Daily Kosmonauts are Circling the Wagons

Guess whose in trouble in Florida.  It seems little Alan Grayson, he of the big mouth and socialist rants, is in serious trouble in metro Orlando.  As poster boy for the far left, progressivism and ridiculous antics, Grayson is the darling of the kids at Daily Kos.  They are becoming frantic because if Grayson goes, their entire strategy begins to unravel.  They’d persuaded the Party people that their brand of wingnutism was the winning way.  You could win relatively conservative districts if you just opened up the lunatic asylum and letting out the moonbats.  Grayson is their ideal.

So, Markos Moulitsas is calling on the great unwashed and stoned and Koolaid addicted to his cause.  “If progressive Democrats lose in November, variations on that headline will appear on every op-ed page in the country. Similar notions will spew past the lips of every talking head on cable news. Blue Dogs will be declared the future of the Democratic Party.” His callout to the Moveon.org types and Obamamaniacs is a desperate attempt to save the ‘mainstream’ progressive movement from complete collapse.  The country’s watched as these people have destroyed the economy, the culture, the social framework, and they’ve had enough.  But, these Kosmonauts are not done.  They cannot allow progressive/socialism to be relegated only to the inner cities.

“If Representative Grayson wins re-election as a hard-nosed progressive, in a district that voted for Bush, in a tough year for Democrats, and as one of the top targets of the unlimited corporate money onslaught, it will send a clear message that the way forward for Democrats it to stand up and fight. We need to make sure that is the message of the 2010 elections.”  The Chief Kosmonaut argues.  You see, they made the case in 2006 that the nomination and support of far left radicals, like Grayson, would be welcomed with open arms in suburbs and rural areas.  They just needed to make it corporations versus the ‘people’.  They needed a full fledged class war against anyone who wasn’t a complete collectivist agent.  If all their non-urban progressives lose, their cause is lost.  They will become the split party of urban socialists and a few occasional moderates who pretend to be conservative. 

It is the fight of their lives.

You see, as Rush says, you only need to listen to the left.  They’ll tell you their plan and who their most scared of.  I think they are frightened to death that they are going to become a regional party.  That region is the inner cities.  They might be able to win across the country, but only in their most liberal, socialist leaning bastions.  Otherwise, their appeal is limited. 

I think Moulitsas knows this.  He believes the country is not open to social democracy, at all.  But, he believes if he, and his Party, can trick Americans into voting for collectivism, they can slip it past us.

Well, we’re watching.  We’re just not gonna let it happen, Kos.