How Many Fingers Does Michelle Antoinette Have?

I delight in reading the absurd assertions being printed daily in the lame-brained media.  They are so divorced from reality as to become the punchline of jokes.  We are being told that we are rightwing extremists hellbent on lying about our Dear Leader.   Athe same time, they whitewash the behavior of The Regime.  I find myself chuckling at the ridiculous reporting that pretends to reflect a version of the truth.  Here is a particularly glaring example.

Peter Nicholas and Katherine Skiba of the Tribune Washington Bureau wrote a piece entitled “No vacation for Obama critics”.  This title bemoans that the First Lady cannot get a break.  The poor woman cannot even go on a simple outing without the ‘mean-spirited, vile, hateful’ press reporting on the details of her modest holiday.  The White House is a pressure cooker and this maligned saint is simply trying to get away from it all.  How can we possibly think any reporting on her little jaunt is fair news?

In order to insulate the beknighted woman from criticism, the reporters explain, “First Lady Michelle Obama is in the midst of a five-day trip to a luxury resort along with a handful of friends, her youngest daughter, aides and Secret Service.”  No junket this, it is just a short little trip with a few of her best buds, her child, and the entourage needed by anyone occupying the position of this woman.  So, we are lead to believe, through this wording, there is nothing to consider and that anyone criticizing this put-upon person is only doing so because of unfair political motives.

However, if we read other news accounts, it seems to belie the thrust of the story.  “Michelle Obama today faced a fresh wave of attacks over her lavish break in Spain with 40 friends, which could easily cost U.S. taxpayers a staggering £50,000 a day.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1300852/Spanish-police-close-public-beach-Michelle-Obamas-250k-Spanish-holiday.html#ixzz0vvoJrwgJ

Huh?  The American press reports her as going on this little sidetrip with a “handful” of friends.  Really.  Since when does 40 constitute a handful.  Usually, in common vernacular, a handful is considered less than five.  Since as children we use the fingers on our hands as a visual aid, most people think of a handful as less than five.  However, these reporters are not actually being deceptive.  Certainly a handful of rice could contain far more than forty grains.  A handful of sand could mean thousands of individual crystals.  So according to this report, Michelle Antoinette could have taken thousands of people with her to Spain on this long weekend and it would have been accurate to call it a ‘handful’.  That’s what makes the Fourth Estate such a dangerous foe.

They can misuse and mislead without impunity because they are not reporting the actual issues involved.  Instead they are excusing and apologizing for everything wrong with this Administration and Congress while at the same time being truthful in their word use.  The modern Democratic Party has taken former President Clinton’s question on the meaning of the word, ‘is’ to the next level.  Instead of speaking the clear truth, they are parsing and manipulating the language in order to make some sense of the nonsense they are espousing. 

So, we get economic reports that do not reflect reality and must be revised up and down and sideways and backwards later.  We get bills that are not read and cannot be understood until after they are passed.  We get speeches that say one thing and later reveal a very different intent.  Hope becomes hoax, and change becomes deranged.  We are feed a stream of gobbeldy-gook and told it’s sustenance. 

We get a handful of water.

We’ve had enough of that.