The Collectivist Bag of Dirty Tricks

I just wanted to catalog a few of the tactics the collectivists have used in the past couplt of years.  I will refrain from citing the more generic ones, such as calling us racists, bigots, Islamophobes, homophobes, sexists, crazies, and the other sundry and constant labels they like to attach to conservatives and Republicans.  Instead, I want to list the specific kinds of dirty tricks they have used on us and what to look out for.

1.     Seeding the crowds – They have consistantly tried this one against the Tea Party in general, but will probably try it against specific candidates in states and districts.  You can probably spot them because they’ll have furious scowls or goofy-looking grins and underneath their shirt will be a swatch of purple from the SSEIU uniforms.

2.     Astro-turfing protestors – These are the people they bused in to shakedown corporations, but will probably use to ‘protest’ specific candidates on ‘hurting the poor,’ ‘blaming the downtrodden,’ or ‘spoiling the environment.’  Inevitably, they will look bored, wander off frequently, and talk candidly with passerby’s about how much they got paid for this ‘gig.’  Some will be geniune wingnuts but they are fairly easy to spot since they are unwashed, have terrible hair, and act like they have Tourette’s when anyone says the word ‘capitalism’ in their presence.

3.     Misquotes – These kinds of quotes are usually very extreme in tone.  They will specifically sound like they come from a racist/bigot/sexist who hates poor people.  These are generated by their masters at Think Progress or Media Matters and so will specifically take something out of context, like a joke or sarcastic remark, and even put in a word or two that will make it sound worse.  You can tell when this occurs if its printed in the New Obama Times or the Washington ComPost.

4.     False quotes – These are quotes that no one has actually said, but were generated either from CBS News or Journolisters.  These quotes, like misquotes, will all be classically racist/bigot/sexist in tone and will speak of some kind of cultural or capitalist meme.  If it’s repeated enough, people will assume it must be true.  They tried this with Sandoval in Nevada.

5    Sex scandals – They are always hush-hush, wink-wink affairs that everyone denies.  Think McCain in the last weeks of the 2008 campaign when the New York Times suggested this humdinger.  They can also be used with an actual accuser, though this works less well, because the ‘victim’ will never have his/her story straight and then the editors will be forced to make room on the obituary page for a retraction.

6.    Financial scandals – I’m sure there will be a very large number of Republican candidates whose finances will be called into question, though it will not be substantiated by election day.  ‘Questions’ of propriety or ”questionable’ finances will be floated like trial balloons.  Calls to the FBI will usually stop these rumors, though editors will again have to make room on page 23 of a 22 page newspaper for the forthcoming clarification.

7.     Contribution scandals – No doubt, several of the Soros organizations will be pouring over campaign contributions to Republicans looking for people and organizations to smear.  They will then, in turn, smear those campaigns with the ‘guilt by association’ tactic.  Look, this contributor belongs to the American Legion, which is a dangerous warmongering/hate group created to oppress minority lesbians.  There will also be a record number of Michigan Militia, Neo-Nazis, members of Fred Phelps’ church, and devotees of the John Birch Society giving to Republicans.  Meanwhile, Democratic candidates will only get bundled campaign funds from wholesome money launderers and Ponzi schemers.  You’ll know when they are making it up because Rachel Maddow will turn snarly and Chris Matthews will have to wipe himself.

8.     Questionable Endorsements – Much like with the campaign donations, this group will include large numbers of openly sexist/racist/homophobic ranters with strange aversions to soap or reality.  Also, look out for Joe Bite-Me and Fancy Pelosi last minute endorsements for Tea Party aided candidates.  They probably are not genuine.

I’ve had a little fun with this exercise, but it is serious.  The collectivists will use whatever means necessary to keep the dialogue away from their disastrous policies and on the choice of Sarah Palin’s hair color whenever they can.  They cannot allow people to think critically about this country’s future.  They must obscure, smear, cover, besmirch, and mislead as many voters as they can.  Their ideas are bad.  Their policies are failures.  Their behavior has been atrocious.  They are desparate to hide their true intentions and actions. 

Let me know the ones I’ve missed, I’m sure there are quite a few.

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