Joy Behar's Missing Narrative

Joy Behar is missing the good ole’ days of Bush-whacking and demonizing capitalism.  She longs for the days when good, forth-right socialists like Michael Moore and Dennis Kuchinich could tells lies openly without fear of laughter.  Her politicization came while the far left wing of the Democratic Party could take real events and twist them into a storyline that resonated.  The lame-brained media, really the propaganda machine of the Democratic Party, would accept these tales and run with them.  Democrats could pummel the rest of the nation with any kind of yarn it wished to spin and the gullible public ate it up.  Behar misses those days of yore, as does Obama.  It seems the stranglehold on the public narrative has slipped from their grasp, for very good reasons.

On his historic [is there anything about this presidency that isn’t] visit to the ladies at The View, Joy Behar told the president he was missing a coherent narrative in his administration.  The president laughed and dismissed such talk because his administration and his media outlets do have a narrative they have been vigorously telling to each and every person they can find.  The fact that Behar cannot find the narrative in The Party’s message is quite telling.  She’s a Fellow Traveler with the president’s vision and if she isn’t buying their narrative, it just doesn’t exist as an effect tool. 

A narrative is a tool for communicating ideas in a sequential manner that explains the circumstances and experiences the audience are encountering.  The best stories draw us in and explain the world because they are something we can relate to and give meaning to our lives.  However, when a story falls short, it is a dead thing without meaning and most people just shrug it off as a pointless string of words and ideas without coherence.  In other words, if a story does not reflect our experience with reality, it simply has no relevance in our lives.  Also, if the point is too depressing or overanxious, it robs the story of any satisfaction and therefore any reason to consider remembering it.  The Obama administration and the Democratic machine have spun a narrative with both of these flaws.

So what is the left wing’s narrative currently.  It can be gleaned from the headlines of the nation’s media outlets and the president’s, as well as his administrations, own words.  ‘Obama’s stimulus package saved and created jobs.  The government involvement in the car industry saved it and is creating jobs.  Obama’s working hard, but Republicans and business leaders are standing in the way.  Recovery is coming, just be patient.  This is the summer of recovery.  The stimulus worked better than we thought it would.  Happy days are here again, the sky is blue and clear again.’  Koolaid anyone?

The first disconnect between the narrative and reality is no one believes any of these things.  Nestled amongst these proud pronouncements are stock prices that are wildly erratic, and not for the good.  Consumer confidence is ebbing.  The fiscal situation is ridiculous.  Banks are still on shaky ground.  The jobs picture is abysmal.  Business is not hiring and it looks like the main reason is lack of growth and fear of Democratic policies.  They are telling a story, but that story is complete fiction, and not in a good way.  Only far left hacks, and very few of them at that, believe the stimulus worked, the policies are working, and that the path ahead is rosy.  That is part of their second problem.

Their point in their narrative is entirely negative.  The moral in their story is the government is the fount of all that is good, you can’t trust business or yourself.  In order to have a good life, you must hand over your freedom and liberty to the government which will tell you what you can have and give you what you need.  Gone from this narrative is any good feelings at all.  FDR disingenously promised to destroy capitalism in order to save it.  This administration and party are all promising to destroy capitalism in order to, well, destroy capitalism.  Then what?  The narrative suggests we can all just accept it and not ask for any more gruel.  After all, gruel is dear.

We’ve been eating steak for a very long time and the gruel just isn’t gonna cut it.

Not even far left activists are content with such a dystopic vision of where we are heading.  The point of every one of Obama’s initiatives is to create more government and give out less.  We are cutting Medicare in order to save it for a future where Medicare will be parsimonious.  We are saving the private sector through bailouts they can endure a heavier tax burden.  We need to take more of your wealth so we can give it to someone else who is doing nothing.  Earn more to feed the lazy and the politically connected. 

That is not a narrative even Joy Behar enjoys hearing.  So, we don’t hear a narrative at all.  Instead, we hear a bunch of pronouncements of jobs saved as jobs are lost.  We hear about a recovering economy as it sputters along and even contracts in areas.  We hear that the government cares about us as oil washes up on beaches and politicians who are in charge of our taxes cheat on theirs.  And why should we believe this fantastic tale?  Because, we must expect less, work harder, and in the end die quickly so we don’t overburden the rest of society. 

Joy, the problem is not his narrative, it’s his ideas.  You need to consider why his sad narrative is being so roundly rejected by America.  It’s because it’s not true and if it is, we are in deep doo-doo.