The Claw Hammer of Obamacare

Today’s editorial in the StarTribune;  A snag in health reform rollout, is a prime example of why we should repeal Obamacare as soon as possible.  Obamacare has barely nudged its nose out of the gate.  Its impact is hardly even present.  And yet, we are now seeing what effects this abysmal piece of sophomoric legislation will have on the greatest health care system ever.  The deep and broad implications of the random actions of the federal bureaucracy and the overall enervating impact of these ideas are going to reverberate throughout the economy.  To say this law is having a ‘snag’ is to completely redefine the word.  Actually, Obamacare’s impact will be more like a claw hammer with its business firmly lodged in our economic system.

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary’s third definition of a snag seems to fit most appropriately to the StarTribune Editor’s idea: “a concealed or unexpected difficulty or obstacle” The problem seems to be that Obamacare wanted to cause the greatest good to go to the most vulnerable while not figuring out a way to pay for it.  Instead, we are seeing how capriciously set mandates are contorting the entire system.  Even though these mandates are themselves quite modest this year, they are causing strange permutations in the whole system.


“Politically popular measures — such as protections for kids with preexisting health conditions and allowing young adults to stay on parents’ plans until age 26 — kicked in this fall.”  The editorial goes on to say.  So, these are not the difficult measures to implement.  These are actually the ones that were supposed to win Democrats the midterm elections.  These ‘popular’ proposals were going to be the talking points for Obamacare.  Taking care of sick kids while the evil insurance companies counted their gold coins in the Victorian mansion was supposed to be their campaign issue.  Instead, they are finding insurance companies are going to have to drop plans or charge everyone more.

But, this is just how the market works.  Somebody has to pay the piper, eventually.  The piper doesn’t eat for free.  The piper demands satisfaction or the piper simply puts down his pipe and stands mute.  We cannot have that.

But, Obamacare is based solely on the premise that insurance companies and health care providers, the pipers, will do so for nothing, or at least for less.  As each of these random mandates crop up out of the bureaucratic entanglement that is the Department of Health and Human Services, more costs, more problems, less care will result.  We are just seeing the contortions of a health care system under assault by our government and its whims.

This entire exercise is the brutal, corrupt, and obstinate progressive desire to ‘fix’ everyone and charge it to the leprechaun’s pot ‘o’ gold.  The StarTribune editorial goes on to say, “Some of the insurance industry’s best minds are in Minnesota. Now is the time for them to tell federal and state officials what they need and lead the way forward.”  This is the essence of the collectivist mindset.  The editor who wrote this warning is laying out the philosophy behind Obamacare, financial strangulation, and regulation deform.  They are saying the brightest and the best are the ones who will ‘fix’ what ails us.  Just hand over the power to make economic decisions to them.  They will make it all better.

Obamacare is simply a rehash of social democratic ideals forged from Marxist/Socialist thought.  This philosophy believes the millions of economic decisions made daily by people is too clumsy, too filled with problems.  But, they are wrong.  It is the market that finds its own balance.  In fact, millions of Americans making products, services, and choices are far more likely to find the right answers than a couple thousand bureaucrats ever will.  They have the power of numbers on their side while the ‘brightest and the best’ will have to randomly experiment on our body politic.  This will cause unknowable problems and ‘snags’ throughout the economy and our health care system.  The effects will be daunting.

Perhaps the editor who wrote this piece is correct that this is only a ‘snag’ in the process.  Perhaps compared to the seismic shifts Obamacare will cause as it becomes implemented will be so massive this “little children with pre-existing conditions” will be seen as “the good old days.”  Obamanomics is also coming.  Obamacare is just the first sniffle in this great collectivist experiment to outsource economic decisions from you to the federal government.  The gigantic power shift has only just begun.  Financial strangulation and economic regulation of everything imaginable is coming next, right behind Obamacare.  We are witnessing an awe-inspiring train wreck of our economy, our liberty, and our future. 

Repeal it before it gets even worse.