Their Sleazy Strategery

So it seems, the Dimbulbs are making amazing strides toward victory in the most recent polls.  Apparently, if you poll mostly Democrats, a couple of Republicans, and pretend independent voters are all on life support, you’ll get a closer race.  In addition to creating push/polls that ‘prove’ Dimbulbs are gaining momentum, they are beginning with the mudslinging.  If you can’t win an argument, then of course point to a traffic ticket that wasn’t paid or what your opponent’s ex-husband had to say about them.  And, for good measure, why not simply lie about your opponent’s allies?  You can smear them with the artificially constructed elements of the progressive narrative that people believe, but aren’t true and are actually vicious lies.

First the polls.  The point of this exercise of manufacturing popularity is to enliven their base, suppress the independents, and make the actual, not imaginery, frontrunners act desperate enough to make mistakes.  Right now, newspapers are publishing polls that are completely and utterly fictional.  They have huge Democratic supporter numbers, single digit independent counts, and fractional Republican numbers.  They are trying to shave just enough to make it seem legit.  But, they are having to shave so much it looks ridiculous.  For example, the California poll, as discussed by QuietOne, have demographic breakdowns that are absurd.  Instead of using current raw data or even the skewed 2008 numbers for weighing, they have used some cockamamie 55% Dem, 9% Ind., and 35% Rep breakout.  This is because the group that is most furious is independents and they cannot have those metrics floating around.  It kills their chances worse than Republican numbers.  Of course Repubs vote for Repubs, but look at our numbers.  They are great!

This is definitely a Hail Mary attempt because it could work against them in several ways.  Once it starts becoming known the polls are bogus, independents will be even more furious with Dimbulbs.  It can also give the Democratic leaning moderates a reason to forget to vote.  Finally, it’s only gonna make us work harder, not give up.  This is for our country’s future.  The lackadaisical left is trying to wake up but that Koolaid was just too strong.  Obama will fix it, won’t he?

There are a slew of personal attacks and negative ads that are beginning to unfold.  Desperate Democrats who are behind and falling back farther are attempting to make their opponents seem like a worse bet than the status quo, which is them.  They are using whatever dirt they can find, spraying the ads all over the television sets, radios, and print media.  They are going to spend those union paybacks and governmental contract kickbacks on mischaracterizations of their opponents.  The political operatives are trying to make a sales trip to Peoria look like a spendthrifty junket to the French Riviera. 

Jeff Zeleny of the New Obama Times summarizes the dangers inherent in the Democratic Party plan to make personal attacks a big part of their strategery;

    “Negative ads can be successful, whether or not they are fair and fully accurate, particularly if they lure  an opponent into responding or if they define a political newcomer before he can define himself. But they also carry risks, especially in a year when voters are frustrated about the economy and impatient with politics as usual.”

That is especially dangerous with more of us out debunking their lies and speaking truth to their distortions.  People do not like being lied to in the first place.  They especially don’t like liars who beg to represent them.  But, keep in mind, these ads will be featured and replayed by their allied Democratic Party spokesmodels at ABC/CNN/NBC/CBS who will give them credence.  The local media will also have their say, and they will call the mud being slung chocolate pudding and not the poo it really is.

The third tactic in their strategery is to smear the opponent’s supporters.  The Democratic Party and its media allies have done a good job of characterizing conservatives as extreme.  Conservatives have also done a good job of showing we are not the extreme ones.  Sarah Palin, George W., and the other ‘extreme’ people in the Republican Party are going to be the scary faces that paint their ads.  Tabloid-ugly pictures of Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, and Michele Bachmann will flash on the screens with misquotes and out-of-context statements.  These will be coupled with equally false restatements of the candidate’s positions. 

It will not stop until November dawns. 

The lies are beginning and it’s gonna get real ugly in real time now.  We must gird our loins, pick up our philosophic swords and fight the lies.  We are going to hear variations of the theme that Republicans are the party of the greedy, the crazy, the Other, the hateful.  We have to meet each of these claims with the light of truth and the disinfecting sunshine of cheer.  Now is the time for all good people to fight for the restoration of our country.  The left is running, but their not winning.