Liberal Commentators and the "Other"

You can easily insert the name of your local leftwing columnist.  They are all arguing the same talking points with few exceptions. 

Collectivists rely on a political device to keep their identity groups in the fold.  Political affiliations are not naturally occurring; they are contrived coalitions that pretend people from disparate groups have common goals.  Political operatives need something to rally these otherwise different groups together and the Democratic Party uses a narrative that suggests evil, mean, greedy capitalists are out to get you.  It’s as simple as that.  Nick Coleman, a StarTribune columnist, gives readers a weekly dose of this “Other” that is constantly seeking to destroy The People.  His latest column shows, in stark detail, how the Left’s narrative of the “Other” is beginning to crumble.   We know this because it is evidenced by Coleman’s commentary on the omen of eagles flying. (Somewhat nonsensical, but par for the course with Coleman)

Coleman’s first example of a world gone upside down is a black liberal commentator for NPR and Fox was fired by NPR for violating the collectivist’s political code.  Williams said he found himself nervous at the sight of people in Muslim traditional dress on an airplane.  He was actually making the point that he gets nervous but that nervousness was reactionary and therefore counterproductive.  Williams said he knew it was wrong and yet it was something he had to recognize and deal with.  Apparently, Williams hadn’t gotten the most recent edition of the Democratic Party playbook.

Collectivists, if they are going to keep their coalition working together, must also defend the other groups within the coalition.  Racist white cracker men are the enemy, not Muslims.  Williams didn’t parse his language fine enough for NPR.  The “Other” is mean, white, rich guys, not poor, put upon Muslims.  So, NPR fired Williams for not following the political correctness codes.  Coleman then points out that where Williams went wrong was he did this on Fox, which is the news organization of the Left’s “Other”.  That makes Williams guilty by association.  Even though he was actually attempting to talk about dealing with irrational fears, by doing so on the “Other”, Fox, he broke the code.  Under the bus you go.

Then Coleman decides this isn’t strong enough.  Not only did Williams violate the code and associate with the wrong people, he did so to the detriment of the entire Left/Collectivist machine.  Williams is doubly guilty of political treason, in Coleman’s eyes, because he gave Fox News an issue the Left cannot win, silencing speech.  So, he flips the script.

“A lot of NPR listeners will complain that public broadcasting already has been browbeaten into timid irrelevance on the most heated topics of the times, but Fox is in the henhouse, and it won’t be satisfied until every other voice is silent.” Nick Coleman – October 24, 2010 StarTribune

In spite of the fact that 80% of the media today is part of the Democratic Party, and in spite of the fact that NPR fired Williams for his breaking of the collectivist code, it is Fox, the “Other” who is taking away the free speech of the People.  This kind of chutzpah requires serious psychoanalysis and navel gazing.  So, a publicly funded entity fires a commentator for remarks on another network, and as a result, the “Other” is stabbing a knife in the heart of American free speech doctrine.  As Coleman so succinctly puts it; Please. 

I’m sure Coleman’s real beef with Williams came in remarks the fired NPR commentator made a couple of days ago.  This was the real knife that struck deep in the heart of the collectivist narrative.  Juan Williams said, “I used to think the right was the intolerant side.”  Well, that must really get ole Nick’s pajama bottoms in a tangle.  For a black liberal to suggest the collectivist Left is intolerant is a declaration of war.  This kind of comment, which will never fall from Coleman’s collectivist lips, is just the kind of thing that makes Williams part of the “Other” and therefore subject to scurrilous attacks and smears. 

So, Juan Williams, whose political stripes have not changed and will probably visit the voting booth next week to vote for his favorite liberals, is suddenly part of the “Other”.  Coleman then groups Williams with Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, (Fox Others), Carl Paladino, and Christine O’Donnell. (Citizen Candidate Others)  Now, there is really no nexus with Williams and these other people.  However, the beauty of the “Other” is it is without definition.  It will include any people who do not accede to the collectivist code.  It fits anybody who dares to sneak off the Left’s plantation. 

Williams real offense was he’s black and shouldn’t cavort with the “Other”.  Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell’s offense is they are women and shouldn’t cavort with the “Other”.  Mike Huckabee and Carl Paladino are the “Other”.  Ipso facto, Juan Williams is part of the “Other”. 

In Coleman’s column he made an eagle flying below him a metaphor for this coming November election.  He recalls that an eagle flying above you is a good omen.  However, he is unsure what kind of omen an eagle is when it flies low.  Well, Mr. Coleman, the American eagle is flying right for the collectivist rabbit, and I don’t think the rabbit’s gonna make it. 

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