep on with the distortions and lies.  All the while, they cannot understand why their influence is significantly waning.  But this kind of skewed world view is indicative of their belief they are somehow powerful.

In a Palin hit piece, which is almost a redundant phrase, Politico’s Jonathan Martin tries to make a case that Sarah Palin is a complete disaster for the Republicans.  She is even ignoring her base of support.  Martin actually writes this:

“According to a source familiar with the situation, she backed out of planned interviews with conservative talk-show hosts Sean Hannity and Mark Levin the morning she was scheduled to talk to them. And her multiple schedule changes so annoyed Glenn Beck that he finally decided not to have her on his radio or TV show to promote the book.”

Now, did Jonathan Martin think no one on the right side of the aisle would notice this little canard?  Did he think the shrinking violet Glenn Beck would be too scared to say anything?  Did he believe Mark Levin would just let this one pass?  Did he really consider for a moment, that delicate hot house flower, Sean Hannity, would shiver at this whopper?  No, he knew it would generate some heat and he didn’t care.  He just wants someone, anyone, to read his electronic fiction.  He just thinks if he says something enough, and others parrot that lie, that someone will actually believe that were there’s dust there’s fire.  That’s all this is.  An annoying cloud of dust. 

But, I will be happy to point out their minds are beginning to splinter.  For example, let’s look at the end of Martin’s piece.  After busily laying out a case for how needy, demanding, difficult, and diva-like the former Vice Presidential candidate is, he then pronounces this;

“Campaign operatives overseeing races in Washington all say they have little appetite for Palin in most of their races because of how toxic she tends to be with independent voters. But even in the red states and districts where the former governor could be of great assistance, officials say that with two weeks left, it’s not worth the hassle.”

Let’s parse this little gem of a schizoid conclusion and find the meat.  So, the political managers in charge of races in Washington, the Capitol or the state.  Let’s say the Capitol since Politico doesn’t believe anything outside the Beltway matters.  So, the political operatives don’t think Palin’s influence is worth anything.  In fact, they really, deep down in their hearts, believe Palin is a toxic element that would HURT their candidates.  But, even in places where Palin can help, they don’t believe she’s worth the trouble. 

So, a few questions.  Since Palin is so toxic, why write this article?  Why is she in so much demand she cannot help everyone everywhere?  Why are all these whiny little Republican strategerists got their panties in a wad since her brand is so toxic?  This piece is the perfect example of a schizoid logical circle.  She’s in so much demand, she can’t help everyone.  Because of this demand, she’s full of herself and impossible.  She’s so full of herself and impossible, no one likes her.  No one likes her because she’s in so much demand and can’t help everyone. 

I don’t think, from the evidence presented, Jonathan Martin has any sources whatsoever.  At least, he doesn’t have sources in GOP circles.  I think he has sources in the new, more secretive, more exclusive Journolisters therapy group.  I think Mr. Martin is just creating delusional sources in his schizoid mind.  The voices are telling him this is happening.  His buddies, Ezra Klein, Marc Ambinder, and the rest of the frat, are all agreeing with the voices in his head.  Therefore, the voices in his head must be real, out there, somewhere.

Over the rainbow.

They are definitely cracking up.  It’s a good thing we put higher fences on bridges and windows that don’t open in skyscrapers, otherwise this clueless bunch would be diving to their death, they’re so depressed.  Keep all the sharp objects away from Jonathan Martin.  He might hurt himself.

Can you imagine how bad they’d be if they knew how much they don’t matter? 

That would truly be a Jonestown redux.