Run Scared; The Craven Democrat's Guide to Survival

When a wild animal, or a tax/borrow/spend Democrat, is threatened, they respond with the ‘fight or flight’ instinct.  Either you must fight your way out of a perilous situation, the inner brain warns, or run like crazy.  The natural inclination changes depending on the species.  While a rabbit will run, a cougar may fight.  A donkey jenny may defend its foal with a hard kicking fight, but against other predators, a jackass may just race away.  Such is the situation this year with the species we call ‘Democrat’.  They are facing serious electoral danger and as such have reacted in similar ways.  Most leftists are insisting that those carrying the party banner fight tooth and nail against a conservative backlash.  They are urging party members to step up toe to toe and battle their foes to save the collectivist agenda.  But, those who are actually in the crosshairs are acting more like their namesake.  They are turning and running from Obamacare, Obamanomics, Obama himself, and the far left. 

“Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine has a message for Democrats trying to run from President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid: Don’t be foolish.  If you run away from who you are and you’re a Democrat, it’s foolish,” Kaine said on “Fox News Sunday.” “It’s foolish because you’ve got a lot to be proud of.” Politico.com, Sept. 5, 2010.

Tim Kaine isn’t running for anything.  He’s a true believer and he believes the Democratic faithful will respond favorably to defense of all their legislative and executive successes.  If only the fearful Democrats begin making the case for all they’ve accomplished, they will excite the base, confuse the independents, and hit the Republicans on the chin.  He’s ready for a fight.  He thinks the Democratic Party can minimize their losses through brave words and threading the needle.  But, Tim Kaine isn’t running for anything.

“The former President mentioned his own attempt in 1993 and 1994 to enact health reform and said that if Democrats can pass a bill, they will be the ones defining whether it is a success. But if they fail to pass anything, he told Senators, Republicans will get to define the failure.”  Bill Clinton’s comments regarding Obamacare in ABCNews, The Note – 11/10/2009

Former President Bill Clinton told his colleagues they just needed to pass the thing, any thing at all.  If they did so, they would have an issue to run on.  They could hammer Republicans with their great achievement, an achievement they’ve been dreaming of for seven million years.  The Democrats would have free health care for all to tout.  No longer could evil insurance companies let innocent children die and old people wither away.  It was the shining moment in Progressive history, a moment that would shine forth for the ages.

But, it’s a millstone around the neck of even the most adamant advocates of healthcare deform.  Instead of that culmination of a dream, it is a nightmare.  Democrats who have brayed about the passage are mocked because it doesn’t go far enough.  Democrats who express guarded enthusiasm are laughed at continually as little pieces of garbage keep falling off the law.  Things like 1099’s for all purchases over $600 and health care mandates, even the most modest ones, causing double digit rises in premiums are trickling into the news and fouling the political air.  Democrats are trying to free this manacle from their leg, but to no avail.  It is a terrible piece of legislation that is sticking to politicians like glue.  They can’t crow.  They can’t smile.  They are just pretending it doesn’t exist, or that they voted against it, before they voted for it.  Directly tied to Obamacare is the state of the economy.  It reeks even worse than healthcare deform, but that doesn’t stop Uncle Joe Bite-Me.

“Vice President Biden joined White House spokesman Robert Gibbs at the regular news briefing to talk about what he calls the “Summer of Recovery” fueled by the highest levels of work yet on projects funded by the Recovery Act, otherwise known as the “stimulus bill.”

“Folks, the act is working,” Biden said. And “more people are going to be put to work this summer.” USA Today June 17, 2010.

The stimulus was supposed to be the stick that bloodied the GOP.  Obama’s gargantuan jobs bill was going to be the centerpiece of Democratic wins in the Senate.  All those who voted against it were going to be labeled as job killers and regressive hatemongers who were defeatists and against the tide of history.  Obamanomics was a giant transfer of power from the inefficient and irresponsible private sector to the holy, beautiful and conscientious public sector.  No longer would greedy capitalists wreak havoc with the middle class.  Obamanomics would insure everyone got a slice, except those who baked the pie.  After all, they stole the pie in the first place. 

