How the Left Learned to Stop Worrying about the Tea Party and Start Loving It

And that’s the story they’re sticking to.  They’ve tried smearing, besmirching, mischaracterizing, and labeling the Tea Party Movement and it hasn’t worked.  So they are now left to rationalizations.  Often human beings, when presented with a immutable truth, will tell themselves stories to feel all warm and cuddly.  They’ve tried to convince the American people that the dissenters among us are rabid dogs and toothless crones, and it didn’t stick.  So, since actual discussion of a subject and formulation of an argument doesn’t work, what’s a political operative to do?

If they can’t win an argument, the left resorts to abject lying.  Governmental power is their drug.  If they lose control, they lose their fix.  So, the mad search for plausible lies becomes the job of the Ruling Class.  They have to ‘frame’ the question, fix the ‘optics’, regain the narrative, or all will be lost.  A bunch of articles by collectivists are published regarding this quandary.  Everything they’ve tried to besmirch the right with has fallen short.  Their attempt to marginalize the Tea Party has left them watching an empty corner.  They have to do something to protect The Won and The Party.  But, are they really all that bad.

The Washington ComPost has an opinion question on its site.  It’s entitled, “Will the Tea Party Help or Hurt Obama?”  This discussion is intended to provide comfort to frightened leftists and enbolden the Smear Merchants of the Democratic Party.  What is completely absent is a discussion of whether the Tea Party movement has legitimate gripes and whether their message is one that should be considered.  Instead, what is presented is how the Tea Party will actually benefit Obama the their party.  (It’s like playing Twister, trying to understand their thinking)

Robert Shrum, whose eight presidential races have all ended in failure, is gleeful.  He believes the Tea Party Movement is the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party since, well John McCain and goes on further, “It’s fitting that Palin is now the godmother of a movement that has captured the GOP instead of being captured by it. A series of tea-steeped intra-party fratricides has produced unwanted and unabashedly extreme candidates who will kill the Republicans’ best hopes for 2010. Democrats will now lose fewer seats; they’ll keep the Senate — and just maybe even the House.” 

On a side note, why do all these leftwing political operatives use the phrase ‘tea-steeped.’  It’s as though they think this is some clever, offensive reference.  What’s wrong with tea? 

Anyway, it is the fratricide within the Republican Party that has him so enthused.  He suggests that if the GOP has a primary fight, it is a killing field.  But, if the Democratic Party has a primary contest, like in Pennsylvania or Colorado, it’s a blessed event with Democrats calmly discussing differences and coming out stronger and more fit.  Meanwhile, he gushes about the extreme candidates the Republicans advanced while his party, the party in power, has a paranoid schizophrenic Nancy Pelosi looking for corporate cabals under every rock.  His party has a Majority Leader in the Senate that can’t seem to defeat one of these ‘extreme’ candidates, even with all the money and power on his side.  His party has a president that can’t create a job or pass a bill anyone wants, but we are the Cuckoos?  Thank God for mine enemies.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, former lieutenant governor of Maryland seems to believe the Tea Party is the salvation of her party.  She accidently throws Obama under the bus by exclaiming, “President Obama can take solace from the fact that even Karl Rove complains about Delaware’s Tea Party candidate. The colorful nuttiness of those whom that party has nominated changes the midterm elections from a straight referendum on a president presiding over a near-10 percent unemployment rate to a Rorschach test on who we are and who speaks for us.”  In other words, Townsend believes this president is so bad at his job, the Republicans should take the election in a cake walk.  Obama is such ballot box poison, the American people would reject him and his party outright, except for the colorful, nuttiness of their opposition.  Poor Obama, with friends like Ms. Townsend, who needs enemies.

Delightfully wacky Donna Brazile wants to give credit where credit is due as well.  She believes, along with Reid and the paranoic Pelosi, that the Tea Party is some kind of monster created by the Republican Party.  She believes the Tea Party and Republican Party are one in the same and goes on to write, “but nearly all Americans adhere to a basic belief in smaller government and responsible spending. That includes the president. He has positive ideas for job creation, plus a plan to govern. The Republican establishment, according to several Republicans, has no plans beyond getting elected. Meanwhile, the Tea Party’s plan is to dismantle the government, making the contrast even starker.”

I love parsing liberal logic.  It’s such a Gordian knot of nonsense, it rarely makes any coherent sense.  But Brazile goes above and beyond.  First she insists the Tea Party is just the Republican Party with fancier hats.  Then she tries to slide in President Obama’s relentless courage trying to cut the budget, while expanding it by 30 percent.  This is a feat that requires both time/space travel and a special room that is enormously bigger on the inside than the outside.  Perhaps an extension into the next dimension is needed.  You know, that dimension where the Obama economic team did six years of work in 18 months.  But, I digress. 

Obama has a plan.  No one knows what that plan may be but considering Brazile’s adoration of Star Trek, it may be on one of those episodes.  Regardless, Obama has a plan. The Republican/Tea Party, which are one in the same, have no plan.  But, the Tea Party has a plan to dismantle government and stack it in an outbuilding somewhere.  The Republicans don’t have a plan.  But the Tea Party does.  But the Republicans and the Tea Party are one in the same and they don’t have a plan, but they do. 

AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! (I’m channeling Howard Dean)

Maybe this is happening concurrently in that other dimension of which Brazile is so fond. 

In any case, these three have come up with good reasons why the Democrats can “Stop Worrying and Come to Love the Tea Party.”  Apparently, our disgust with him and his party are the best thing that could happen.  Following this logic, if Obama just vacationed more, he’d get more work done. Perhaps, if Michelle Antoinette bought more dresses, fewer people would die of obesity.  Maybe if they insult more people and enrage more voters, we’d make Obama Emperor of the Universe.  It could happen, in the liberal mind.