If Wishes Were Horses . . .

. . . the Democratic Party members would all be riding side-saddle. 

In an astonishing comparison, an Undemocratic Party operative lists the five reasons The Party and The Won will prevail in November.  Jim Kessler, committed socialist with The Third Way, a regressive thinktank, cast himself as the party Cassandra in 1994.  He believes that 1994 needn’t have happened if only the stupid speaker, Tom Foley, and the liver-spotted members, old, tired, and tone-deaf, had heard his clarion call.  According to his scenario, The Party is in far better shape now than it was then.

His list of counterfactual items consist of then and now comparisons.

Nancy Pelosi is not Tom Foley.

John Boehner is not Newt Gingrich.

Charlie Rangel is not Dan Rostenkowski.

Tom Perriello is not Jack Brooks.

Obamacare is not Hillarycare.

While Kessler’s recitation of the obvious is an interesting exercise, it is his presumptions that are hilarious.  He’s building a narrative to reassure the Bedwetters in his party that they aren’t as bad off as it seems.  The Party has things well in hand so send in your check, vote early and often, and leave the strategery to us.

Kessler argues Tom Foley was an incompetent dolt who couldn’t tie his own shoes.  Fancy Pelosi, on the other hand, is tough, shrewd and would strangle petting zoo animals for a legislative win.  Nancy won’t put up with this malarkey about Republicans winning.  His wish is that anyone with the cojones of Pelosi will deal seriously with the election.

Too bad she’s become the poster child for Democratic Party overspending and overreaching.  They are planning a “Fire Pelosi Express” to crisscross the country frightening Democrats and enthusing conservatives.  She’s the most unpopular speaker to ever hold the gavel.  She’s become the lightening rod in almost every House contest.  I’m not sure relying on ole Botox will do the trick.

While Kessler’s disdain for Gingrich is certainly palpable, his contempt for John Boehner is even deeper.  He believes Gingrich engineered the takeover of the House in 1994 regardless of the actions of Democrats or the will of the voters.  Kessler falls into the philosophy trap of all collectivists, the voters are stupid and ignorant and only vote for Republicans because they were hornswaggled.  Gingrich didn’t engineer anything.  He campaigned and developed a strategy that worked, but it was the voters who threw out the liberal bums, not the Contract with America.  Kessler wishes it was the political genius of Gingrich because the fact they won on the issues and their character doesn’t make it look good for the goofy, big spending Democrats currently losing in an increasing number of races. 

Continuing on his wish list, he differentiates Rangel from Rostenkowski.  Rostenkowski, the writer argues, was emblematic of a system of corruption deep within the Democratic Party.  Meanwhile, Rangel, Waters, Jefferson, Geithner, Daschle, Sebelius, Frank, Dodd, Richardson, Blagojevich, and several friends of the Obamas, are isolated individuals with checkered records that only represent themselves poorly and certainly not that of the entire Democratic edifice.  The Cornhusker Kickback, Louisiana Purchase, the Great Montana Bank Heist, and the Florida Gatoraid merely reflected the kind of open, transparent nature of collectivist political practice.  Keep wishing on this one Kessler.

Tom Perriello is the kind of Democratic politician Kessler is proud of.  Perriello isn’t afraid to kick the teeth out of anyone who stands in the way of his political victory.  He’s a man’s man who is willing to punch the lights out of any Virginia voter who blocks his path.  Perriello knows how to raise money, the measure of political virilism to collectivists.  Perriello, and other stud-like Democratic politicians, can take it in the gut and come back for more, not like the old, effete, radio-codgers of 1994. 

Oh, by the way, Perriello is down 26 points versus his Republican challenger. 

Finally, the Democratic Party can rest more easily because Obamacare is not Hillarycare.  How do we know this?  Because Obamacare passed, in spite of heavy disapproval.  Continued disapproval is one of the millstones around the collectivist neck, but it was passed.  Kessler wishes the American people would just get over it and come to love Obamacare.  The fact they don’t and are reacting against it is a sure sign they will come to love it.  Kessler’s pretzel logic aside, it is doubtful reminding voters how great a turd it is, but one that managed to pass through the bowels of Congress, will not likely save a single Democrat from voter rage in November.  Yet, if wishing made it so . . .

Enjoy the electoral bloodbath, coming to a congressional district or state race near you.