What happened was, the rather sharp, but not chronic, economic downturn reacted to Obamanomics just as it has with every other collectivist scheme.  It tanked.  It’s weighed down the economy stopping job growth, limiting investment, and raising fears among the productive class.  Obama and Bite-Me’s war on the economy is winning.  Their cynical view of the productive class is causing angst.  Democrats are attempting to pretend the stimulus bill was somebody else’s fault.  They only voted for it because all these smart guys told them to.  They believed the president and his gang of tax cheats and scrambled-eggheads and so the economy isn’t their fault.  They are running ads against their own giant programs.  They are pretending it didn’t work because of Bush, or Palin, or Boehner, none of whom had a thing to do with it.  But linking Republicans to boogeymen is their specialty.  But, that wasn’t the initial plan.

“Democrats hope that by linking candidates, especially vulnerable ones, to Obama, they can link them to legislative progress.

“President Obama, Harry Reid and Michael Bennet are working day in and day out to address the economic challenges facing Americans, and that has not been lost on voters,” said Deirdre Murphy, spokeswoman for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.” ABCNews 02/18/2010.

You see, back at the start of the year, there were rumblings about the Democratic Party numbers and the vulnerability of certain Democrats in Red districts.  Obamacare had not yet passed and its certain embrace by the American people had not yet come.  People were furiously calling, writing, emailing, and <wince> ‘threatening’ their representatives and senators.  The Party knew better.  They ‘knew’ that the president, The Won, the Anointed One, the Messiah, their Dear Leader would need to pull their more moderate members’ fat out of the fire.  They would saddled them with the Obama brand and then His Incompetency could ride in on his white horse and save those bemuddled few.

But Obama is ballot box poison, as evidenced in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Colorado, and most every other state.  He’s barely above 50% in his home state of Illinois.  Democratic lawmakers are racing from him when he appears at an event.  They suddenly have Very Important Events to attend like a bar mitzvah for a campaign donor’s son or a convenience store opening in a one-stoplight town.  Obama’s political pull/push is more like yellow fever or the Bubonic Plague than it is a saving grace.  The Democratic plan to tie incumbents to Obama seems more like a bad joke than an election strategy.   Strategy that includes prognostication by the smartest guy in politics.

“I think we can beat Rand Paul — absolutely,” Biden said. “I think we’re going to do a great deal better than anyone gives us credit for. I do not see this grand debacle. Because by the time people walk into the booth, they’re going to have to choose between two people.” Joe Biden quote 07/06/2010 in Politico.

Joe Bite-Me is a political genius of the like we have never seen.  He was able to see right through the groups who are working hard to blunt the effect of the far left policies of the Democratic Party.  His answer?  Tie Republicans to the Tea Party movement, marginalize, demonize, and isolate the Tea Partiers and watch the GOP sink.  Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, and Marco Rubio were extremists being buoyed by these electoral disasters and would fail to gain traction in the voters minds.  Democrats could pick up seats if they worked hard and demeaned those who fought the Leftist Machine.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party movement gained steam.  As the Lame-Brained Media continued label and trash these people, more joined up.  Each time they’ve called conservatives dirty names, a few more people have enlisted.  Every time they try to make a faction of the American people the strawmen for their failures, those people have turned on them.  Democrats are now trying to backpedal on the smears.  They are trying to reach out and gain some semblance of credibility with average Americans.  They are distancing themselves from the Progressive/Democratic labels and assailing an out-of-control press.  But, they are most certainly not fighting the American people any longer.  Suddenly humility has become popular and hubris is out.  They are hoping it is not too late.  They’ve taken to approaching their voters with hat, instead of club, in hand.

So, the Democrats running for Congress have a choice.  They can fight using the brilliant tactics and plans of their bold leaders or they can flee the party mantle.  Senator Robert Menendez, head of the Democratic Senatorial Committee has an answer for them.  “Run scared.” 

That seems to be their best bet.