Recovery Summer vs. The Bedwetters

This election year has been wacky.  I’m consistenly baffled by the Left’s approach to this cycle.  One moment, they are busy reassuring themselves that this is just a fluke, a canard, the polls are wrong and our opposition to The Party is manufactured.  They believe Obamanomics is working just fine and the good, trusting, gullible American people will respond if they just repeat their lies sincerely and often.  The other side, the Bedwetters (this is from a local host, Chris Baker, who calls the ‘save the children’ crowd a bunch of bedwetters because they’re so scared of the world) are terrified of the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy and the mean capitalist cabal.  There is an article the exemplifies this argument in today’s Startribune that succinctly displays the two sides. 

It is a strange creature, this article, because it is attributed to Anne Kornblut and Lori Montgomery at the Washington ComPost but also cites the New Obama Times as contributing to the story.  These two birdcage liners are usually at odds concerning the direction of their party, The Party, the Undemocratic Party.  So, in this case, they are actually argue within the piece about The Party’s upcoming election problems.  The Bedwetters win, so their positions are clear, but the Recovery Summer crowd is nicely explained as well.

It begins with a nod to Recovery Summer.  Democratic operatives are reporting on talks within The Party on a package of business tax breaks, “to spur hiring and combat Republican charges that Democratic tax policies hurt small business.”  This phrase is especially telling, and Recovery Summer-esque, because it hopes to stimulate job growth but it appears to, more importantly, defend Democrats against Republican rhetoric.  You see, these people do not really believe engaging and unleashing the private sector.  What is important is to give the brave Party warriors tools to fight the evil capitalists.  They believe the governmental takeover of the private sector is a good thing and will, in time, bear fruit.  These economic warriors need weapons to fight the oppressors and these tax breaks are just machine guns of truth.

Recovery Summerists continue with stating that Obamanomicists are working “to develop new economic policies and an effective message to blunt expected Republican gains in Congress.”  Once again, the policies are not intended to affect the economy, they are designed to give The Party beleagured effective weapons in their battles.  They do not believe anything needs to change to fix our economic woes.  Instead, it is important to stave off their enemies fighting words with gestures toward economic growth.  These programs are just smoke and mirrors to give the impression that they care about the overall economy. 

The Bedwetters return their argument quickly though.  They are the side of “they get bitter, they cling to their [positions as representatives] or [senators, with] antipathy to people who aren’t [collectivists] or anti-[business] sentiment or anti-[economic freedom] sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”  Kornblut and Montgomery write, “[a]fter weeks of vacation and foreign policy, Obama will begin focusing publicly on the economy next week.”  The Bedwetters believe their power must be defended and the Obamanation has been too busy eating shrimp and playing golf to protect their interests.  A serious snarkiness slips out of them because they are dedicated socialists too, and for this president to ignore their peril is tantamount to treason to The Party. 

Recovery Summer retorts, in the guise of David Axelrod, [w]e’ll continue to do everything we can, understanding that recovery will require persistant effort.”  The Bedwetters must remember that the goal here is not to grow the economy, it is to take it over.  Giving up control over the regulatory or financial structure of the business cycle is not an option.  We can give little perks to this part of the economy or that group of collectivists, but keep in mind, a complete takeover of economic decisions by the government is the long-term goal.  It is absurd to give people the right to decide for their own business interests.  Axelrod is reiterating the Recovery Summer mantra, ‘derange, derange, derange.’ 

Bedwetters are not done yet.  They respond with, “[w]e did the mosque, Katrina, Iraq, and now Middle East peace, and in between you redo the Oval Office?  It’s become a joke.”  The Bedwetters are in on the game.  They know the tricks the Recovery Summer crowd has been playing.  The mosque was an issue to divide Republicans, it divided the Democrats.  Katrina, its five-year annivesary, was supposed to remind voters of Bush’s incompetence.  Instead it reminded everyone of Obama’s fear of meddling in the Gulf of Mexico and their inept attempts to ‘plug the hole.’  Iraq was another staged event to reignite the left and confuse the right.  The Obamanation just looked silly pandering to the troops and their families while trying to take credit for a war he opposed winning.  Mideast peace is a hat tip to the Jimmy-Carter-esque nature of this administration.  The Recovery Summer crowd are hoping some kind of deal will be a feather in their Nobel Peace Prize winner’s hat.  What most infuriates them though, is this Hollywood star/magazine cover publicity machine that ignores actual issues and attempts to steer dialogue to Michelle Antoinette’s dress or Malia’s hobbies.  Meanwhile, they’re dying out here.

Recovery Summer returns fire with, [m]any economists say Obama’s policies have been reasonably effective at pulling the nation back from recession.”  In other words, let go of our ears, we know what we’re doing.  We’ve spent trillions of dollars for a couple of hundred billion in growth.  See how well it’s working.  Just keep telling the American people they’re stupid and ignorant.  They don’t understand economics like we do.  Let us run the show.  It’ll be fine.

“Tax cuts enacted during the Bush administration are to expire in January, and Democrats – accused by Republicans of plotting to let them vanish – feel compelled to do something before the midterms.”  Bedwetters, as recently as a few of months ago, believed in Obamanomics too.  They believed the rich got richer, because of these tax cuts, and poor got screwed.  There was no serious talk about renewing the tax cuts until recently.  But the Bedwetters suddenly found religion.  Overnight, The Other (Republicans) are saying Democrats want them to go away.  But wait, no, we don’t want them to disappear.  As of yesterday, the Bedwetters are working hard to renew the tax cuts.  They are urgently announcing support for tax cuts they despised last weekend. 

Recovery Summer is absolutely at a loss for words, at this point.  They are trying to calm the Bedwetters down, but talk of payroll tax holidays, research and development credits, and transportation infrastructure improvements is mounting.  Recovery Summer is over.  They concede the fight, something will be passed.

At least within these reporters own heads, the Bedwetters have won the argument.  Something, anything, must pass for them to campaign on.  They dare not mention health care deform or financial strangulation.  Stimulus is about as popular as lymphoma.  Their own behavior last year has made them pariahs in their own communities.  Their mammoth spending habits make their ribbon-cutting ceremonies look cheap and tawdry.  They are hoping a little token tax cut will help.  That, and blaming The Other.

Meanwhile, Steve Elmendorf, a Democratic operative says, a bit fatalistically, “we are at the final moments here.”  Let’s hope so.

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