Tail Chases Dog; Yellow Journalism Alive and Well

Losing ground on the Ground Zero Mosque debate, the lame-brained media needed a whipping boy for comparison.  Spokesmodels for the Democratic Party began ginning up the printing presses and mainframes for a full on assault against an unknown preacher in Gainesville Florida in order to frame the argument they were losing.  The American people overwhelmingly rejected their narrative that questionable imams can do whatever they want without social, if not legal, consequences.  That just wouldn’t do.  The Ruling Class had spoken.  If Rauf and his followers wanted to build a giant middle finger to the United States next to Ground Zero, they had a constitutional right.  If Greek Orthodox Christians wanted to rebuild their church, tough toenails.  You’re part of the bitter clingers, Greek Orthodox, and will get nothing.  So, in their finite wisdom, they found the perfect foil in Terry Jones, and in turn they grabbed the blade and it cut them, and us, deeply.

The lame-brained media isn’t having a good year.  The American people are feeling their oats and not listening to them properly.  The Perky One at CBS has lost so much audience, she’s practically reporting to herself, her family, and the Obamas.  The other networks aren’t doing much better.  They still have audiences but fewer and fewer people actually believe what they’re being sold.  Newspapers are having it even worse.  Their market share continues to fall as people grow weary of the day-in, day-out propaganda they spew.  Weekly banquets of adoration for the Obamas and Democratic machine have undermined their credibility.  Massive spending and borrowing by these people in control has gone underreported and now they are trying to catch up.  They are furiously writing about the mess we’re in to recapture their audience while at the same time protecting The Party.  It doesn’t wash, so they must find a scapegoat, a diversion.

People across the globe do stupid things every day.  That isn’t news.  People also make bad choices every day for poorly rationalized reasons.  That isn’t news either.  The fact a whack-a-doodle in Florida announced an “International Burn-A-Koran Day” is not a story.  If I announced an “International Bake-A-Pie Day”, it would not get international coverage.  Even if I announced an “International Bake-A-Pie-And-Throw-It-At-Al-Franken Day”, it does not merit widespread publication.  It may get a mention in “News of the Weird”, but not an AP story.  But, if you have the nation disagreeing with the Ruling Class and an upcoming election that bodes poorly for that Ruling Class, you need a distraction and an object lesson to rap the knuckles of the populace.  So, they dug up this chestnut, a ‘whack-a-doodle wants to do something outlandish’ story. 

They pushed the story because they wanted to tie the Right with this whack-a-doodle and smear the entire Republican Party.  See, the Journolisters argued, these people are just crazy.  They want to burn Korans and inflame Islam.  He’s a radical Christian and they’re radical Christians and so they must all want to burn Korans and inflame Islam.  At least, that’s the way their argument and narrative has worked in the past. 

Instead, we examined the preacher’s intent, remained consistent in our argument, and said ‘No’,  he’s a whack-a-doodle who may have the constitutional right to burn the Koran, but he shouldn’t do it.  We condemned him as we did the Ground Zero Mosque contending that in both cases it wasn’t a question of legal force but a question of reasoned social disdain and told the preacher this was a terrible idea. 

So, now we can see the essence of their yellow journalism.  Yellow journalism is the cowardly accusation that two unassociated things are correlated.  Think Spanish control of Cuba and the blowing up of the U.S.S. Maine.  The Maine was in Havana to protect U.S. interests during the Cuban revolt against Spanish rule.  Yellow journalists made the argument, without evidence, that such an event could have only been the work of the Spanish.  It precipitated a war.  Since then, there has been no evidence that the Spanish had anything whatsoever to do with that explosion.  More evidence has been linked to its boiler exploding or a mine in the harbor hit the ship than any causation connecting Spain with the event.  But for yellow journalists, that didn’t matter.  They wanted to inflame passions and inflame passions they did. 

The Journolisters and wanna-be-Journolisters in the lame-brained media needed an inflaming issue to blunt the conservative movement.  They tried to link the Right to a whack-a-doodle without any correlating evidence.  They inflamed the public, but not against the Right.

Instead the story has gone viral and has actually inflamed Islam.  The tail began chasing the dog.  They lost control of this non-story.  What can they do?  They can’t walk this one back.  They can’t pretend it doesn’t exist, because it does.  Their narrative is in shambles.  Their cowardly accusations didn’t stick.  Instead they have fomented an international crisis without a thing to show for it.

They’ve made the nation look like fools.  All this mess to try and protect The Party and its Dear Leader. 

And they can’t understand why we don’t trust them any more.