The War on Arizona; A Farce in Three Acts

This ridiculous assault on Arizona over enforcing immigration law has reached new heights of stupidity.  First, The Won had his Justice Department file a bogus suit that their federal judge approved.  So, you stopped Arizona from enforcing the federal law.  Now the rest of the country, shaking its head and clucking its tongue, is saying, ‘you want to be the one enforcing, so enforce.’  But, of course, that’s not what the fight is about.  It has nothing to do with immigration law or federal jurisdiction or states’ rights or equal protection.   This is a farce being played for our benefit.  This is a campaign strategy as a form of governance. 

Meet Arizona, the play’s antagonist.  She’s playing the role of Mississippi from the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Arizona’s decision to enforce the federal law is supposed to be akin to Mississippi enforcing the Jim Crow laws.  Arizona, the script suggests, is a mean, bigoted state that seeks to hunt poor Latinos down and subject them to the tyranny of a racist state.  The Obama administration believes this will become the civil rights moment for them winning the enduring admiration of the Hispanic commmunity and commit that group to the collective which is the Democratic Party.  This will ensure a future of majorities stealing from the productive class and enriching the government class. 

Too bad for them it isn’t working.  Instead of embarrassing the state and driving public opinion against them, this charade is galvanizing support in other states and embarrassing the Hispanic public which is on the front lines of the murderous actions of Mexican druglords.  The population of the United States is watching as their government shuts down law enforcement while letting a bunch of mobsters take control of the streets and subjugate areas of the country.  Arizona is looking less like Mississippi and more like Bloody Kansas of before the Civil War.

But, these playmakers are not going to let it go.  If its a war these Arizona people want, it’s a war they’ll give them.  So, enter Joe Arpaio.  He is being cast as the evil, segregationist Bull Connor who unleased the dogs of racism on an innocent population.  Once again, too bad for the collectivists, Sheriff Arpaio is simply doing what a law enforcement official is supposed to do, enforce the law.  The Party is livid.  The lame-brained media is incensed.  How can this guy get away with deliberately and actively enforcing law after we told him not to.  So, they are trying to smear and insinuate Arpaio is being a covert racist, bent on hurting race relations in the state.

Bull Connor was a bigoted segregationist.  He wanted separation of the races and a second class citizenry for blacks.  Joe Arpaio, quite obviously, does not.  He simply believes that anyone committing a crime should pay for that crime.  He’s not pressing an agenda, unless that agenda is defending society, and doing his job.  We’re not buying it. 

When Hillary Clinton’s State Department report to the UN listed Arizona’s law as an ‘example’ of how the United States is a country that will not tolerate racism and hatred and intolerance, the Arizona governor, Jan Brewer, was understandably outraged.  That the United States  would make an international example of this stupendous farce as an object lesson, was beyond the pale.  It is one thing to race to the courthouse and file a suit against a law, quite another to hold a state up as an example of ‘how we handle wrongdoers.’ 

This is nothing more than a classic bully tactic so often exercised by the collectivist Left.  They will demean and smear a rival, holding them up for ridicule, in order to enhance their own standing.  This is Jan Brewer playing the part of George Wallace.  They are advancing her as some kind of renegade, like Wallace, who will defend this racist act, like Wallace, and must be scorned and brought low, like Wallace.

Problem is, Jan Brewer isn’t anything like Wallace and the Arizona immigration enforcement issue isn’t even remotely similar to the civil rights fights of the 50’s and 60’s.  She’s not standing at a schoolhouse door restricting Hispanic children from an education.  She’s saying, if you’re in this country illegally, you should go home and apply to come in legally.  She’s saying what the rest of the country is saying as well.  She’s not advocating a double standard.  She’s advocating that regardless of race, color, national origin, or religion, you must follow United States law. 

And so this absurd farce continues.  The Obama administration believes such a cheap campaign tactic will make a wonderful wedge issue and create more havoc that they will exploit.  They believe the perception of themselves as the saviors of the downtrodden will translate to more power at the ballot box.  You see, Obama’s never run anything.  His entire life has been one big campaign, from his books, his community organizing, his rise to the Senate, his presidential election, all nothing but a giant campaign.  Now that he must govern, he thinks its the same thing.  He’ll just move around a bunch of people like pawns and get his way.

But, that’s not governing, and that’s his problem.  One doesn’t exercise power in the same way one gathers it.  For these issues we face to find a resolution, he has to begin thinking like a manager.  He can’t do that.  He’s never done that.

That’s not who he is.