Wizard of Oz

My goodness, how much difference does a year make. 

Last year, we were being told that Republicans would have a lot of ‘splaining to do in regards to their opposition to health care deform.  Democrats, that were listening to voters, were told the union thugs would make sure they rued the day they opposed their signature issue.  Everyone was assuring the Democratic Machine that health care deform would insure electoral victory and that Obama would ride in on his white horse and save The Party.  Just follow the narrative and all would be well. 

This year the Democrats are in shear terror mode.  Barney Frank is running around squealing like a pig that the ‘establishment’ conservative media has been clobbering him.  New Democratic majorities in Virginia and Indiana are gone.  New York is in play.  California and Washington are in play.  Nobody knows who the Democrat is because they’ve hidden their party allegiance.  Apparently no one voted for Obamacare because everyone is running against it. 

Last year the media concocted a brew of Republican obstructionism.  It was the foolhardy GOP that stood against Change and were just the Party of No.  Strange and weird Tea Party adherents were astroturf that needed to be ignored and shouted down.  The people would rise up and resist the regressive politics of the conservatives.  Just you wait and see.  They are the people of yesterday, and Obama is the wave of the future.

This year there are Democrats like Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota that are running on their support of George W. Bush.  Obama is ballot box poison that causes Democratic politicians to flee his presence.  Nancy Pelosi has given her blessing to her party members to run AGAINST her and The Party.  Those who voted against the establishment are finding solace in their numbers while their compatriots on the left are being abandoned.  Democratic demogogues, like Alan Grayson, are finding their districts have become liberal meatgrinders that turn them into mincemeat.  Obamamaniacs are tired.  They want some succor.  The Petulant Won’s rats are leaving his sinking ship of state.

Last year, the Obamaniacs vowed to split the GOP into two, drag it into the gutter and flush it away.  The narrative would tell a tale of Republican intransigence and obstinance that led to eventual abandonment by the electorate.  Conservatives would divide the party and the splinters would float away into the darkness.  Mean, vicious, out-of-touch far right elements would make the Republican Party an anachronism.  The left would triumph over the politics of the past.

Today, the narrative speaks to conservative ascendancy.  The left is divided and worn down.  The Democratic Party is running against itself.  It’s members are frantically pretending they are ‘different’ from the party regulars.  The union thugs are despondent.  The environmental whackos are blue.  The education lobby is downtrodden.  The social justice crowd is embarrassed.  The far left and the moderate left are battling for control.  Meanwhile, the center holds and mocks their brethern.  A rump group of Democratic House members vote AGAINST adjournment, almost succeeding against their leader. 

Why did all this happen? 

Because we stood up and fought.  We made and are making the arguments.  We are pointing to their duplicity and shouting, “Foul!”  We are engaging our fellow Americans in every corner of the country and persuading them with words.  We have not fainted at the sight of the enemy, we have stated our case. 

We didn’t shy away at Delaware or Kentucky or Alaska or California or New York or Massachusetts, as though they were battles we shouldn’t wage.  No.  We met the enemy and we fought.  We pulled back the curtain and showed the American people it was just a man back there.  It wasn’t a frightful ogre or a menacing magician.  It was just a person who was hellbent on insuring our mutual destruction to their benefit. 

We’ve driven the American people from complacency into analysis.  We’ve made our leaders stand up and fight.  This didn’t happen by chance or accident.  It was through the concerted and deliberate efforts of We the People who demanded, not asked, demanded satisfaction.  The Ruling Class ignored us.  The Ruling Class mocked us.  The Ruling Class denied us.  And now, the Ruling Class shudders.

All because Toto pulled back the curtain.

Keep up the fight.