Gargling Their Words

Once in a while, when I want a good laugh, I’ll tune into CNN and watch them bend themselves into pretzels in order to defend the Dear Leader and The Party.  I happened to have switched onto a portion of “Is Larry King Alive” where he was talking midterm politics with Ben Stein, Ari Fleischer, Alicia Menendez, and one of my favorite bomb-throwers, Debbie Wasserman Socialist Schultz, Democratic Representative from Florida.  It was a spirited exchange with Alicia and Debbie making their usual contemptible faces, when an interesting event occurred.  Debbie, obviously channeling Keith Olbermann and her neighbor, Alan Grayson, was trying to make a point of how wonderfully sane, reasonable and moderate the Democratic Party is.  However, she seemed to forget herself and the new and improved Democrat-lingo and almost spoke the truth.  Always dangerous for a Democrat but especially in this election cycle.

Ari Fleischer had just finished responding to the idea the Tea Parties were going to be the death knell of the Republican Party.  He cited Rand Paul’s lead in Kentucky and Debbie tried to change reality with this;

SCHULTZ: Larry, what Ari is saying is just absolutely not born out by the facts. Just look at the very fact that Harry Reid, until Sharron Angle was nominated by the Republican party, a hard right-wing Tea Party supporter, Tea Party essentially representative — until then, Harry Reid was struggling in the polls. Now he’s up in the polls in every major poll.

You have candidates across the country, Democratic candidates, Democratic incumbents who are up in the polls overwhelmingly, and about eight or nine of the NRCC, hand-picked moderate, young guns have gotten beat in Republican primaries and now those nominees, the Tea Party nominees, are down in the polls and will ultimately lose to our moderate, mainstream middle — Democrats, who are pro-business and who have their finger on the pulse of their own constituencies, instead of their finger on the pulse of the people on the hard right. That’s just the reality.

KING: Why do you laugh at that?

STEIN: Because the Democratic party doesn’t have its pulse on the mainstream of America. The Democratic party has its foot on the neck of American business —

SCHULTZ: We sure do.

STEIN: Just like the foot on the neck of the American business, making it very, very expensive for businessmen to hire people, putting through a health care bill that 60 percent of Americans oppose, putting through a health care bill that people in business are terrified because it increases their cost for employees by so much, putting through apologies for America all around the world.

The Republicans would not be in such a strong position in the polls if people thought that Democrats were a mainstream party. They’re not anymore. – Larry King Live Transcript from August 24, 2010.


Now, the exchange itself is telling since Ben Stein was hooting with laughter at the idea the Democratic Party is responsive or in tune to anything except the radical Marxist wing of the party.  However, the part I underlined and set in bold, was not the first thing she said.  This transcript is a rough draft of last night’s show.  While watching it I almost fell over.  Debbie actually started to say ‘Prog–er, pro-business.’  She, of course, was about to say that “the Democrats, who are progressive have a finger on their own constituencies,” but of course that word is not sitting too well with voters and normal, thinking human beings.  I clearly heard the being of the word and it intrigued me that a far left whackadoodle like Schultz would bother to mince her words.  After all, progressive, socialist policies are the hallmark of this government.

So, to make sure I heard it right I went to YouTube to listen to the exchange again.  It’s not there.  The other three segments of the interview, as captured by the far left NDN.org website, were present.  This one little segment was not.  So, being a person who is not especially deft at technology, I looked all over.  No one else had that segment.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  It was especially telling as I read the transcript from “Is Larry King Alive”.  That little gargle was ignored.

This certainly does not mean there is a giant conspiracy attempting to keep Schultz’s little faux pas out of the public scrutiny.  I think it probably is a little attempt to deep-six her garbled message.  What is interesting is why they would have excluded that section.  Perhaps its because Alicia Menendez didn’t speak in that segment.  Perhaps it was just a simple oversight.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is Debbie Wasserman Schultz is afraid to use the word, ‘progressive’ on a low-rated national program.  Is the nation fed up with their little game of MadLibs?  Are their focus groups grimacing every time a Democrat uses the ‘P’ word?

One thing is for certain, the Democratic Party leaders, of which Schultz is one, (vice chairperson of the DNC), are scared witless.  They have all this money.  They have all this power.  They have the bulk of the media on their side.  And yet, they are seemingly afraid of a word.

It gives one pause that we are still able to fill the Depends of the movers and shakers in the Capitol.  It is beginning to look like a real groundswell.  The primary numbers have been staggering for the Republicans, especially where the Tea Party has worked its magic.  The Democratic numbers have been low and anemic.  They may have money and the union shock troops on their side.  They may be able to payoff local politicians and interest groups.  But our ground game of real Americans talking with their neighbors and families and friends is far more effective.  We’ll see, but to see an arrogant, wise-cracking, bona fide Ruling Class widget choke on her words like they’re dry bread is heartening sight.  Not to mention, hilarious.

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