Take a Ride on the Minnesota Crazy Train

Mental wounds still screaming
Driving me insane
I’m going off the rails on a crazy train
I’m going off the rails on a crazy train

I know that things are going wrong for me
You gotta listen to my words
Yeah  –
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As a resident of the city of Minneapolis, my representative is Keith Ellison, the Muslim congressman and far left socialist/progressive Democrat.   He’s a bit high strung, to say the least, and has begun taking it upon himself to become a kind of spokemodel for Islam in the United States.  I am also blessed by having as senator the barely coherent Al Franken.  He’s a bit touchy about things, especially when it comes to the people out to get him.  Strange as they are, they have really demonstrated behavior that can be considered questionable, at best.  I think it may be time to call up the tailor and get them fitted for especially tight, white coats that button in the back.
We can all fall victim, from time to time, to different notions that may be considered less than mainstream.  We can also be a little concerned about the state of things and the trajectory of our actions or inactions.  But, we can usually pull back from the abyss and thoughtfully reflect on things and even out the keel.  I’m not sure that is possible with these two, as you will see.  First up, the respected congressman from the 5th Congressional District of the great state of Minnesota.

“The fact is that the real driver of this thing is not 9/11 families,” Ellison said. “The real driver of it are people who openly proclaim that Barack Obama is not a citizen. The real organizers of this thing are people who are just proponents of religious bigotry. Nothing more, nothing less.”

This, of course, is in regards to the Ground Zero Mosque.  Most polls have shown a vast majority of Americans believe Muslims have the right to build a mosque most anywhere.  We believe in free exercise of religion.  However, a vast majority of people also believe it isn’t very tolerant of the feelings Americans are experiencing to place such an edifice at such a location.  Ellison disagrees.

He seems to believe that for the 70% of Americans who have expressed this sentiment, it is somehow ‘driven’ or ‘manufactured’ by a kind of cabal or conspiracy group that are bent on discriminating against Muslims.  This cabal Ellison has conjured in his head, must be quite vast and powerful.  To persuade such a huge majority of the population, they must really be incredibly organized and influential.  In fact, it is simply beyond belief that such a group, such as ‘birthers’, as suggested by Ellison, have such clout and persuasive ability. 

It would seem such a person would have to have great sway over a very large percentage of the American population, like Christians.  Practicing Christians make up about 70% of the population.  So, perhaps it is a Christian leader who is managing this cabal.  Maybe its a Christian leader who also agrees with the vast majority of people that it is both the right of Muslims to build a mosque wherever they want but believe the site planned isn’t really wise.  Now, who could that Christian leader be?  Who would have that kind of reach?

Is there anyone we recently found out who is an especially devout Christian with such a vast pull?  I got it.  Could it be that Barack Hussein Obama is such a leader?  After all, we’ve come to find out, almost on a daily basis, that Obama is very, very devout.  He receives devotions by Blackberry. He prays daily.  He is sincerely Christian in both word and deed.  We are told his committment to Christianity is unshakable and in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he begins having prayer meetings and Bible studies in the East Room on weekly basis.  Maybe Rep. Keith Ellison just overlooked the ‘driver’ behind this insidious plot to spread bigotry and ill-will. 

“Around the country, this thing is emblematic of a larger issue,” Ellison said. “There have been anti-mosque efforts in Kentucky, one gentleman who wants to burn a Qur’an in Florida, there have been efforts in Wisconsin and in the Chicago area and others.”

You see, it is not limited to Ground Zero.  It is endemic throughout the country.  Only one such person could have this kind of pull.  Someone as committed to Christianity as any fundamentalist preacher.  Not everyone could pull together the disparate elements of the American populace like our Dear Leader.  This conspiracy, indeed, runs deep.

I think Keith might be seeing things.  Let’s get him a spot on the funny farm, quick.

Sen. Al Franken is also in line for a tin-foil hat.  He’s absolutely convinced that the corporations of the nation are conspiring to rob Americans of their free speech rights.  He’s quite positive that AOL, Verizon, and Google are meeting in backrooms, figuring strategy, and taking away the most fundamental of American rights. 

“It used to be that really only the government could threaten your first amendment rights. Now corporations, with government permission, pose the greatest threat to your first amendment rights, and tonight I want to tell you that I believe that net neutrality is the first amendment issue of our time.”

Well, Al, that still is a dominant threat.  The government still has a monopoly on power.  Giving them the right to decide who can publish and who can’t may not be a great idea.  But, Al’s paranoia about corporations gets even whackier.

“If Comcast merges with NBC, how long do you think it will take for Verizon and AT&T to start looking at CBS/Viacom and ABC/Disney?

If no one stops them, how long do you think it will take before four or five mega-corporations effectively control the flow of information in America, not only on television but online. If we don’t protect net neutrality now, how long do you think it will take before Comcast/NBC Universal, or Verizon/CBS Viacom, or AT&T/ABC/DirectTV, or BP/Halliburton/WalMart/Fox/Dominoes Pizza to start favoring its content over everyone else’s? How long do you think it will take before the Fox News Web site loads five times faster than Daily Kos?”

Oh no, not BP/Halliburton/Walmart/Fox/Domino’s Pizza.  The horror of such a conglomeration.  Can you imagine a more evil, despicable corporation bent on the destruction of the American dream?  You’d have to think of a group that is hellbent on converting the whole country to windmills and green energy in order to sell more lightbulbs.  You’d have to think of a corporation that has catered its two news outlets to The Won and the Undemocratic Party.  You’d have to think of a corporation that would give kickbacks to a murderous tyrant in Iraq to sell turbines.  That would be unthinkable. 

Definitely, we should hand over our freedom and free enterprise to a government that will arbitrarily pick winners and losers.  We have got to give power to people as clear minded and impartial as Al Gore and Al Franken to decide what content is handled at what speeds.  That would definitely be a better idea.  Al, are the CEO’s of Goldman Sachs and GE whispering in your ear?  Did they tell you about . . . the bees.  The bees know.  Al, the bees are buzzing ‘cuz they KNOW. 

Well, we in Minnesota may have to get a special rubber room ready for our fearless/fearful/dysfunctional leaders.  We need to worry about our country, but not to give more power to those who have an army and the IRS.  I’ll take my chances with the free market and the potential for liberty and free choice.  I’ll just stake my life and fortune on our fellow Americans, and not those who seek more power, and less sanity.