Little Tom Horner; The Minnesota Nursery Rhyme

Little Tom Horner

Sat in (Independence Party) corner

Eating election pie

He put in his thumb

And pulled out a plum (newspaper endorsement)

And said, My, what a good candidate am I?

This little rhyme was brought to you by the StarTribune/HammerSickle. 

This is how bad the gubernatorial race has gotten in Minnesota.  Mark Dayton, the HammerSickle party’s candidate, is so bad, they are willing to begin the deification process of the other collectivist in the process, just to stave off another Republican win.  How pathetic and bad must Dayton be that the spokesmodels for the DFL’s premiere newsletter must lower itself to print piece after piece to make Horner seem viable.  The DFL/Socialist Worker’s Party steering committee must be in an absolute frenzy.  They haven’t had a DFL governor in twenty years in one of the bluest states in the nation.  Now, their official printing office is practically endorsing a former Republican. 

Now, don’t believe for a second Horner was in any way a Republican.  He was barely even a RINO Republican, a breed which at least pretends it’s somewhat conservative about something.  This guy should have been sued for false advertising when he adopted the moniker Republican.  He’s left of several prominent DFLers for heaven’s sake.

But, there you have it.  The committed collectivists at the HammerSickle have realized that Horner is their best bet for executive sanity from between their leftist allies.  In a strange non-endorsement editorial, the StarTribune wrote, “It’s too soon for us to recommend one candidate for governor. Campaigns matter, and we want this one to play out well into October before we make our endorsement.”  And then proceeded to give Horner a quasi-endorsement laying out Republican Emmer’s flaws, namely he’s a conservative, and Dayton’s flaws, namely he’s a whack-a-doodle.  Even Dayton is too far out of the mainstream for these Ruling Class heroes. 

“Dayton doesn’t fully appreciate the danger that sharp, narrowly targeted tax hikes could discourage investment and harm business,” the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party warns.  Minnesota, even after years of stopping further tax hikes, remains one of the highest taxed states in the union.  Dayton’s Huey Long approach would stab deeply into the heart of the North Star State’s precarious business climate chasing business, and jobs, away from the state.  Mark “Crazy Eyes” Dayton’s trust baby financial situation wouldn’t be harmed, but the productive sector would be seriously, if not fatally, wounded. 

Following the non-endorsement of the HammerSickle, the next most reliable Democrat-lite also endorsed Little Tom Horner.  Former Governor Arne Carlson, an Obama acolyte, followed up his embrace of collectivist harm to Horner’s tax-and-spend agenda.  Carlson seems to have become even more socialist in his waning years.  Before long, he could run as a Socialist Worker himself. 

Perhaps the most interesting part of this little dog-and-pony show is the deep fear within the mainstream Democratic heart that they will lose all control over the coming events.  This coming election is proving to be far too uncertain.  Even with a cinch on The Party machinery and power beyond their wildest dreams, the country is turning against them.  The Ruling Class Politburo at the StarTribune is concerned.  Polls are starting to look a little to dangerous for their side.  Brown’s win in bright blue Massachusetts, conservatives leading around the country, and the star of Obama becoming a falling meteorite are concerning the old guard.  If nothing else, they are inventive.  They may manage to keep their hand in, should Horner pull it out.  At least he got a little free press.  That, and a nice juicy plum.

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