So, This Is How They Roll . . .

I was telling a relative about the post I wrote in regards to Randy Demmer.  Interestingly, she had a story to tell about something that recently happened to that Republican candidate at a rally.  I’m not sure this is an entirely novel situation, but I think it bears publication.  I’ve been wondering what kind of disruptions and tactics the far left political operatives would be using to fight against Republicans and conservative politicians.  The political power the Democrats stand to lose is significant.  They certainly are going to do whatever it takes to preserve their status in the Ruling Class.  Losing the U.S. First Congressional District of Minnesota threatens their majority and could remove the gavel from Nancy Pelosi’s hand.  That they cannot allow.

My relative told me she went to a rally for Demmer at the Northbridge Mall in Albert Lea.  It was a pretty good crowd, at least a hundred people.  After the event got started, there were a few people throughout the crowd that were shouting out negative comments about Demmer and trying to get the microphone from the moderator.  The moderator and Demmer kept their cool and prevented these people from turning it into a melee.  One particular man seated in a wheelchair was especially vocal. When it got to the question and answer period, these disrupters told Demmer he’d never be the man Tim Walz is and other such sundry and various remarks, all negative. 


After the rally, my relative noted there were five or six of these disrupters who left the space together.  The man in the wheelchair, who had caused such a ruckus, was now walking on his own two feet.  Several of the people at the rally commented to my relative how ridiculous these men had acted.

The resulting story in the local paper, the Albert Lea Tribune, noted the disruptions commenting on how there were several people who were adamantly against Demmer. 

“While at times the discussion got heated — and not everyone in the audience agreed with Demmer’s viewpoints — Demmer stressed that he was not afraid of differing opinions.

“I deserve the right to disagree …” he said a few times throughout the meeting. “It’s OK for us to have differences.”

He said if he’s not willing to stand up at town hall meetings and take hard questions, he doesn’t deserve to be in Washington, D.C., or even in St. Paul, for that matter.

He said Americans all over the country should be having similar types of discussions, whether on the federal, state, county, city or even township level.”

Demmer handled it well, but a picture formed of a candidate that had significant detractors for some reason.  That was the way the story read and was meant to be read. 

Then, three days later, a letter to the editor was published.  This letter stated these men were not locals who had attended the rally to express their displeasure.   These men had come from Rochester.  Furthermore, the letter expressed disgust to the kind of people who would do such thing and it had backfired.  Demmer had additional donations, more people requested yard signs, and overall the crowd was annoyed and perturbed by these antics. 

Now, here’s where the plot thickens.  A few days after the letter to the editor was published, several days after the story, one Crysta Parkin wrote into the Albert Lea paper and accidently outed herself as a political operative. 

She represented herself as a constituent of Demmer’s with an issue writing, “I attended this town hall meeting because I currently live in Mr. Demmer’s district, but he has not showed up for meetings I have scheduled with him as a constituent. I find this unacceptable conduct for someone seeking to represent the people of southern Minnesota.”

So, Ms. Parkin just had a specific beef with her representative that had absolutely nothing to do with the campaign.  She just wanted to give him her opinion and get his take on things.  She was just trying to get some answers.  Then she ended her letter with this.  “Randy Demmer is not the right fit for southern Minnesota. I am not a Walz campaign operative, but I will be supporting Tim Walz — a true leader for southern Minnesota.” Ms Parkin isn’t being entirely truthful.  If she looked down, her pantsuit would be on fire.

 A little Google search finds some interesting things.  Ms. Parkin is a DFL State Central Committee Alternate from Olmstead County.  Wait a second.  I thought she was just a sweet, innocent little constituent who needed the answer to a question.  She’s no Walz operative.  No, no, no.  She’s just a DFL activist!  She’s just the First Congressional District DFL secretary for heaven’s sake.  She’s no Walz operative.  How absurd.  No, but the frustrated, apolitical Crysta Parkin also is in the DFL Women’s Rising Stars listing in their hall of shame, I mean fame.  Poor, put upon Crysta, the innocent who was just so seriously dissed by Demmer. 

Please.  If you want to make an argument, make an argument and don’t play some silly game. 

Now, this kind of behavior may be common in a political campaign, but if it is, it’s certainly wrong.  If a person running for office is in your area and you decide to speak out, that is one thing.  If a person running for office hold a rally some sixty miles away and a bunch of paid activists decide to interrupt it, that is quite another.  I think this little one-act play was done for effect and cover.  I think these morons are just political operatives of the Democratic Machine and gave Walz free negative publicity against his opponent.

What I think happened is the Walz political operatives sent a bunch of Rochester Dimbulbs to play the part of ingenue provocateurs.  They drove to this rally, placed themselves throughout the assemblage for greater effect, and deliberately made a racket to cause dissension or the appearance of dissension against Demmer.  These DFL mobsters created this play to either give the Albert Lea paper a false impression of Demmer’s reception or to give cover to one of the DFL spokesmodels at the paper.  This DFL dupe or supporter wrote up a story that gave rise to questions within the minds of the reading public about Demmer’s fitness and his popularity.  Placing one in a wheelchair was an attempt to give the public an impression that Demmer had opponents in vulnerable positions.  Perhaps this union thug hoped the moderator or Demmer himself would allow him to speak just because of the wheelchair.  In any case, they didn’t cause much of a problem but got some free press out of the deal. 

There are several problems with this kind of political theater.  First it’s blatantly dishonest.  These people were working in concert undercover to help the Walz campaign.  They had no legitimate beef with Demmer, other than the fact he isn’t a far left puppet of Speaker Pelosi and useful idiot for union leaders.  These actors created a false impression that was further published in a local newspaper.  The newspaper, in essence, wasn’t telling a true story, it was reporting on a fictional tale.  Finally, such mis-directions are genuinely bad for our democracy.  We are supposed to be debating and discussing the issues and who will do the best job for us in Washington.  Not figuring out whose real and whose Memorex.

Are we now supposed to believe Tim Walz, who was probably in on the deal, has a good character?  Would he make the right moral choices for us?  Do the people of the First want a person representing them who would create a scene in order to give rise to a false impression?  Can someone who participates in such tactics really make the careful, honest choices we need them to make?

Let’s say Tim Walz wasn’t part of this little scheme.  Well, then he is supporting a party and philosophy that believes these little charades of untruths are acceptable.  If he trusts people like these to advise him, isn’t he just as guilty of this ridiculous spectacle?  I think the people of the First District deserve better than to be pawns in a sick, manipulative political game.  These are people’s lives and futures Walz is supposed to look out for.  Can the people of the First District trust him to do the right thing?

I think not.

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