Rats!!; The Obama Regime Musical

The reliably left wing website, The Hill, has a stunning apologist piece trying to bend the narrative to the Dear Leader’s advantage.  The exiting of Christina Romer, coming so closely on the heels of Peter Orszag, has befuddled the Washington insiders.  They are trying their best to make the failed policies of this president seem like the Battle of the Bulge.  The evil, vile Republicans and greedy capitalists tried so hard to defeat the honest, hard-working, generous Democrats that the troops are getting weary.  But never fear, our Dear Leader will continue pursuing his agenda in order that fewer Americans can find jobs and therefore rely more heavily on the government.

Robert Gibbs, communications genius, explains to the slavish Hill writers that the Obama economic team had worked an equivalent of six years in the past year and a half.  How did Gibbs come up with this quantitative measure?  Well, The Hill writers certainly didn’t ask.  That would have been uncomfortable and rude, though a valid question.  No, we can safely surmise that Gibbs probably used the same calculations they used to measure the jobs their fake stimulus package saved and created.  I mean, really, that set of equations worked so well, they might as well use it to measure the amount of work Romer and Orszag had to do. 

You see, they are so very tired.  That is the point of this little work output exercise.  They are just plain exhausted from putting in six years of work in only 19 months.  Why is that, you ask?  Well, because the economy was so much worse than they anticipated.  Once they realized how bad the economy really was, the Obama economic team rolled up its sleeves and worked through the night, every night, and into the next time dimension in order to come up with all the missing hours of work in their ridiculous calculation.  Poor Christina just worked herself to the bone.  Petey can barely put his trousers on he’s so damn tired.  All because of George W. Bush and the failed policies of the past.

That’s the real thrust of their wily narrative twist.  Like rats off a sinking ship of state, this bunch is finding some of their smarter colleagues are running for the hills.  Democrats in rural America are pretending they’re not Democrats.  Democratic campaigners are avoiding Obama like he has yellow fever or bubonic plague.  The word ‘Democrat’ has become a dirty word.  Nobody wants to get labeled with it.  But, they want to continue Bush-bashing as usual.

However, this isn’t working.  The comments section of The Hill following the pathetic article is a steady stream of sarcasm and downright derisiveness at the intent and content of the article.  A common narrative is forming.  Romer and Orszag quit because their too exhausted from destroying the economy to continue.  It’s just too wearing on a person to attack and kill job growth in the private sector day in and day out.  Wild, out of control spending is just so trying on the soul.  Poor Christina and Peter are just plain tuckered from all the lying and deceit.

You see, we understand their modus operandi.  What’s more, a growing number of people on the other side of the aisle and especially standing in the aisle are getting it.  We are onto their game.

We are done with the Bush-whackers, and the lying.