Gross Journalistic Malpractice

After reading the Vanity Fair hit piece on Sarah Palin, I decided to write a letter to the editor of the magazine.  I’m not a regular reader of that collectivist rag, but I think from time to time they need to be reminded that if you are calling yourself a journalistic enterprise, you may want to act that way once in a while.  I was appalled at the stupidity and crassness of the article.  It was simply pathetically written, without intellectual merit, and absolutely fictional.  I felt like I was reading a dime store novel about a paperback character as opposed to a sophisticated expose on a living person.  So, I have included my letter here.  I hope I’ve made them think, though probably not.

There Is Fiction in the Space Between

Supposedly, nonfiction articles are to be based on facts and driven by good writing and interesting commentary.  However, Michael Joseph Gross’ article, “Sarah Palin, The Sound and the Fury” in Vanity Fair is more like a modern day fairy tale with references to real people and places sewn together with a collectivist narrative about a mythical person.   This narrative was concocted and conjured up by a group of so-called Journolisters, those who would smear Fred Barnes or Karl Rove as racist. (Doesn’t matter which, just pick one) Their myth is a cautionary tale of a woman has her own belief system and morals.  It suggests that if a woman speaks her own mind and acts independently, she must be a raging, evil, maniacal bitch that deserves to be demeaned and smeared.

Michael Joseph Gross is simply another stereotypical Lavender Elitist who seems convinced if a woman isn’t a member of the Democratic Party and doesn’t abort a fetus with Down’s Syndrome, she has to be a nut.  I say he seems to believe this because the contrived, hollow tale he spun reads like an Aesop fable instead of a look into the life of a person.  Not only is his characterization of Sarah Palin a mere caricature, she’s a terrible, brutish caricature whose life is just a series of manipulations, connivances and petty disputes.  Such a woman must be suppressed, mocked, ignored, and used, Gross argues.

You see, it appears that Mr. Gross is just using this human being as a kind of dart board for his and his elegant cohorts’ amusement.  It is well-known that amongst the journalist-set and the GiBLeT-Elite, that bashing Sarah Palin is what passes as intellectual depth.  Finding new and more articulate ways to turn her into a hated symbol, instead of a living, breathing human being is their ultimate goal.  Never mind ethical treatment of a subject or journalistic integrity.  Forget about any kind of humanism, secular or otherwise.  Painting unflattering word portraits of her is the height of sophistication.

We also know Mr. Gross barely has a passing acquaintance with the truth.  He apparently cannot even differentiate between Trig Palin and another baby.  My goodness, how ignorant.  I have to ask Mr. Gross, are all children with Down’s Syndrome interchangeable to you?  Are all people who do not live well-connected, cosmopolitan lives just cartoons for your amusement, or just Mrs. Palin?  Is there any honesty or integrity left in your heart or are you willing to simply discard it for fifteen minutes and thirty pieces of silver?  I guess we’ll never know the answers to questions like that because Mr. Gross has turned off his email.

I guess Sarah Palin isn’t the only person who’d like a private life.