Funkytown; Life Under the Obamas

Two recent discussion with friends have brought home the serious depression this administration has spurred within the left wing.  A year and a half ago, these friends were deliriously happy and hopeful.  Their lives were going to change for the better.  Gone were the evil Republicans and in place were the Party People.  The nasty capitalists were done for and the bright sunshine of socialism would take the entire country to new heights.  These people were true believers, Fellow Travelers with the Dear Leader and his promise to destroy our nation’s economic structure.  The whole of society would rise up like a phoenix and all embrace the love and care of a benevolent government.  All would be equal.  No one would ever lose.  Everything would be sweetness and light. 

So, where’s the joy and sweetness and light?

The first discussion was with a set of friends know my political affiliation.  They commented I must be angry, even as they groused about our current political situation.  I told them I wasn’t angry at all.  In fact, I read the paper and the news and often laugh at the contortionist act the Journolister wanna-be’s twist themselves into just to make The Party look credible.  Every time Barney Frank throw a conniption fit over a dollar discount while taking over the banking business, it just exhibits the petty sham these people are committing.  The Dear Leader makes an attempt to show his family’s frugality even as his wife does her best to play the role of Michelle Antoinette on the world stage.   John Kerry lectures on rich people not paying taxes while he avoids paying his.  My friends bristle, but cannot argue against these points.  So, they are depressed because the good times are not a-rolling.

My second encounter was even more telling.  I met a couple of former co-workers for lunch and they too were sickened by our current state of political affairs.  These people are committed leftists who believed sincerely that Obama was the One.  He would lift the nation to new heights.  Hurricanes would no longer threaten our shores.  A stable peace would break out all over the world.  Rivals would join hands and the world would become one. 

Instead, they are as confused and disgusted as the rest of us.  The exultation they felt after the Dear Leader’s election has turned to angst.  The grand leftist experiment has turned rancid.  Even after all the extravagant legislative victories and grandiose speeches, the world is still at war and the economy stagnates.  This deep level of depression surprised me.  After all, they had gotten almost everything they asked for.  They had a compliant Congress, an eager crypto-socialist president, and courts that will defend them without hesitation.  And yet, they weren’t happy.

I wrote a blog last year called “The Flight of Icarus” that predicted this phenomenon, and yet still I was so surprised by the high level of discomfort these people are feeling.  They are not simply sad and disappointed.  They are absolutely depressed at the state of affairs.  Now, that doesn’t mean they are not completely committed to leftist ideals.  They are.  They’ve gotten too much pleasure over bashing Bush, bashing Palin, bashing Republicans, they would never consider voting for someone on the right.  However, they may not vote at all. 

Many Democrats are beginning to question the far leftist policies of the Dear Leader.  It is too apparent they don’t work, and won’t work.  Evan Bayh didn’t get out of his race because he wanted to give someone else a chance to lead.  Christina Romer isn’t quitting because her son is going to high school.  Peter Orszag didn’t resign because he wants to volunteer to help the needy.  These people are reasonable, logical, common-sense people who understand the ship is sinking, quickly.  They don’t want to drown with the rest of the crew. 

Journolister wanna-be’s will continue to write absurd pieces that apologize for the Dear Leader and The Party but that won’t make things better.  No matter how much they write about the congressional ethics scandals of Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters ‘helping’ the Democratic Party, they won’t.  No matter how many articles little Timmy Geithner writes extolling the virtues of a non-existent recovery, it won’t help.  Calling the Tea Party vile names and blaming it for the poor state of our nation’s communal dialogue won’t make us agree.  Suing the residents of one of our states for daring to protect themselves isn’t going to change the narrative. 

You see, they have eyes and ears on the left.  While they may agree with the Dear Leader, The Party, and the Journolister wanna-be’s, they know it isn’t working.  They may, like Orszag, Bayh, and Romer, decide to sit this one out.  They don’t wanna drown in this toxic soup either.