Sea Change

Yesterday, I drove down to my parents farm from my home in Minneapolis.  I love to see the beautiful seas of corn and soybeans changing from green to bright golden yellow.  The wind moves these crops gently, suggesting the water and the prematurely crisp September air reminds one more of October than late summer.  However, there was another change in the seas I didn’t expect.  This change was a sea of lawn signs for political candidates.  Two years ago, the signs all read for Democrats, Tim Walz, Obama and Biden, and even a few for Franken.  This year, the signs read different names and there were far more.  This time they read Emmer for Governor and Demmer for Congress. 

I remember seeing so many more signs for Walz in 2008, I wondered at the time who the First District Republican candidate was.  The name of that unfortunate still escapes me.  But, Demmer was omnipresent this year.  Now, in the interests of full disclosure, Randy Demmer is my mother’s cousin.  But, that wasn’t what made me notice them.  What surprised me was the overwhelming number in comparison to Pelosi’s darling, Tim Walz, the Democratic incumbent for the district.  I’ve asked about Randy’s campaign, but for the most part, Real Clear Politics has that district in its sights, but just barely.  Walz is considered somewhat safe because of the depth of his election in 2008.  He won over 60% of the vote and such an endorsement would certainly parlay into another victory, doesn’t it?

There is another sea change rippling through our electorate though, and it’s not on lawn signs.  It’s in the conversations people are having about our nation’s future.  In 2008, there was an edgy bitterness and derisive laughs when speaking about Republicans.  Bush was the devil and Obama would save us.  There was an eagerness among independents and Democrats.  They wanted change and they wanted it yesterday.

That has disappeared.  Instead, political discussions are muted, somewhat dismissive, and sour.  Independents who crowed about voting for The Won are now embarrassed, both by their vote and their behavior.  Except for the far left Koolaid drinkers, Democrats are sullen and short.  They are less likely to comment on politics, unless it is to complain about the spending and Obamacare.  Jobs are the main topic of conversation and blame, if it comes at all, is directed at Bush, but, not with the force or conviction it did.  Instead the comments are almost pleadings.  They seem to ask that we agree with them.  It can’t be our choice was wrong.  It had to be someone else’s fault.

I don’t let them get away with it.  I’m polite.  I remind them of Obama’s promises and the results.  If they press the issue, I laugh.  That’s all we can do.  Keep making the argument.

Back to my visit with my family.  My brother talked about how his friends who voted for Obama are furious.  They believed the hype and believed the smoke and mirrors and they are livid it was lies.  There are plenty of voters like that as well.  These are people who feel the Democratic Party made fools of them.  They misled them, often and well to their faces, and then did exactly what they planned to do anyway.  People in the First District of Minnesota don’t take that well.

The people of the First District are, for the most part, regular Americans who like to do business with an honest face, like to hunt, fish, own a business, and go to church.  They don’t like sophisticated nitpickers who attempt to hornswoggle with a few well-selected words.  They want truth, honesty, integrity, and most of all jobs.

They got none of that.  I think they might take it out on someone.  I think that might be Tim Walz.

Can’t say for sure.  We will have to see the polls on that probably cold November night.  It will be a night when people from Luverne, Windom, Trimont, Albert Lea, Waseca, and Blue Earth go to the polls and decide if they can trust someone like Pelosi’s man, Tim Walz, or a new face by the name of Randy Demmer.  They will have to decide if it is worth the risk, or if it needs to be done.  We will see.  But if the evidence so far has any credibility whatsoever, Tim Walz will be packing his bags and applying for a lobbyist job with the National Education Association and Randy Demmer will be leaving his farm and flying to Washington. 

I hope the evidence is right.