New York, New York

If we can make it there,

We’ll make it anywhere,

It’s up to you, New York, New York!!!!

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary events.  American history is replete with underdogs winning fights, starting with our Revolution in 1775.  There was no way American colonists, with such a huge pool of loyalists, were ever going to beat the British.  The British were the most powerful country in the world at the time.  They had resources we could never even consider matching.  We had an underfunded, undermanned, undernourished, underclothed group of ragamuffins that VOTED on who there officers were going to be and fought from behind rocks and trees like cowards.  It was CRAZY, most of Europe said, for these stupid, ignorant, crazy farmers and tradesmen to even consider such an enterprise.  And, what the hell were they fighting for?  These nuts were fighting for the right to keep their own goods, have a say in the laws that governed them, and respect as human beings.  What a bunch of morons.

Well, we are the progeny of those morons and we are just as stupid, ignorant and crazy as them.  So, I’m going to suggest something that is equally as nuts as the experiment those Americans tried, only I think my idea could work.  We know Gillibrand is somewhat vulnerable, especially in this memorable midterm election.  But, there are two races, two New York Senate seats up and the other is held by Chuck Schumer.

I’m going to whisper it so I don’t startle people.  Don’t tell anyone, but, Chuck Schumer is vulnerable. 

I know that’s quite ridiculous.  There is no way this man is beatable, even in this extraordinary year.  We can aim for Gillibrand’s head but the indomitable Schumer can’t be beat.   Really?

After looking at a Marist poll that shows Gillibrand ahead of DioGuardi by eleven points, I scanned down to look at the rest of the poll.  Schumer is way ahead of Townsend.  Townsend doesn’t have a prayer.  Townsend may as well hang up his hat, go home, and cry into a bowl of soup.  Schumer is unbeatable.  His support is unshakeable.  His lead insurmountable.  There isn’t even a need for a vote.  Schumer is the deal.  But, then there’s this;

Schumer has a 50% disapproval rating.  He only has a 47% approval rating.  This is mind blowing.  Schumer’s support is about a mile wide, but barely half an inch deep.  He, like Gillibrand, have very soft numbers. 

Now, the Marist poll could not say more about the strong support both had.  Their numbers were very firm.  Supporters of the two Democrats, according to the Marist analysts, would walk over hot coals, brave a fire-breathing dragon, and sit on a melting glacier, just to have the chance, the privilege to vote for these fine individuals.  Marist believes DioGuardi’s and Townsend’s voters will hold their noses and vote for them if they absolutely have to, but their support is weak, very weak.  Practically anemic.  Get those people some iron pills.

Marist cannot believe its own numbers, so of course, they make it up.  That is quite common in this season.  It was also quite common a few months ago.

When Scott Brown won the Kennedy seat.  Massachusetts.  Kennedy seat.  Out of nowhere.  Gone, vanished, like little whisps of smoke.  A Republican sat in the seat of the last member of Camelot. 

Now, I know this is a long shot.  Schumer has long arms.  He has an insurmountable war chest and political favors coming out the ying-yang.  I know, New York is a liberal bastion that elected their newest resident, Hillary Rodham Clinton and has very deeply liberal roots.  Townsend is toast, burnt toast.  New York would never, not in a million, billion years, ever vote for a conservative.  That’s just crazy talk.

Except Ronald Reagan won New York state . . . twice.  Now I have heard Reagan called many things, but moderate or liberal was never one of those things.  In fact, we all talk about Reagan conservatives as a kind of laudatory term.

We have another term that Reagan’s name is attached to.  That term is ‘Reagan Democrat’ and there were a lot of them in New York. 

While most of those Reagan Democrats are probably not still voting, except in Chicago, their sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters are.  They have a philosophy that marries nicely with ours.  That is a firm strong belief in ourselves and our potential.  That is faith in the American people and not the Ruling Class.  That is a rage against those who tell us we can’t succeed, we can’t do it ourselves, we can’t make this nation great again.

It’s entirely possible these people will listen to our voices, go to the voting booth, and kick both the bums out.  Now wouldn’t that be a shot heard ’round the world.  Chuck Schumer, the heir apparent to the majority leadership position on a slow boat to nowhere.  Gillibrand, his pet, tossed out like last night’s beer bottles. 

Maybe, I’ve talked myself into this.  But, I think it’s possible.  I think it could even be probable.