Giving Substance to the Lies

There is one thing Democrats and collectivists are especially good at, that’s lying.  If they can’t win on substance, they simply revise history to make their complicity and nonsense programs someone else’s fault.  That is what  House and Senate Democrats are doing now.  They are saying they’re fiscal conservatives.  Such a thing is patently absurd.  Anyone whose paid any attention in the last couple of years knows its not true, but their lackeys in the press will keep parroting this lie until it takes hold.  That’s what the Democratic Party media does, give voice to their Ruling Class narrative.

The one thing the overwhelming majority of Americans agree on is this election is about spending.  There has been too much spending and too much of it on ridiculous things.  Independents and mainstream Democrats are in agreement with us.  They want to throw out the bums who’re picking our wallet, our children’s piggybanks, and the future earnings of generations to come.  We need to make these lies about their ‘fiscal responsibility’ clear and concise to all voters.  We must give substance to their lies.

Object lessons can be very good tools at illustrating, rather than describing, the truth.  We are visual creatures and especially when it comes to something like billions and trillions of dollars, these numbers do not seem real.  They have no substance or heft.  They begin to sound like just, well, numbers and not hours worked or money owed or treats denied.  They are just plain numbers. 

We need to brainstorm and create, or suggest creating, ads that will give real, concrete substance to their falsehoods.  I’ve thought of a simple one.  Perhaps this can get the ball rolling.

Scene: Woman in the kitchen mixing up Koolaid.  We can hear kids in the background and the slam of a door.  She looks up and says,

My husband and I work hard to feed my kids and give them what we can.  We have to sacrifice to make that work.  I’m sure you are the same way.  I get mad when I hear our representative/senator say they’ve been trying to wisely spend our money.  You see this pitcher.  This represents how much our government spent in 2007.  I can afford to give my children this.

She reaches down and pulls up a clear bucket sloshing with 30% more liquid.

This is how much my representative/senator spent in 2009.  I can’t afford this much and pay our mortgage.  My hours got cut and my husband’s job disappeared.  Now he’s working at a job making a lot less and they give us more debt and taxes?

She reaches down and picks up a bigger bucket with even more liquid.

This is how much our president and our Congress spent this year.  I voted for [name] and he/she promised to be responsible.  We couldn’t afford last year’s spending, and now they give us this?  What’s even worse is my representative/senator now tell me they’re fiscally conservative.  I know they don’t think much of us, but we’re just not that stupid.

Fade out.

I think this kind of ad works on a few levels.  First, it really shows, rather than tells, the story of this President and Congress’ fiscal explosive spending.  Next, it highlights that this is a Democratic issue.  They controlled Congress, not the Republicans, and it is their baby.  Then, it points out the ridiculous lie the Democrats are using about how it wasn’t them, it was somebody else.  Finally, it reminds voters of their abject disdain and contempt of us as they displayed at last year’s town halls and Tea Party rallies.  I think it’s a way to really bring home this absurd notion they aren’t all responsible for the pickle we are in. 

Well, that’s my bright idea.  What’s yours?