Minnesota's Newly Emerging Battlefield

Real Clear Politics has just moved MN CD 7’s Collin Peterson into contention.  That’s right.  We are now seeing two of the most powerful Democrats on Capitol Hill battling for their seats.  Peterson, chairman of the House Agriculture committee and Oberstar, chairman of the House Transportation committee are in political contention.  With a wave of conservative and independent voters opting out of the ideals of Obamanomics, Obamacare, and Obama everything, we could be watching a dramatic political shift in the state and the country as a whole.  But, Peterson and Oberstar are not alone.

Over half of the Democratic seats in the House of Representatives are being contended.  52% of the House Democratic seats are now considered in play at Real Clear.  There are 9% of Republican seats at risk.  This is huge.  This is something the Democratic Party could never have imagined.  The implications are staggering.

The DFL in Minnesota is going to have to consider moving around money from attacking Bachmann and Demmer to protect Oberstar and Peterson.  Peterson’s district is conservative and if the quintessential Blue Dog of the House is seen as vulnerable, which Blue Dogs are safe?  Are any?  What about Oberstar’s potential loss.  If Democrats can’t win the Iron Range, is McCollum’s St. Paul district as safe as they assume?  Could the Fourth be in peril as well?

I’m not predicting Collett’s victory or ordering champagne, but this is an entirely different game.  With Democrats having to change its gameplan, will some other balls get dropped along the way? 

Who are they going to have to defend?  This is becoming the kind of Whack-A-Mole game the Left is used to playing but on the other side, not their side.  As more Democratic contests become more contentious, will they be able to get enough union thugs out for rustling up the vote.  Will the felon/cemetery/vacant lot vote be enough of a margin should a giant wave of discontent and fury wash over these races?  Will the Democratic Party become an urban oasis party unable to win in any but the most citified of areas?  Are they going to become the City Mouse versus the Republican Suburban/Country Mouse, which isn’t a winning strategy at all.

We are going to make this a race, aren’t we.

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