It's Gonna Get Ugly

Politics is an ugly business and these dedicated crypto-socialists are especially brutal.  After all, they are so ‘right’ they cannot be held to bourgeoise standards of decency, honesty, and integrity.  These ‘proles’ have a right to riot, lie, scream, cheat, and steal to get their way.  That’s because they are so maligned, oppressed, cheated, and downtrodden.  It is only fair they use Machiavellian tactics in order to win.  You see, the end, for them, justifies the means to power.  They have power now.  They will not step down quietly.  They will use anything they deem necessary to keep it, even if they destroy everything in the process.  But, we’re winning the fight by winning the argument.

The Ruling Class officially has night-sweats and a equivalent of verbal diarrhea.  At first they believed the Tea Party movement was just a conjured up fantasy.  Then they believed it was a passing fancy.  Then, they reassured themselves it was fringe movement that would tank the GOP.  Now, they’re officially scared. 

It was predicted, by their brightest and best minds, that the Tea Party would promote extreme candidates and split the conservative movement in this country.  They were thrilled when Rand Paul won the Kentucky nomination for the Senate.  They could isolate him, smear him, and drive the vote to the Democrats.  It didn’t work.  Instead, Paul is showing a nice lead in polls and the ‘extreme’ label has slipped off his vehicle.  They were amused that Utah Republicans sloughed off Bob Bennett because that would show cracks in the Right Side of the political equation.  They are not so sanguine now.

Lisa Murkowski is a dedicated Ruling Class member.  She hails from a Republican leaning state.  She’s now fighting for her political life, and they are now worried.  They had already written the narrative about Sarah Palin’s political Waterloo and it appears they were wrong.  But, they can’t be wrong.   They are the Ruling Class, who knows best.  How could this happen?  It’s just not predictable.  It doesn’t fit into their warped world viewpoint. 

What is going on here?

Democrats are running scared and their political allies in the media are about ready to take off the gloves.  Those gosh-darned American people are feeling their oats and that ain’t good.  They have to show us who’s boss.  They’ve got to rein in these stupid independents and right-leaning moderates.  They’ve got to stem the bleeding from the right side of the Democratic Party.  They cannot let this go on.  It’s a cage match between the Professional Left and the American People.

We’re bigger.

They’ve got more money and the entire media establishment, with the exception of parts of the new media.  They will use it to their greatest advantage.  The Tea Party movement has already been smeared with their contempt.  The polls show the greater population has accepted their extremist label.  The Professional Left’s problem is their own candidates are so, well, repugnant.  Sharron Angle and Harry Reid are prime examples.  A more despicable and odious candidate cannot be found than in the guise of Harry Reid.  Angle has been painted with the extremist label, but the alternative is so disgusting, they are having trouble keeping the label on.  It just keeps sliding off. 

But, they are going to keep trying.  They have tried to people rallies with actors in odd costumes to make conservatives seem weird.  They tried painting swastikas and fire bombing their own campaign headquarters to make us seem like violent instigators.  It all falls along the wayside.  They call us crazy and racist and bigoted and mean, but it pales in comparison to their own vile alternatives. 

The other reason is the Tea Party movement is just that, a movement.  It is not a discrete group of people they can investigate and smear.  It is a home-grown belief that America is a land of democratic values and respect for individual liberty.  A philosophy born of the idea that we cannot rob our neighbors and cheat our friends out of their economic fortunes.  We believe that America is a land of promise, not a land of premise.  When the Professional Left tries a left jab, they grab air.  When the Ruling Class uses a roundhouse right, they feel nothing but the breeze.  That’s because it is an ideal and a movement, not a political organization.

And, because we keep making the argument.  We keep pointing out their faults.  We keep demanding democracy, rule by the people, not rule by the rulers.  That plays in Peoria. 

Keep in mind the distance we’ve traveled.  We went from a mocked rump group to the top of the polls.  We’ve consistently told the truth and bridged the divides among people.  Two years ago, the far left was at the pinnacle of power.  Since then, they’ve passed despised legislation, scoffed and insulted the American people, lied about the economy and society, and revealed their hateful souls.  But, they are not done yet.  They will continue to push their radicalism and their conceit upon the population. 

If we were brave before, it is now time to be bold.  We must continue to fight in spite of the odds.  It is imperative for our country’s well being.  We will continue to speak truth to power and stand up for liberty.  Our message is the message of the future of humanity.  In spite of the slings and arrows, we cannot stand down or pause. 

Because, it’s gonna get really ugly.

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