You Don't Speak For Me - HRC and Extortion

I don’t write about being gay and conservative because to me it isn’t important.  I’m first and foremost a proud American who believes in the founding principles, the American Experiment in capitalism, the American Experience in democratic ideals, integrity, honesty, and fair play.  It just so happens that I’m also gay.  I am going to write about my fury over the Human Rights Campaign and their actions against Target and Best Buy, based here in Minnesota.  The HRC’s blatant and dishonest attempt at blackmailing them is reprehensible.  As such, I’ll give you the ridiculous extortion letter HRC had on their website and my own indignation over their actions regarding me, other gay people, but especially to our civil rights.

Human Rights Campaign’s “Open Extortion” Statement

“Target has been a champion for workplace equality for many years. That’s why their recent donation to MN Forward was so at odds with their sterling reputation as a great employer for LGBT people. The fact that their political contribution was used to advance an anti-equality candidate was extremely hurtful to all fair-minded Americans.

We appreciate Mr. Steinhafel’s statement to company employees this afternoon but it doesn’t go quite far enough. Target’s apology is welcomed but without tangible action behind it, the LGBT community and our allies will continue to question the company’s commitment to equality.

The promise to evaluate political contributions in the future, while a step in the right direction, is provided without details and does not mitigate their $150,000 supporting an outspoken opponent of equality for LGBT people. Target can still make it right by making equivalent contributions to equality-minded organizations and by making clear the procedure by which they will evaluate potential contributions in the future to include issues of LGBT-equality.” Emphasis added for effect.

My Response to this Blatant Attempt to Extort Money from Fellow Citizens

Don’t you dare speak for me, HRC.  Don’t you dare.

You are speaking for yourselves, not for me.  I don’t want to be connected in any way with this shady, disgusting shakedown of our fellow citizens.  You do not speak for the GLBT community.  Do not make that presumption.  You may speak for the few thousand who belong to your organization and those who contribute, but you do not speak for me and many in OUR community.  For you to speak for me, I need to voluntarily become part of your organization, which I once did.  I am no more.

Your organization has become nothing more than a useful shill for the far left wing of the Democratic Party, period.  Since I do not believe that robbing our future generations and handing over unrestrained political power over our lives to a bunch of empty-headed bureaucrats is wise, I am no longer affiliated with you and your Marxist philosophy.  That’s my first problem with the ‘proclamation’ in OUR name.

My second problem with your sham organization is your words and intent.  It is none of your damn business who Target or Best Buy contributes money to, nor is it your business to decide who ANYONE gives money to.  You are acting like a big thuggish mob shaking down the businesses for your bosses in the Democratic Party.  I do not want my name dragged into the mud by a far left group of extortionists who think they can bully, yes, bully the rest of the country with veiled threats of name calling and fake boycotts.

I’m a proud American, who happens to be gay and I’m not going to let you get away with smearing my name.  The shear audacity of your openly published blackmail letter should make us all sick to our stomachs.  Are we in a Developing Country where you have to pay off the right people in order to just do your business?  Have we slipped behind the Iron Curtain where if you want the right to be heard, you must politely ask and pay off the right bureaucrat?  Are we in the court of Louis XIV where only money talks and influence walks and courtiers demand payment for access to the king?

HRC, you embarrass me.  You are little collection agents for your masters on the left.  You have no morals, no ethics, no right to do this thing, especially in OUR names.  You want to decide for Target and Best Buy what causes they can contribute to?  Think again.

I am sick of this kind of corrupt, Tiger kidnapping scheme and will act against you.  I’m not the only one furious at your blatant power grab.

I am engaged, and soon there will be others.