Widespread Panic, Meet the Democratic Party

The Bureaucratic Democratic Party is hysterical.  There is no other adjective that describes their emotional state more succinctly.  After electing the cleanest, most articulate, brightest president who could turn on and off his negro dialect, they find themselves in a pickle.  Now, remember, following the 2008 election, the Democratic Party was the party of the future.  We were counseled by our elder statesmen that resistance was futile.  If the Republican Party and the conservative movement was to remain relevent, it needed to become more like the Democrats.  We needed to shift to the left.  We needed to learn from our mistakes and become Fabian, rather than blatant, socialists.  The American Left was the cutting edge of history and the right was, well, wrong.  But, the oceans didn’t rise up and greet The Won.  The heaven’s didn’t open up and usher P.BHO to his throne.  The population didn’t embrace the Dear Leader with flowers and palm fronds.  We opposed them, and we changed the mind of America.  So, what is going on with America today?

Transference is a human coping mechanism by which the principal believes the object is suffering from the same conditions as they are experiencing.  It is a psychological mechanism for a person to feel connected in suffering with another human being.  Transference allows that person to continue dealing with their problems by objectifying the symptoms and causes through projection.  This gives the principal enough distance to sort out issues and find solutions without becoming too despondent to face their own shortcomings.  Why this little foray into psychological terminology?  Because the Democratic Party is using transference to wrestle with its own looming demise. 

Maureen Dowd in the August 21st, New York Times writes, “The country is having some weird mass nervous breakdown, with the right spreading fear and disinformation that is amplified by the poisonous echo chamber that is the modern media environment.”  Huh?  The right is spreading fear?  There is a poisonous echo chamber on the right?  The media environment has become some kind of symphonic hall with terrible acoustics?  Fascinating.  Let’s break this statement down to its elements.

Evidence of a nervous breakdown include, acute anxiety or depression, usually accompanied by manifestations of schizophrenic behavior.  The American people are not particularly anxious or depressed right now.  They are showing healthy attitudes of skepticism over a stagnating economy, a corrupt government, and a dubious media, nothing the experiences of the past year and a half wouldn’t produce.  There are not even the expressions of rage we saw at the Tea Parties and Townhall meetings last year.  Last year, we may have been seeing a nervous breakdown.  This year we are seeing steely resolve. 

However, if you change the word ‘country’ to the words ‘Democratic Party’, Dowd’s claim begins to make sense.  As I noted in an earlier post, the Democratic Party is behaving in a very schizophrenic manner.  According to the Mayo Clinic, the symptoms of a nervous breakdown include disinterest in normal daily activities, (Obama), agitation or restlessness, (The Professional Left), persistant crying (Pelosi), having sleep disturbances, (Chuck Todd and most of the MSM press corps), and trouble concentrating and making decisions (Obama and Reid).  It is certainly not the country that is out of touch with the country, it’s the Democratic Party and its lackey leftist Fellow Travelers. 

Fear and disinformation being spread by the right?  Glance at Politico or the AP or the broadcast news anchors if you want to find constant fear and disinformation.  It is the left that is ginning up fear with the Swine flu, the Gulf Oil disaster, the Great Recession, the dangers of salt, the Great Internet grab, the Too Big to Fail bailouts, and the all important, why do the American people think Obama’s a Muslim controversy.  All these things are crises that demand immediate control by the government, which then finds out they are not crises at all.  They are things ‘whee-whee’d’ up by the supposedly responsible and sane old school media and the rank and file of the Democratic Party. 

As far as a ‘poisonous echo chamber,’ one can just channel surf from Democratic Party controlled ABC to NBC to CBS to CNN to hear the identical talking points spewing forth.  Then, check out the many Obama websites and Soros creations and read their take on things.  They are eerily similar.  It is almost like a ‘poisonous echo chamber.’  All of this occurs in a ‘modern media’ controlled mostly by people on the left.  If an environment is shaped by a vast majority of what it contains, the ‘modern media environment’ is all theirs.  A few, sparse voices in the wilderness do not an environment make. 

Dowd merely displays the madness that has taken hold within the Democratic Party Machine.  She is a symptom of the entire edifice.  A peek at the Politico’s headlines for today shows the deep split personality experienced by the left.

McCain Pays Heavy Price for Reelection, Obama’s Mosque Moment Frustrates Dems, RNC has just $5 million for final push, Rove-tied group raises $2m, Summer Wind Cool for Obama, and my personal favorite, Reid; Angle Fumbled on Uniform Flap.  So, according to the Journolisters at Politico; McCain’s a sellout, Obama’s comments have made Democrats a little fussy, the Republicans are broke, except for the evil Karl Rove, Nature has it in for Barry, and Harry Reid is making his campaign against his rival about the color of some football uniforms.  Now, that is definitely some heady stuff. 

But, of course, it’s America that’s having the nervous breakdown.

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