The Tea Party Story

It is said that the victors write the history.  That may be true when it comes to epic conflicts like the Trojan War or the American Revolutionary War, but often it isn’t the victors in the fight that write the tale.  Usually it is written by those who write histories and often they are not so honest.  Some winners are completely ignored by the writers of history, like the atrocities committed by Mao, Lenin, Stalin, and Pol Pot.   Sometimes these epic tales have been co-opted by the Left and rewritten to fit their warped sensibilities.  Reagan’s successful battle with communism which ended a fifty year Cold War is one such example.  Another narrative is being written as we speak and it seeks to contain and demean a real time political movement within our midst.  The Democratic Spokesmodels at the Lame-brained Media outlets are beginning to write our story, and it is a fictionalized account.  We need to push back against these poseurs and write this narrative ourselves.

Kevin Diaz is a Democratic Spokesmodel for the StarTribune in Minneapolis posing as a journalist.  He writes articles buttressing Democratic representatives and ideals while mischaracterizing or demeaning any Republican or conservative in his path.  I’m sure many of you have similar poseurs masquerading as reporters around the country.  Diaz wrote a piece published October 13th, 2010 entitled, “Minnesota’s Tea Party: A divided force.”  The thrust of the entire piece was the Tea Party Movement in Minnesota was nothing more than a ragtag bunch of contrarian wingnuts who hate the Republican Party as much as the Democratic Party and therefore, they won’t be a factor in this November’s election.  His message was basically the professional left must move to divide and conquer.  That will keep the crazies chasing their own tails and leave the far Left power structure in place. 

This is a fadeparture from his belief last year that it was all sound and fury signifying nothing.  Last year the StarTribune printed a Diaz piece named, “Health care: From sound and fury to the real fight”  September 6th, 2009.  In this piece he details how people on both sides of the debate over Obamacare are getting a little feisty.  But, to defend these fearless leaders on the Democratic left, he made it seem the town hall protestors were just a few scattered loons who just needed to get on some meds.  Diaz held out Sen. Al Franken the Carpetbagger as an example of a brave statesman. 

“Confronted by a group of anti-reform “Tea Party” activists about whether he would side with President Obama or “the people,” Democratic Sen. Al Franken replied, “I’m going to vote the way I want to vote. … I use my independent judgment.”

Diaz could barely contain his contempt for these so-called “Tea Party” people.  In fact he had to twist the knife just a little with the adjective, “anti-reform”, as though Obamacare was just a fresh look at the health care situation and not a full-scale takeover by the federal government of one-sixth of the economy.  These people, Diaz sneers, are against progress.  They are genuine dupes to the fat cat insurance industry executives, not like the courageous Al Franken, election thief and class clown who stands up to these little people and takes away their rights.  Al Franken is the keeper of truth and purveyor of bureaucratic power.  Never mind these political gnats buzzing about his noble face. 

And he’s writing about the Tea Party Movement?  Why not get Iran’s president to write a Jewish history book or Hugo Chavez to pen a book about the nature of capitalism?  Hell, let’s get Joe Bite-Me to write a study on the efficiency of the stimulus plan and Bill Maher produce a monograph on religious tolerance?  Certainly Obama could give a speech on governmental fiscal restraint.  Oh yeah, he does do that, though it is equally as genuine as these other examples. 

So, we’ve got a pocket Democrat writing about the nature of the Tea Party Movement and its foibles and weaknesses.  Just a bunch of claptrap, right?

No, there is a book out by a New York Times Democratc Spokesmodel called, “Boiling Mad; Inside Tea Party America.”  Kate Zernike is the author of this tome that seeks to explain and encompass the entire movement in 256 pages while treating the people with respect.  The blurb on Amazon states, “The Tea Party movement has energized a lot of voters, but it has polarized the electorate, too. Agree or disagree, we must understand this movement to understand American politics in 2010 and beyond.”  Intriguing.  It would seem Ms. Kernike is trying to truly understand this societal phenomenon is a fair way. 

In fact, Jonathan Alter, Obama biographer, says this, “The beauty of Boiling Mad is that it’s room-temperature calm. With fresh and surprising reporting, Kate Zernike cuts through the hype on both sides to show the Tea Party as it really is, not as partisans depict it. It’s a complete, balanced, incisive and important account of a reactionary movement that’s changing the country.”  Other than his little reactionary comment, it seems to reflect a historical or sociological approach to the growing conservative movement in this country. 

However, let’s consider the source of Boiling Mad, and there we find its author isn’t as scholarly or fair as the blurbs suggest.  The most recent news stories promulgated by Ms. Kernike include these;

For GOP, Fervor of Tea Party Holds Promise, and Problems (These people may be eager voters, but they may actually try to get involved in the political process and some of them are kinda nuts)

Enlist, But Avoid Speeches on the Constitution (These people may be reading the Constitution, but they may have their own thoughts on things and some of them are kinda nuts)

Tea Party Convention; An Event Falls Through  (These people think they have some kind of movement going, but some of them are kinda nuts)

and my personal favorite;

Movement of the Moment Looks to Long-Ago Texts (These people are reading old books, discredited books, books by philosophers and economists we don’t like.  And again, these people are kinda nuts)

This is the kind of person who is trying to encapsulate and define the Tea Party Movement.  They will stop at nothing to make us seem crazy, demonic, and kinda nuts.  Instead, let’s gather together the facts.  Let’s make a conscious effort to memorialize what we’ve been doing so posterity knows when the Ruling Class gets too uppity, we can take them down.  They must understand that if our republic is in peril, the people can save it.  We must not let the collectivists take over the narrative.  They will twist and contrive it into blarney.

And we cannot stand for blarney any more.

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