Sweet Ironies of Life

Just when life becomes too complicated, a simple act brings things into perspective.  The thing you’ve hoped for the most comes true and it fails to make you happy.  The worst challenge or fear you’ve ever dreamed of makes you stronger.  Your promise to the nation comes true, yet it’s at your expense.  That’s what President Obama is experiencing now.  He promised he would change Washington, making it a place for the people, making it more transparent, changing the culture, getting political enemies work together.  He wanted the people to rise up and take their place at the table.  He would unite us like no other could.  He promised to make things work again.  He vowed that business as usual would not happen at our Capitol, it would be a new day.

He was right.  He has made all these things happen.  However, they are happening in response to him and his party, and not in ways he, or his father, ever dreamed.  Change is coming, against him.

Obama wanted people more involved in the community.  He was a community organizer and once characterized being president as a job as kind of a community organizer.  He was speaking about hordes of lefties demanding businesses to capitulate to mob pressure.  He wanted unions taking over companies and government entities and making us all a collectivist family.  He wanted the productive class to open their wallets and pay for the underprivileged and overeducated. 

What he got were everyday, average Americans rallying against his mortgage plans and big spending.  People showed up at town hall meetings and demanded answers about his healthcare takeover.  Ordinary citizens whose most active civic duty had been to vote, maybe, and they are meeting and planning election events and calling out for political donations. A real grassroots movement has taken hold.  We are witnessing a movement of epic proportions to guide and change this country from rule by a few established politicos and thrusting citizen legislators upon the scene.  Instead of whining and griping about a professional leftist press, we are actively engaging through writing, video making, and political discussions better ways to run things.  His vision for an engaged electorate has come true, though it is against him and his socialist agenda.  We learned how to become our own community organizers.

Obama vowed to make the culture of how Washington works change.  He believed that meant a place at the table for the collectivist unions, environmental groups, social justice advocates, public school representatives, and responsible, liberal businesspeople.  He believed that by gathering the left and bridging the corporate divide, he would change Washington.  There would be a nexus between former rivals.  Big business would make a reasonable amount of money and his allies would get a portion of it.  Everybody wins.

What he has achieved is a complete revolt from small business, a group he didn’t consider important.  He believed the brightest and the best in the corporate world would effectively stand in for all business.  What’s good for GE is good for John’s Bait and Tackle.  Small business realized this president was poison to their interests.  We’ve seen the small business groups and Chamber of Commerce rise up and fight back.  They are backed by the employees and families who realize the American Dream is being dismantled before our very eyes.  Pushback came, not from Kaiser Permanente, but doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers.  The crowd grew rowdy and while big business and his allies are happily living symbiotically, the rest of the nation is coming together against them. 

We are changing the faces going to Washington and nothing changes more than fresh blood.  We are systematically taking those who listen and tossing aside those who dictate.  We are seizing the moment and asking more questions.  We are facing our erstwhile friends and making them commit.  For Obama, this must be frightening.  It’s not nice, neat, orderly progression we are creating but real change, which is messy.  We are going to hold these people accountable.  We are going to make them realize whose in charge.  We are united like never before, against him and his party.

That was definitely not something he hoped for, but we are grasping and getting the change, real change we can believe in.  And none of this would have happened without his far left actions and his party’s sad, arrogant behavior.  We can change it all with fewer Democrats, more conservatives, and a lot of fresh ordinary American faces.

Yes We Can.