Shhh, Go Back to Sleep . . . It'll All Just Go Away

It is becoming abundantly clear that the Undemocratic Party-Quackademia-Lame/Brained Media triumvirate are not quite catching what’s going on around them.  Whether it is the polls going south on them, the political prognostications, the abject despair of their base, or the enthusiastic opposition, the Left is just wishing it away.  That’s a good thing.  I hope they get their rest because the longer they wait, the better.  We are now in September and more and more congressional seats are becoming ripe.  The Tea Party ground war, that has cut its milk teeth on the Republican primaries, is ready to get neighbors, friends and families involved.  The growing sense of DOOM has not yet taken hold in Washington, New York, and LA.  They are still asleep in their beds while visions of earmarks dance in their heads.  Shhh.  Don’t awaken them.  But, let’s listen in to their night-time mutterings.

That magnificent former White House Communications director, Anita Dunn has carefully analyzed the Democratic Party and the president’s political positions.  She has consulted her little Red Book of Mao, and consulted with Mother Theresa by Ouiji board and came up with this; “Nobody denies the stimulus worked.” Yep,  Dunn believes people were misled into believing a job creation program would create jobs.  So, apparently the 6% of Americans who believe the stimulus created any jobs in that CBS poll are everybody and the rest of us who doubt the stimulus has created jobs are nobodies.  Well, that certainly fits with the Ruling Class mentality running around Washington, D.C. 

She then goes on to say, basically, that the Obama administration had dug themselves into a hole by promising economic relief when they didn’t know “just how bad the economy was.”    If Dunn believes her little truncating the economy and jobs as an argument for the great success of the stimulus, she’s been toking on her hookah.  When the economy is doing well, there are an abundance of jobs.  Furthermore, “the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression” was Obama’s tag line that he trotted out each and every speech.  If “the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression” was their assessment, then Anita Dunno is simply lying through her carefully capped teeth.  If she looked down at her pantsuit, it would be on fire.  They knew the economy was bad and their plan simply didn’t work. Period.

Susan Estrich is one of the more sane Democratic operatives, and yet even she cannot get the cobwebs swept out.  She seems a little groggy as she explains the four reasons the Democrats will not have nearly as bad a November night as it looks from here.  Estrich starts with some real nonsense; polls are not predictors but snapshots in time.  Really, Susan, are you trying to tell us that the political and news entities of the United States spend millions of  dollars every year on political polls to give them a sense of where we were and not where we are going?  Are you trying to tell us that polls are just nifty tools for historians to peruse looking for little snippets of popular sentiment?  Please.

Next, Ms. Estrich tells us that generic parties don’t run, actual candidates do.  Thanks for that update.  I thought we went to the polls and voted for a ham sandwich with an elephant on it or a egg salad sandwich with a donkey on it.  Do we really vote for actual people?  Fascinating. 

Thirdly, Susan is banking on the fact that the Tea Party amateurs, er crazies, er divisive ones, will implode and allow the Democrats to ride in on white ponies and save the day.  After all, who would vote for a citizen legislator when they could get a nice, corrupt, contemptible, arrogant, and free-spending Democrat?  It’s a simple choice really.

Finally, Estrich believes the toxic mix of far left policies the Democrats have foisted upon us will play better than the non-existent one of the Republicans.  You know, the policies Republicans have been proposing time and time again but the media ignores or mangles.  You know, the pro-growth policies that would shrink the size and scope of government to allow the private, productive sector to re-emerge.  That non-existent agenda. 

The final sleep-talker to listen in on is the indomitable, E.J. Dionne.  His remarkable columns have followed the Dear Leader and The Party from their triumphant win, the pinnacle of their power, until now.  The Won and his Camp Followers have followed the advice of this sage every step of the way, from overspending and borrowing, to over-regulation and mindnumbing bureaucratic redtape.  They have traveled this journey together and Dionne believes Obama will prevail.  He believes His Incompetency will thread the needle with a variation on this campaign theme;

“We spent a trillion dollars at war, often financed by borrowing from overseas,” Obama declared. “This, in turn, has short-changed investments in our own people, and contributed to record deficits. For too long, we have put off tough decisions on everything from our manufacturing base to our energy policy to education reform.”

Wait a minute.  We only spent a trillion dollars on these wars over seven or eight years.  Only a trillion?  That’s child’s play for this group.  They can spend more than a trillion in turtle bridges, yoga classes, dog parks, sidewalks to nowhere, and union paybacks in a  single year.  That’s nothing.  A trillion dollars for keeping America safe?  Chickenfeed.  So, I wonder who spent that trillion dollars on wars.  Who could we blame?  Who can we say is responsible for that.  Hmmm, I wonder who they’ll blame. 

So, as we can see the still aslumber Democratic machine has given us their gameplan thus far.  Don’t worry, the Democrats are going to do just fine.  In a nutshell, Obama just needs to clean up and articulate the message.  You can’t believe polls and the Republicans are going to self-destruct.  Finally, we just need to Blame Bush. 

I think those are fine political plans, don’t you?